12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True

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Welcome, cherished dog enthusiasts and curious readers alike! Have you ever found yourself nodding to the umpteenth person insisting that dogs only see in black and white or that one human year magically translates into seven dog years?

It’s time to hit the ‘paws’ button on these well-barked myths. Join us as we sniff out the truth from the tail-wagging tall tales and debunk a dozen typical dog myths that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Prepare to have your preconceived pup perceptions playfully pulverized!

Dogs Only See Black and White

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
MollyN via canva.com

Buckle up because we’ll drop a Technicolor truth bomb on this grayscale misconception. Contrary to popular belief, our furry friends are not relegated to a monochromatic world of black and white. While their color spectrum is not as vibrant as ours (they may not appreciate the sunset hues as we do), research suggests that dogs can see shades of blue and yellow.

So, next time you pick a new toy for Fido, you might want to reach for something in those hues. Who knew dogs had color preferences?

One Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
Jevtic via canva.com

There’s a long-standing myth that one human year equals seven dog years, but this isn’t your typical canine arithmetic. While it’s a neat little formula for comparing our furry friends’ lives to ours, it’s far from accurate.

Dogs mature more quickly in their early years, which makes the 1:7 ratio misleading. Breed, size, and overall health also play significant roles in dog aging. So, while it’s easy to feel like we’re in sync with our pups, it’s time to put this tall tail to bed.

Dogs Eat Grass When They’re Sick

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
androsov58 via canva.com

You’ve probably seen your canine companion chow down on a mouthful of grass and thought, “Uh-oh, Spot’s got a bellyache.” The old wives’ tale claims dogs turn into lawnmowers when they feel under the weather, serving themselves a green, leafy remedy.

But this is one of those common dog myths that isn’t true. Research shows most dogs that indulge in some herbivory are perfectly healthy beforehand, and few are sick afterward. Whether for the taste or the fun of it, Spot’s grass-eating habit is more likely a quirk than a symptom!

Tail-Wagging Always Means a Happy Dog

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
FavoreStudio via canva.com

Contrary to popular belief, tail-wagging doesn’t exclusively signify a jolly, exuberant puppy. It’s a typical dog myth, with many of us mistaking fear, insecurity, or even outright aggression for canine contentment.

Indeed, dogs use their tails to communicate emotions, not just joy. Consider it their version of Morse code, albeit fluffier and more prone to knocking over your coffee mug. So next time you see a tail in motion, remember, it’s not always a waggy tale of delight.

Dogs Should Eat Only Dry Dog Food

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
Agustin Vai via canva.com

Let’s take a bite from the myth that dogs should eat only dry food. While dry kibble can be a convenient option for dog owners, it’s not an absolute dietary must for our canine companions. Dogs, like humans, thrive on a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrients.

This can come from a mix of dry, wet, and vet-approved human foods. So, the next time your pup gives you those dog eyes at dinnertime, remember that variety is the spice of life – even in dog diets!

All Dogs Naturally Know How to Swim

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
Andrew Patrick from Pexels via canva.com

TeamDogs tells the Liverpool Echo, “The dogs that have a powerful chest and a heavy skull are not very good swimmers — bulldogs, mastiffs, dachshunds, and boxers, for example. Small dogs should be put into water in a more careful way because they’re more prone to hyperthermia.”

Dogs Can Stand Cold Weather

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
Candice Estep via canva.com

Allow me to debunk one dog myth that’s been making the rounds too long: the notion that our furry friends are naturally resistant to the cold. This is a frosty fallacy, folks! While some breeds are better equipped for the cold with their thick fur coats (looking at you, Huskies!), not all canines are so winter-ready.

Just like us, many dogs are susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. So, remember to bundle up your beloved pups before they venture out to romp in the snow!

Puppies Should Be Separated from Their Mother at 6 Weeks

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
claudiio Doenitz via canva.com

Contrary to popular belief, puppies shouldn’t be separated from their mothers at six weeks. Just because those little furballs are starting to look less like potatoes and more like dogs doesn’t mean they’re ready to brave the world alone. Like human toddlers, puppies still have much to learn from their moms beyond the 6-week mark—things like social cues, bite inhibition, and important doggy manners. So, if you’re considering adopting a new best friend, ensure they’ve had enough time with their original best friend—their mom!

Shaving a Dog in Hot Weather Helps Keep Them Cool

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
Obradovic via canva.com

Let’s bust another dog myth: shaving your furry friend in hot weather keeps them cool, right? Nope, quite the contrary! While it seems logical, shaving their coats can do more harm than good.

Their thick fur insulates against cold and heat, much like insulation in your home. It also protects them from sunburn. So, next time you consider giving Fido a summer cut, remember that you might be removing his built-in sunblock and air-conditioner!

Dogs Shouldn’t Eat Bones at All

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
nzfhatipoglu via canva.com

Let’s shake off the dog myth that Fido should never crunch on bones. Certain types of bones can be a healthy part of your furry friend’s diet. They provide essential nutrients, promote oral health, and keep your pup happily occupied.

However, not all bones are created equal – small, brittle, or cooked ones can splinter and pose serious health risks. So, while it’s not entirely off the menu, bones should be served with caution and supervision. Your dog will thank you for the treat, and you’ll be spared a potential trip to the vet!

Dog Mouths Are Cleaner Than Human Mouths

19 Common “Facts” About Dogs That Are Actually False
Image credit: pixelshot via Canva. com

You’ve probably heard it before: dog lovers claiming without hesitation, “A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s!” While undeniably intriguing, this bold assertion is a myth that we need to put on a leash. The truth is, Fido’s drool isn’t a magical antiseptic cocktail.

Both canine and human mouths are home to numerous species of bacteria, many of which are specific to either dogs or humans. So, while kissing your pup isn’t likely to pose a significant health risk, it’s no substitute for an excellent old toothbrush and some fluoridated paste.

You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

12 Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True
BlueBird from Pexels via canva.com

Let’s be honest: age is nothing but a number, and our canine companions are no exception to that rule. The fact is that dogs of all ages can learn – it’s never too late to teach your golden oldie a new trick or two. Granted, it might take a little bit more patience and many more treats, but with some perseverance, your old furry friend can show the young pups a thing or two!

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