21 Baby Boomer Baby Names That Have Gone Out of Style

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In the post-World War II era, a remarkable generation called the Baby Boomers emerged. Filled with hope for the future, their parents bestowed upon them unique and distinctive names. While some of these names have stood the test of time, others have faded from popularity.

Join us for a nostalgic journey as we reminisce about 21 Baby Boomer names that have gracefully slipped out of fashion, much like the trend of bell-bottom jeans.



Approximately 39,000 baby boomer girls were named Jan. It peaked in 1954, but the only Jan that still rings a bell is Jan Brady from the Brady Bunch. And she wasn’t exactly the popular one.



Bob was a solid name with a peak in 1930. Over 30,000 baby boomer boys shared this name, including Bob Dylan, who arguably made it cool. But, alas, Bob has since had its day.


Vintage Baby in a Vintage Ride in a Vintage Time
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Patty was a hit in the 50s, with around 31,000 girls sharing this name. Patty Duke was a celebrity namesake, but the name has since hit the popularity skids.


Old Timer in Baby Form
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The name Kim was once popular among baby boomer boys, with approximately 20,000 bearing the name in 1956. Among them was Kim Fowley, a renowned music producer. However, the name’s popularity for boys has significantly declined in recent years.


An Actual Vintage Baby Photo now that's a surprise
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Lynn was given to about 30,000 boys, peaking in 1942. There’s Lynn Swann, the football great, but these days, Lynn is more likely to be seen on girls.



The name “Deloris” used to be quite popular, with around 15,000 girls being named this in 1933. However, its popularity has dwindled over time and it’s no longer a commonly used name. One well-known Deloris is the character played by Whoopi Goldberg in “Sister Act.”


Perfect Photo for a Kid Named Pat
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Roughly 12,000 girls were named Pat, peaking in 1947. The only notable Pat we can think of is Pat Benatar, but the name’s popularity has been ‘hit with its best shot,’ and it’s down for the count.


Fitting Photo for All the Delberts in the world shout out to ya'll
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Delbert’s name has a vintage feel, reminiscent of a 1950s television show, and it’s no surprise why. In 1920, roughly 12,000 boys were given the name Delbert, but there haven’t been any notable figures with the name, possibly contributing to its decline in popularity over time.


Could not find someone as ancient as horace but lets be glad for this kid here standing up for all the horaces in the world
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Horace is a name of ancient origins, but it has since become as rare as a dinosaur. Peaking in 1904 with about 20,000 bearers, there’s Horace Grant, the former NBA player, but it hasn’t been enough to keep the name in the game.



In 1928, Laverne was a popular name among girls, with around 12,000 sharing the name. Despite the fame of the talented actress Laverne Cox, the name remains obscure and hasn’t experienced a resurgence.


I bet this kids name is chuck and you cant change my mind
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Chuck peaked in 1949, with around 11,000 boys sharing this name. The name will forever be linked to Chuck Norris, but even his roundhouse kick couldn’t keep this name on the charts.


Kids and Cameras, They're definitely gay about its possession
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About 20,000 girls were named Gay, reaching its apex in 1937. Given the evolution of language, it’s not surprising this name has gone out of style.


Sandra, That's a name that's always looking ahead
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Around 25,000 baby boomer girls were named Sondra, peaking in 1947. Actress Sondra Locke was a notable name bearer, but the name has since sunk into the depths of the naming ocean.


Wilbert, definitely someone from the 40s.
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Wilbert, which peaked in 1923, was shared by around 40,000 boys. You might remember Wilbert Harrison, the musician, but the name has not struck a chord with recent generations.



About 60,000 girls were named Shelia, peaking in 1965. Despite the popularity of singer Shelia E, the name has since lost its rhythm.


Definitely Gale by the face
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Gale was given to approximately 30,000 girls, with a peak in 1942. Gale Storm, the 1950s actress, was a notable namesake, but this name has blown off the charts.


Earlene sounds like the woman who likes nostalgia and loves to talk about it to anyone she gets a chance with
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Earlene, a name shared by around 20,000 girls, peaked in 1936. Earlene Bentley, the singer, carried the name, but it has since slid off the popular name highway.


Yep, that's a battleship baby
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Cleveland was popular in 1885, with about 15,000 boys bearing the name. Cleveland Amory, the writer, was a notable name bearer, but it hasn’t been enough to keep this name in the city of popularity.


Ed Sounds Like the name of the kid who loved to play spy at every turn and excuse
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Ed was a hit in the late 1800s, with about 10,000 baby boomer boys bearing this name. Ed Sheeran keeps the name in our minds, but it’s not enough to keep the name on the charts.

So there you have it, folks! These 20 Baby Boomer names have ridden the wave of popularity and crashed on the shores of obscurity. But who knows? Fashion is cyclical, and what’s out today may very well be in tomorrow. Will we see a resurgence of Bobs and Pats? Only time will tell! In the meantime, let’s appreciate the nostalgia these names bring and the stories they tell of a bygone era.

Myrtle (girls)

Baby Boomer Baby Names That Have Gone Out of Style
Credit – Canva.com

The name Myrtle, once as common as the plant, was bestowed upon roughly 10,000 girls in the Baby Boomer generation. Peaking in the early 1900s, Myrtle sadly hasn’t blossomed in popularity since. If a Myrtle you know, it’s likely your great aunt, not your next-door neighbor’s newborn.

Elmer (boys)

Baby Boomer Baby Names That Have Gone Out of Style

Elmer, a name once common among approximately 20,000 boys during the Boomer era, has since dwindled in popularity. While it reached its pinnacle in the early 20th century, Elmer’s fame now resides predominantly in the endearing character, Elmer Fudd, from the iconic Looney Tunes series. Unfortunately, this once ubiquitous name has gone on a prolonged hiatus, reminiscent of Elmer Fudd’s tireless pursuit of “wabbits.”

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