20 Behaviors in Adulthood That Clearly Expose Bad Parenting

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome, dear reader, to our enlightening exploration into the world of adult behaviour, skillfully unearthing the roots that lie in parenting. Let’s embark on this journey together, shall we? You see, parenthood isn’t exactly a walk in the park, and sometimes, those well-intended shortcuts and hasty decisions can lead to some not-so-stellar results in adulthood.

From shameless public temper tantrums to an unhealthy addiction to approval, we’ll delve into the 20 telltale signs of less-than-stellar parenting laid bare in adult behaviour.

Excessive Self-Centeredness

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It’s a big, diverse world, but for some adults, it revolves entirely around them. This narcissistic tendency can often be traced back to parents who made their children the centre of the universe without teaching them empathy and respect for others.

Poor Work Ethic

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Do they shuffle around like they’re allergic to effort? Laziness in adulthood could result from parents not instilling the importance of hard work.

Lack of Resilience

They Appreciate Resilience
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Life is full of challenges. Adults who crumble under pressure might display the results of overprotective parenting.

Fear of Taking Risks

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Some adults are overly cautious and afraid of making mistakes. This can stem from a childhood where taking chances was discouraged or punished.

Deflecting Responsibility

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It’s your fault, my fault, anybody’s fault but theirs. This inability to take responsibility can result from parents who never held their children accountable.

Inability to Handle Criticism

Inability to Accept Criticism
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Oh, the horror of constructive feedback! Some adults can’t handle it, likely because their parents shielded them from criticism or never showed them how to take it in stride.

Disrespect for Boundaries

Clear Boundaries Broken
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Adults who constantly push limits may have never been taught respect for others’ boundaries.

Poor Interpersonal Skills

Poor Interpersonal Skills
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Trouble relating to others can often be traced back to a lack of socialization or emotional neglect in childhood.

Financial Irresponsibility

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Who needs a savings account when you have a credit card? Poor financial habits can result from parents not teaching their children the value of money.

Impulsive Behavior

Provided by Frenz

The world is their oyster, and they can’t wait to pry it open. Impulsiveness can be a sign of parents who never taught patience or self-control.

Poor Self-Discipline

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Patience is a virtue, but seemingly not for these adults. This could be a result of parents who never enforced rules or consequences.

Self-Destructive Tendencies

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Self-harm or substance abuse can often be linked to a troubled home environment or lack of parental guidance.

Lack of Ambition

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Some adults are content to float through life with no clear direction. This could be due to parents who did not encourage their aspirations or foster a sense of purpose.

Inability to Handle Conflict

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Adults who resort to aggression or passive aggressiveness will likely never learn healthy conflict resolution.

Lack of Basic Life Skills

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Can’t cook, clean, or do laundry? This can signify parents who did everything for their children, never teaching them essential skills.

Dependency on Others

15 Harrowing Indicators of a Childhood Overpowered by Extreme Religion
Maria Vonotna via Canva.com

Adults who rely heavily on others for emotional or financial support might have been overindulged or overprotected as children.

Poor Self-Esteem

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Constant self-doubt and self-criticism can often be traced back to parents who were overly critical or neglectful.

Inability to Express Emotions

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Some adults struggle to express their feelings, which may be a sign of emotional neglect or abuse in childhood.

Lack of Empathy

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Those who can’t understand or share the feelings of others may have been raised in an environment that did not foster empathy.

Poor Problem-Solving Skills

“That’s Not My Problem”
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Adults who can’t tackle life’s hurdles likely never learn crucial problem-solving skills. This might be due to parents always stepping in to solve their problems.

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