15 Behaviors That Prove You’re Truly a Terrible Person

Ephraim Obare
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Have you ever wondered if you’re the villain in someone else’s story? Without realizing it, we all might be guilty of a few less-than-stellar behaviors. Let’s embark on a soul-searching expedition, navigating the dark and murky waters of our less-than-adorable habits. Buckle up; it’s time to hold that mirror up and see if you’re an angel—or a bit of a devil.

So grab a cup of something strong (you might need it), and let’s dive into the 15 behaviors that prove you’re truly a terrible person. And remember, we’re all humans; the first step to becoming better is recognizing where we fall short.

Selfishness Supreme

Selfish Argument
Provided by Frenz

You’re the sun, and the world revolves around you, right? Wrong. Continually prioritizing your needs above others without reciprocation isn’t just selfish; it’s downright terrible.

The Constant Critic

10 Painful Signs You Lost A Good Woman
fizkes via Canva.com.

You find joy in highlighting others’ flaws while ignoring your own. Constructive criticism is one thing; incessant nitpicking is another.

Rude Awakening

"Society often presents adulthood as a stage of responsibilities and serious decisions, overshadowing its potential for growth and continuous learning. This perception can lead to the stereotype that adults are 'dopey' or out of touch with rapid technological advancements and cultural shifts. However, this overlooks the adaptability and resilience many adults have in navigating changes. Adulthood brings unique challenges, but it also carries wisdom, experience, and a capacity for change that is often overlooked."
canva by DAPA Images

A lack of basic manners can speak volumes. If ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ aren’t in your vocabulary, that’s a red flag.

Liar Liar

The Pathological Liar
Undefined Undefined via canva.com

Dishonesty is the foundation of mistrust. Lying to others, especially those who trust you, is a telltale sign of a terrible person.

Gossip Guru

11 Signs Your “Friend” Isn’t Really Your Friend At All
Image by carloprearophotos via Canva.com

Spreading rumors or sharing sensitive information about others just for fun clearly shows a lack of empathy and respect.

Drama King/Queen

12 Signs That Someone Might be a Toxic or Evil Person
Image credit: Hemera Technologies via Canva.com

Creating unnecessary drama or conflict is exhausting for everyone involved. If you thrive on chaos, it’s time for self-reflection.

Eternal Pessimist

12 Traits Toxic People Have in Common
vkstudio via canva.com

Constant negativity can suck the joy out of any situation. Your glass-is-always-half-empty attitude might be draining those around you.

Arrogance Overload

12 Bad Behaviors That Will Push People Away From You
SIphotography via Canva.com

Confidence is attractive, but arrogance is not. If you’re always the smartest person in the room (in your opinion), you might be a terrible person.

Inconsiderate Interrupter

15 Unspoken Social Rules That May Help You
Creatas via Canva.com

Continually cutting people off mid-conversation shows your lack of respect for their thoughts and opinions.

Manipulation Master

12 Signs That You Have an Abusive Wife
Photo Credit:Andrew Poplavsky via Canva

Using others for personal gain without consideration for their feelings is manipulative and harmful.

Promise Breaker

Provided by Frenz

Consistently failing to keep your word equates to unreliability and disrespect.

The Jealous Joker

Angry Traveler
Photo credit: Canva

Excessive jealousy is unhealthy. If you’re perennially green with envy, it’s time for a change.

Heartless Humorist

The 19 US states where you can still marry your cousin
Canva by dangrytsku

Your jokes often hurt others, and you don’t seem to care. Humor at the expense of others is never funny.

Ghoster Extraordinaire

Shocked angry woman in disbelief
Image Credit: Shutterstock

You disappear without a word, leaving people hanging. Ghosting is a reflection of emotional immaturity and disregard for others’ feelings.

Respect Rejector

11 Things Never To Say to a Millennial or Gen Z Lady on a First Date
gbrundin via canva.com

You lack a fundamental respect for differing opinions, cultures, or identities. Inclusivity isn’t optional; it’s essential for any decent human being.

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