20 of the Best Small Towns in the United States To Raise a Family

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So, you’re looking to plant roots in a cozy, family-friendly haven? The kind of place where everybody knows your name and your kids can roam free without worry? Well, you’re in luck! There’s a world of small towns across the U.S., hidden gems sparkling with charm, safety, and great schools. Here are 20 of the best small towns to raise a family, places where quality of life isn’t just a catchphrase—it’s a way of life.

Devon, Pennsylvania

Scurry racing at the Devon County Show
Photo credit: S J Dowden

With an exact population of 2,008, this quiet town is home to the Devon Preparatory School and the renowned Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, an annual event that has been a tradition since 1896.

Kensington, New York

the Kensington Park
Picasa/Wikimedia Commons

Home to precisely 1,176 residents, Kensington boasts the Kensington Park, a beautiful green space that hosts a variety of family-friendly events throughout the year.

Lake Success, New York

Village Club of Lake Success
Linyperson615/Wikimedia Commons

With 3,069 residents, Lake Success offers a public summer camp, a fitness center, and a golf club for residents. The Village Club of Lake Success is a standout, a hub of community activity and social events.

Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Princeton Junction
Mr Matte/Wikimedia Commons

This peaceful town of 2,465 residents is home to the West Windsor Arts Center and the beautiful Mercer County Park, offering a variety of outdoor activities for families.

Great Neck Gardens, New York

Great Neck Gardens, New York
LINYperson615/Wikimedia Commons

Inhabited by 1,183 residents, this town is known for the beautiful Kings Point Park, a 175-acre waterfront park that offers playgrounds, tennis courts, and picnic areas.

Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens, Berwyn, PA
Daderot/Wikimedia Commons

With 3,631 residents, Berwyn hosts the Footlighters Theater, the oldest community theater in the area, and the beautiful Jenkins Arboretum & Gardens, perfect for nature-loving families.

Herricks, New York

Shelter Rock Public Library, Herricks
AITFFan1/Wikimedia Commons

A town of 4,295 residents, Herricks is home to the Shelter Rock Public Library, a community hub that offers various programs for children and adults.

Kenilworth, Illinois

Kenilworth Club, Illinois
Wikimedia Commons

Home to 2,493 residents, Kenilworth’s highlight is the Kenilworth Club, a community house that serves as a gathering place for various events and activities.

Cordaville, Massachusetts

Breakneck Hill conservation area

With a population of 2,582, Cordaville is known for the Breakneck Hill conservation area, a stunning natural area perfect for family hikes and picnics.

Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

Mountain Lakes Preserve, NJ
Adam Moss/Wikimedia Commons

In this town of 4,160, the highlight is the Mountain Lakes Preserve, a 75-acre nature reserve that offers trails, birdwatching, and fishing.

Ardsley, New York

Ardsley Public Library, NY
Provided by Frenz

Home to 4,517 residents, Ardsley features the Ardsley Public Library, the Pascone Park, a place for families to enjoy outdoor games and the annual Ardsley Day festivities.

Kildeer, Illinois

Heron Creek Forest Preserve, Illinois
Provided by Frenz

With 3,968 residents, Kildeer boasts the beautiful Heron Creek Forest Preserve, a haven for outdoor exploration and family adventures.

Rose Valley, Pennsylvania

Hedgerow Theatre, Pennsylvania
Provided by Frenz

This historic borough of 913 is home to the Hedgerow Theatre, the oldest repertory theatre in the U.S., offering a cultural experience for families.

Searingtown, New York

Christopher Morley Park, Searingtown, New York
Provided by Frenz

With its 4,915 residents, Searingtown is known for the Christopher Morley Park, a 98-acre park featuring a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a dog run.

Narberth, Pennsylvania

Narberth Playground, Pennsylvania
Provided by Frenz

Home to 4,295 residents, Narberth hosts the Narberth Playground and Library, a hub of community activity, educational programs, and family events.

Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

The Hermitage, Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey
Provided by Frenz

This town of 4,078 residents is home to The Hermitage, a historic site and museum offering educational and cultural experiences.

Aspinwall, Pennsylvania

A house on Eastern Avenue, Aspinwall, Pensylvania
Provided by Frenz

Aspinwall, with a population of 2,801, features the Aspinwall Riverfront Park, a beautiful green space for family activities, and it’s also known for its vibrant local businesses on Brilliant Avenue.

Tower Lakes, Illinois

Tower Lakes, Illinois
Provided by Frenz

A village of 1,283 residents, Tower Lakes is centered around two scenic lakes and the Tower Lakes Community Park, where families gather for fun-filled activities and events.

Brookville, New York

Brookville, New York
Provided by Frenz

Home to 3,465 people, Brookville is known for the Tilles Center for the Performing Arts and the beautiful Brookville Park, a popular spot for family outings.

Harrington Park, New Jersey

Harrington Park, New Jersey
Provided by Frenz

With its 4,664 residents, Harrington Park stands out for its beautiful Harrington Park Arboretum and the historic Old Burying Ground, providing a blend of nature and history for families to explore.

These towns, with their unique landmarks and tight-knit communities, make for ideal spots to raise a family. They offer not just safety and great schools, but also rich histories, beautiful landscapes, and diverse activities to ensure your family life is fulfilling and exciting. So, why wait? Let your family’s next big adventure begin!

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