20 Boomer Opinions That Millennials Secretly Agree With

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome, dear reader, to an unexpected journey of agreement across the generational divide. You may find it hard to believe, but unbeknownst to many of us, there exists a secret society of millennials who find themselves nodding in agreement with—wait for it—boomer opinions. Those tech-obsessed social media gurus are clandestinely siding with their parents and grandparents on several issues.

Uncover the top 20 boomer opinions that millennials secretly agree with. Prepare to be surprised, amused, and maybe, just maybe, find yourself nodding along too.

The Value of Hard Work

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Kaspars G via canva.com

Boomers generally believe in the power of hard work and dedication. And guess what, millennials? Many of us secretly nod our heads to this, understanding that success isn’t often achieved through shortcuts.

Home Ownership

Home Ownership
Pranithan C. via canva.com

Despite the housing market challenges, millennials quietly aspire to the boomer idea of owning a home. Something is appealing about the dream of a white picket fence.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over Quantity
Icons8 Photos via canva.com

Boomers often prefer quality over quantity, and many millennials also adopt this mindset, especially regarding sustainable living and environmental consciousness.

Cooking at Home

Self-Cooking Blues
Pixelshot via canva.com

Boomers champion home-cooked meals. And while millennials love their artisanal coffee shops and hip restaurants, the art of cooking at home is something many enjoy and value.

Fiscal Responsibility

Saving and Investing
Pada Smith via canva.com

This may be a surprise, but millennials have learned from boomers about the importance of savings and living within their means. Thanks, Boomers!

Importance of Family Time

Provided by Frenz

Boomers prioritize family get-togethers, and millennials, in the hustle of their daily grind, often find themselves longing for the same.

The Classic Rock Music

Classic Rock
Martin B. via canva.com

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin – Boomers’ music taste isn’t lost on millennials, who often jam to these timeless tunes.

Face-to-Face Communication

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Photo: © DOUGBERRY via canva.com

Despite the dominance of digital communication, millennials understand the value of face-to-face interactions that boomers hold dear.

Appreciation of Nature

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Robert Kneschke via canva.com

Boomers’ love for the great outdoors resonates with millennials, especially those passionate about travel and adventure.

Respect for Tradition

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Photo: © via canva.com

While millennials are often seen as rebels, many secretly appreciate certain traditions that Boomers observe and uphold.

Handwritten Notes

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provided by Stevarnonavic via canva.com

Despite their digital nativity, millennials value the personal touch of a handwritten note, something Boomers have long championed.

Practical Skills

a woman sewing
Provided by Frenz

Boomers know how to navigate life without Google, and many millennials recognize the value of learning these practical skills.

Value of Privacy

Value of Privacy
Melpomenem via canva.com

While millennials are the social media generation, many agree with Boomers about maintaining privacy.

Importance of Voting

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AaronAmat via canva.com

Boomers take their civic duty seriously, and despite perceived apathy, many millennials share this sentiment.

Reading Physical Books

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Photo: © clu via canva.com

Ebooks and audiobooks may be popular, but many millennials secretly agree with Boomers that nothing beats the feel of a physical book.

Keeping Things Tidy

Keeping Things Tidy
PeopleImages via canva.com

Boomers’ penchant for an organized home isn’t lost on millennials, who often find solace in a clean, tidy space.

Investing in Quality Furniture

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Max Rahubovkiy via Canva.com

Cheap, quick-fix furniture often doesn’t cut it. Many millennials are investing in quality pieces, much like their Boomer counterparts.

In-Person Shopping

Provided by vgajic via Canva.com

Despite the convenience of online shopping, millennials understand Boomers’ preference for the brick-and-mortar experience.

Life Before Smartphones

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freestocks.org via Canva.com.

Boomers remember life pre-smartphones, and many millennials secretly agree that life less connected has its appeal.

Staying Active

Fitness First
Artem V. via canva.com

The Boomer belief in the importance of physical fitness resonates with many millennials who prioritize their health and wellness.

Source: Reddit. 

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