12 Boomer Skills Millennials Just Won’t Use

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Quieter than a mouse, yet more extinct than the dodo, we’re talking about boomer skills. Yes, we’re talking about the art of reading a roadmap without GPS, fixing a TV by giving it a good whack, or even writing in cursive. Good times, huh? So, sit back and prepare to say, “They did what now?”


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Photo: © vladeep via canva.com

Remember when Sunday evenings echoed with the iron’s rhythmic hissing, smoothing out the wrinkles of the work week ahead?

Millennials, however, have traded the ironing board for wrinkle-free fabrics and casual dress norms. After all, who needs a perfectly pressed shirt while telecommuting?


16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
Photo: © ekramar via canva.com

Back then, a loose button or a small tear in your favorite jeans meant a quick fix with a needle and thread, not a trip to the nearest store for a replacement pair.

Yes, sewing — that long-lost art of mending, altering, or even creating your clothes. Millennials, however, are more likely to Google ‘nearest tailor’ than to thread a needle.

Manually Balancing Checkbooks

16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
Photo: © DAPA images via canva.com

This boomer skill involves meticulously recording every financial transaction – withdrawals, deposits, fees, and checks – on a paper register and reconciling the balance with the bank statement each month.

But in the era of online banking and financial apps that track and analyze spending in real-time, millennials are more likely to ask, “What’s a checkbook?”

Cursive Writing

Lack of Cursive Writing
Photo: © wwing via canva.com

Writing in cursive was once a rite of passage in grade school, a whimsical dance of loops and swirls that millennials often dismiss as the hieroglyphics of yesteryear.

But let’s face it, your digital scribble signature on the grocery store’s touch screen doesn’t have the same panache as an elegantly crafted, cursive John Hancock.

Driving a Stick Shift

Photo: © Joaquín Corbalán via canva.com

Once upon a time, you weren’t merely a driver; you were a master of the machine, a conjurer of clutch control, and a gearshift guru.

But with automatic vehicles offering convenience, fuel efficiency, and a blissfully stall-free ride, the art of driving stick shift is heading the way of the dodo.

Reading a Paper Map

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Photo: © Andrew Neel from Pexels via canva.com

Sure, our boomer friends might argue there’s a certain romance to unfolding a large map and charting a course across inked highways and byways.

But let’s be honest; a paper map won’t reroute you around a traffic jam or alert you when your next turn is coming up in 500 feet.

Photo: © Jupiterimages via canva.com

Traveling used to involve selecting the perfect postcard, writing a heartfelt note, and locating a post office to send a piece of your adventure back home. It was the original “Wish you were here” Instagram post.

But let’s face it: in this digital era, why would millennials trade the instant gratification of photo-sharing apps for a process that takes several days, if not weeks?

Photo: © nomadsoulphotos via canva.com

Back in the day, a single tear in your shoe signaled it was time to break out the shoe repair kit – a strange, foreign concept to our “buy-and-toss” generation.

Sure, we could blame fast fashion and cheap manufacturing, but let’s face it, most millennials would be more inclined to perform open-heart surgery than attempt to fix a simple sole separation. A missing heel? Catastrophe!

Using a Library Card Catalog

16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
Photo: © Wuka via canva.com

Before Google became our go-to librarian, one needed to master the art of navigating through tiny drawers filled with index cards, each card meticulously stamped with Dewey Decimal numbers (or Library of Congress Classification for the highbrow libraries), title, and author. The card catalog was our treasure map, guiding us through the labyrinthine shelves of books.

Using a Typewriter

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Photo: © Ron Lach via Canva.com

Unlike the user-friendly word processors of today, typewriters offered a high-stakes typing experience where typos were forbidden and a steady rhythm was vital (pun intended). No autocorrect, no copy-paste – just you and the machine in a battle of wits and skill.

Using a Compass

Photo: © Pexels from Pixabay via canva.com

Don’t get me wrong, orienteering is an excellent skill, but most millennials would much rather rely on their smartphone or GPS to navigate their way around.

A compass? That cute, old-fashioned, spinny thing looks great on an adventurer’s Instagram feed. But actually, use one to find true north?

Playing Golf

30 Things We Can't Believe Baby Boomers Still Do
Photo: © HeungSoon via Canva.com

Millennials seem to have swapped golf clubs for gym memberships or yoga classes. You see, our younger counterparts prefer to exercise with a side of soul-searching or at least a good sweat.

There’s something about chasing a tiny white ball across a meticulously manicured lawn that doesn’t appeal to them.

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