Top 12 Carrot Oil benefits for your Skin Proven by Therapists

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Looking back to your childhood days, as you defiantly refused to finish your plate of stock-piled vegetables, I bet you wouldn’t expect it’d be a desideratum now.

Carrots, scientifically termed as D. Sativus or Daucus carota botanical, boast many benefits both from within and without the body. As a result, there are various carrot oil products today, ranging from skin products, hair products, and essential oils for beauty.

But before you jump into the world of beauty promised by the crunchy gift of nature, you should familiarize yourself with some of the terms.

The Daucus carota botanical, depending on the extraction process, can either give you carrot oil, carrot seed oil, or carrot essential oils.

Carrot Essential Oil for your Face

Carrot essential oil is the steam distilled from dried seeds of the Daucus carota sativa.

It, therefore, contains little to none of the plant’s original vitamins.

However, let this not discourage you as it possesses antioxidants that are beneficial for the health of the skin and hair.

You can use carrot essential oils to amp your skin’s moisture by applying it directly to your face or using it with your trusted cream.

Be sure to use it at night for maximum moisture retention and the best results.

One of the current market’s highest-rated carrot essential oil products is the Plant Therapy Carrot Seed Essential Oil that people can find on amazon Plant-Therapy-Essential-Undiluted-Therapeutic.

You could also look into the now-foods-essential-oils-carrot-seed-oil. This offers various benefits ranging from aromatherapy, skin rejuvenation, and hair growth.

Carrot Seed Oil for the Hair

You can obtain carrot seed oil through the cold-pressed method from the seeds of a wild carrot.

You might come across terms like Queen Anne’s lace or Devil’s plague.

Don’t call an exorcist yet, as they are other names for the wild carrot plant.

The top trending carrot seed oil in the market today is the SVA Organics Carrot Seed Carrier Oil.

You can use it to moisturize your skin, nurture your hair for that bouncy, voluminous look, and in aromatherapy to achieve that elusive Zen you crave. 

Other Options

You could also opt for the Gya Labs Organic Carrot Seed Oil, a brand product from Gya Labs.

It offers protection from harsh UV rays, promotes healthy hair growth, and tones the skin giving an even complexion. Gya-Labs-Organic-Carrot-Hydrated

Carrot seed oil, when applied and massaged into the scalp, promotes faster and healthier hair growth. And when rubbed into the hair follicles, particularly towards the tips, it repairs split ends, thus offering restorative properties for beautiful bouncy hair.

Carrot Seed Oil Skin Benefits

Carrot seed oil is gentle and suitable for all skin types; therefore, there is something for everyone.

When applied to the skin, it offers moisturizing properties. In addition, it helps heal dry, chapped skin by balancing the moisture content in skin cells.

It also helps heal damaged skin caused by burns, wounds, scars, and cuts alike, thus rewinding time to that last captivating look.

Carrot Seed Oil for Face

The carrot seed oil also unclogs the pores by toning and removing toxic buildup caused by sweat, dirt, and other environmental pollutants, improving overall skin complexion. 

Since we are slaves to time, aging will naturally take a toll on our skins.

But fret not, as this gift of nature offers therapeutic properties and can combat and reduce the appearance of wrinkles giving your face a youthful glow.

You can incorporate carrot seed oil into your nightly skin routine by applying a few drops directly to your face or adding it to your favorite cream.

carrot oil benefits for your skin

Benefits of Carrot Oil

Carrot oil, a carrier or base oil, is obtained directly from the roots of a carrot plant by crushing it and straining the resulting pulp.

This alone makes carrot oil retain a chockfull of its original vitamins and compounds such as Vitamin A, Provitamin A, Vitamin E, and beta carotene.

Depending on what you are trying to alleviate, you can use Carrot oil for the face and scalp.

Carrot Seed Oil – by Allurials is one of the best products you can use to rid your skin of impurities and any damage that might be plaguing you.

Some of the benefits offered by carrot oil include the following:

Antibacterial properties

It contains an active compound called alpha-pinene, which is actively responsible for the fight against bacteria.

Some of the bacteria that carrot seed oil fights against are the Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcal bacteria, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, among others that affect the skin’s health.

 Deeply moisturizes the skin.

Beta carotene, a compound found in carrot oil, encourages the human body to produce sebum which alleviates conditions such as dry scalp and dandruff.

You can directly apply a few drops on your skin or add it to the cream of your choice to enjoy the profound conditioning benefits provided by carrot oil.

It can act as an antifungal

The thought of fungus on the skin would make anyone cringe.

However, some fungi, such as the Tinea capitis, or ringworms as they are locally known, infect the scalp leading to dry, flaky patches on the skin.

Therefore, you can add carrot oil to your beauty regimen to alleviate such conditions brought about by the over-infestation of fungi on the skin.

Heals and repairs dull and damaged skin

Carrot oil has beta carotene, which facilitates the skin to produce more sebum.

In addition, carrot oil is natural oil produced by your body, thus ensuring the skin remains well-nourished and moisturized.

It is a natural sunscreen

The sun emits harsh UV rays that can, over time, harm your skin by damaging the skin’s protective barrier.

Another Carrot oil benefit is that it contains vitamin E with a mild SPF, which helps protect the scalp and skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The vitamins also shield your skin from outdoor damage caused by dirt, grime, environmental pollutants, and free radicals. In addition, this natural sunscreen could help protect your skin, thus ensuring it remains supple and vibrant-looking.

Toning qualities

Carrot oil benefits include the promotion of new tissues and new skin, thus leading to a firmer, cleaner, and evenly toned complexion.

It also absorbs UVB light rays and protects the skin from harsh sun rays leading to a more even skin tone by reducing hyperpigmentation.


Carrot seed oil fiercely protects the skin from free radicals, which may end up leading to oxidative stress on the skin and, to a more significant extent, cell damage.

Fights Wrinkles

Wrinkles will make you feel like an ancestor in a youthful body.

Carrot seed oil can rewind your clock for you by swiftly reducing the appearance of wrinkles, thus helping you look younger and more radiant.

Combats and alleviates irritation associated ailments

Several factors can lead to irritation of the skin.

These include overexposure to the sun, dirt, and pollutants.

They could lead to conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, among others.

Carrot oil benefits offer restorative properties by intensely moisturizing and conditioning the skin thus helping to heal and get rid of these ailments.

In addition, the Carrot oil leaves the skin feeling smooth and revitalized.

Promotes blood circulation to the skin

Carrot seed oil stimulates and increases blood circulation to the scalp and the skin in general, thus ensuring that the skin cells receive adequate nourishment.

In addition, it deeply conditions the scalp and skin hence aiding in providing soothing relief from irritation caused by bacteria, fungi, and dehydration. It also promotes the development of new cells, thus ensuring the skin remains healthy and plump with a youthful hue.


Carrot oil helps heal damaged skin brought about by burns, sunburns, wounds, cuts, and scarring.

The vitamin A present in carrot oil stimulates the development and creation of new cells, thus alleviating such skin conditions.

May even fight cancer cells

Though there is very little anecdotal evidence to support this, there are claims that carrot oil is particularly potent against cancer cells that cause skin cancer.

Carrot plants

Final Word

Whether you choose to start with carrot oil, carrot seed oils, or carrot essential oils, having one of these products in your arsenal could be life-changing. You can opt to buy locally available carrot oil products or go the DIY way and make oils you trust at home. So make haste while the carrots flourish.


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