20 Celebrities Who Support Donald Trump

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Ever curious about which of your favorite stars might be sporting a “Make America Great Again” cap behind closed doors? Whether it’s their admiration for Trump’s policies, charismatic personality, or iconic hair, these 20 stars aren’t shy about their support.

Scott Baio

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A member of the celebrity Trump-train, Baio became a household name during the 2016 Republican National Convention, where he touted Trump’s “relentless, fighter spirit.” He once quipped, “I’m a big supporter of President Trump. I think he’s a straight shooter, and that’s really refreshing in politics.”

Roseanne Barr

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Stand-Up Sucks via wikimedia commons

Barr likened her reputation for controversy to Trump’s, stating, “We’re both like synapses of the national conversation.” She’s made it clear that she appreciates the President’s propensity for frank talk.

Kid Rock

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U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth//Wikimedia Commons

Kid Rock, the rebel rocker from the Motor City himself, has been seen sporting a “Make America Great Again” cap on more than one occasion, making his affinity for Trump as bold as his music. In fact, the outspoken musician once declared, “I’m digging Trump.”

Azealia Banks

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Chris via Wikimedia Commons

Banks confessed she was pro-Trump on her Instagram handle, saying, “I think I’m ready to admit that I’m a Trump supporter.” She justified her stance by saying that she felt Trump was the “most transparent” of all the candidates.

Kirstie Alley

via Depositphotos

In the run-up to the 2020 election, Kirstie tweeted, “I’m voting for @realDonaldTrump because he’s NOT a politician…” And she didn’t stop there.

In 2023, the actress still loves Trump. “I still say @realDonaldTrump is one of the wittiest presidents we’ve ever had,” she wrote, “He’s got a knack for the kind of blunt, off-the-cuff remarks that make you spit out your coffee laughing.” 

Robert Davi

Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Davi was upfront about his backing in 2020, stating, “I’m a big supporter of Trump because I believe in his leadership qualities, his love for the country, and his ability to get things done.” Fast forward to 2023, Davi tweeted, “Top of the morning to you! Just another day in paradise, knowing we have a leader like Trump at the helm. #SupportTrump”.

Stacey Dash

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Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

“I believe that he is the only one who can restore a bright future filled with opportunity for my children,” Dash declared.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent via Wikimedia Commons

In 2020, he said, “God, family, country, rock and roll, the NRA, Donald Trump. It’s that simple.” Fast forward to 2023, and his sentiment hasn’t changed a bit. Nugent enthusiastically proclaimed, “Trump’s my guy, he’s still got the fire!”

Dean Cain

Dean Cain
via Wikimedia Commons

Cain has often flown to the former president’s defense on social media, exhibiting his admiration for Trump’s ‘take no prisoners’ leadership style. In an interview with Fox News, he stated, “What I see from Trump is a guy who won’t back down.”

Antonio Sabato Jr.

lukeford.net via Wikimedia Commons

Sabato Jr., a fervent Trump supporter, has made it clear that he’s in Trump’s corner, stating, “I have never seen a president that loved this country so much, that was so committed to making it better.”

Jon Voight

Movieguide® via Wikimedia Commons

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight has been spotted on the Trump train since the early days, often expressing his admiration for the President’s policies and leadership style. Voight once said, “I think he’s doing a great job, and I’m very pleased with all his achievements. He’s a remarkable leader.”

Hulk Hogan

Petty Officer 1st Class Kristin Fitzsimmons, USN via Wikimedia Commons

In an interview with TMZ, the Hulkster revealed his political preference, stating, “I don’t want to be in the ring with any candidates; I want to be Trump’s running mate.”

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen
Image credit: Depositphotos

A staunch supporter of Trump, he once tweeted, “Trump you’re a sad & silly homunculus stop ruining my great country.” But he later clarified in an interview that his tweet was an expression of support, saying, “In retrospect, exercising some measure of caution would have been prudent. It’s not the policies I’m opposed to; it’s the person.”

Gary Busey

JessicaPinney via Wikimedia Commons

Busey took to the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ boardroom, where he first formed an alliance with Trump. “He’s a great man, he’s got a great reality about him, and he knows how to create change,” Busey said in an interview.

Stephen Baldwin

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Stephen Baldwin by Gage Skidmore via WikiCommons

As opposed to the liberal leanings of his elder brother Alec, Stephen is a staunch Trump supporter. He once quipped, “I think Mr. Trump is a fantastic leader for the future of our country.”

Mike Tyson

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Toglenn via Wikimedia Commons

In a HuffPost Live interview, Tyson declared, “He should be president of the United States,” further adding, “Let’s try something new. Let’s run America like a business, where no colors matter. Whoever can do the job, gets the job.”

Jesse James

s_bukley via Depositphotos

James has been vocal about his support for Trump, once stating, “This guy is nobody’s fool.” He further cited Trump’s business acumen as a primary reason for his endorsement, expressing his belief that Trump can “turn this ship around.”

Kanye West

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Own work via Wikimedia Commons

Kanye West declared his support rather vividly when he donned a “Make America Great Again” cap during a 2018 appearance on Saturday Night Live. He met with Trump in the Oval Office later that year, where he proclaimed his love for the president and said they were both “dragon energy.”

Lou Ferrigno

© Ra Boe via Wikimedia Commons

The muscle-bound actor expressed his support for Trump in a 2016 interview, stating, “I think he would make an incredible president.”

Kristy Swanson

Super Festivals via Wikimedia Commons

In the world of politics, she’s a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump. In fact, she once tweeted, “If being for Trump & Pence means I’m being written out of Hollywood, that’s okay.”

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