10 Celebrities With Quirky Habits That Are Hard To Overlook

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome to the star-studded universe of quirky habits that will make you go, “Wait, what? They do that, too?” Yes, my friends, it’s true. Celebrities, despite their glamorous sheen and seemingly perfect lives, are, after all, human. They are packed with idiosyncrasies and peculiar habits, just like the rest of us mere mortals.

So, buckle up as we embark on this roller-coaster ride, unveiling the eccentricities of ten of your favorite stars that are just too hard to overlook. It’s going to be one heck of a fun journey!

Gene Simmons: Breaking Breakfast Norms, He Adds Ice Cubes to His Cereal

Gene Simmons
Toronto Social Review via Wikimedia Commons

Buckle up, folks, because the award for the quirkiest breakfast quirk goes to… drumroll… Gene Simmons from KISS! You heard it right: the rock legend adds ice cubes to his cereal. Why, you ask?

Well, he insists that warm milk with cereal is a culinary sin, and the ice keeps his breakfast delightfully chilled. We’re unsure if this is pure genius or just plain peculiar, but it’s certainly hard to overlook!

Jessica Biel Takes Multitasking to the Next Level—Having Meals in the Shower

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel at the 81st Academy Awards via Wikimedia Commons

Have you ever considered taking your breakfast into the shower? No, right? But Jessica Biel, our Hollywood sweetheart, certainly has – and she does it regularly! Yes, you heard it right. Biel has this peculiar yet oddly charming habit of munching her meals while showering.

In her defense, it’s her go-to method for multitasking when time is ticking. So, if you’re ever pressed for time and can’t decide between a shower or a sandwich, maybe the Biel method is worth trying!

Kim Kardashian: Master of Coats and Closet Chronicles

ARMENIA, YEREVAN: 08 October 2019 US Reality TV star Kim Kardashian poses for a photo as she arrives at World Congress On Information Technology (WCIT)
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Kim Kardashian, the reality TV queen, isn’t just famous for her quick wit and impeccable fashion sense. Her peculiar habit takes ‘organized’ to a whole new level. Believe it or not, Kim archives her coats! Yes, you read that right.

Every coat has its unique place, classified with the meticulousness of a librarian running a world-class library. Whether a sleek leather piece or a fluffy faux fur, every coat lives in a carefully curated, chronological bliss. Now, how’s that for celebrity quirkiness?

Jessica Simpson Indulges in Toothbrushing Only Three Times a Week

Jessica Simpson
John VanderHaagen via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s talk about the pop sensation and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson, who has a rather peculiar approach to dental hygiene. You might think celebrities live by the “brush twice a day” rule like the rest of us, but not our dear Jessica – she brushes her pearly whites only three times a week!

Shocking, huh? According to the star, She’s not a fan of teeth that feel like they’re hitting the dance floor because of being slippery. But she’s all in for a daily Listerine and floss extravaganza!

Jennifer Lawrence: Master of ‘Sink Etiquette’

Jennifer Lawrence
Wikimedia Commons

Jennifer Lawrence, our beloved, award-winning actress, has a quirky habit that’s hard to overlook – she confesses to peeing in sinks! When nature calls and the ladies’ room queue is longer than the red carpet, Jennifer detours to the nearest sink.

It’s not exactly the ‘Hunger Games,’ but it adds an unexpected twist to her off-screen persona!

Kate Hudson Takes the Plunge With an Icy Facial Dip

Kate Hudson
Wikimedia Commons

Let’s discuss Kate Hudson, the age-defying goddess who thinks freezing her face off is a top-tier skincare ritual. Yes, you heard that correctly. In her pursuit of eternal youth, Hudson gleefully submerges her face in a bowl of ice water.

Call it quirky, call it madness, but when you see her radiant skin, you might find yourself eyeing your ice tray a tad differently. Frankly, with her glowing complexion, we’re half tempted to plunge our faces into an arctic bath too!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Not Your Regular Shower Enthusiast

Jake Gyllenhaal
US American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, member of the jury, Opening of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival via Wikimedia Commons

Enter Jake Gyllenhaal, Hollywood heartthrob and… avid water conservationist. That’s right, folks. The “Donnie Darko” star has made it abundantly clear that he’s not one for daily showers. In the name of environmental consciousness (and maybe just a touch of eccentricity), Gyllenhaal prefers to embrace his natural oils rather than wash them away with a daily dose.

So next time you’re swooning over those brooding on-screen looks, remember: there’s a dash of rugged, unwashed charm in there, too!

Lauren Conrad: Embracing That Oil-Pulling Swagger

Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad on the Red Carpet at Vh1 Divas 2009 via Wikimedia Commons

Lauren Conrad truly embodies the phrase, “Beauty is pain.” This fashionista and former reality TV star swear by oil pulling, an age-old dental hygiene practice that involves swishing oil around your mouth for 15-20 minutes each morning.

While most of us struggle to get through our first coffee, Conrad is gleefully gargling away with coconut oil. She claims it gives her whiter teeth and better oral health. It’s not your conventional toothpaste job, but who are we to question the radiant smile of this style guru?

Sandra Bullock’s Surprising Beauty Hack: Hemorrhoid Cream

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock speaking at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con International, for “Gravity,” at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California via Wikimedia Commons

From her flawless complexion to her radiant charisma, Sandra Bullock never fails to dazzle us on and off screen. But who would have guessed that her secret to ageless beauty lies in… hemorrhoid cream? The Academy Award-winning actress swears by the unconventional use of hemorrhoid cream to keep her under-eye bags at bay.

So, if you’re desperate to erase the evidence of last night’s Netflix binge, you might want to consider a quick dash to the pharmacy aisle. Remember, the cream is for external use only, even if those dark circles make you feel like something’s wrong inside!

Robert Pattinson: Master of Patience, Waiting Six Weeks to Wash His Hair

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Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Talk about letting your hair down; Robert Pattinson takes it to a new level. This actor, renowned for his role as the ever-sparkling vampire Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” saga, apparently believes in the ‘don’t wash, don’t care’ motto regarding his hair.

You heard it right; his haircare strategy involves an impressive six-week hiatus between washes. A quirky habit that leaves us all wondering – is it a quest for the perfect ‘bed-head’ look or simply a time-saving technique?

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