13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of

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In a world where pet ownership brings immense joy but sometimes comes with hefty price tags, it’s refreshing to know that there are affordable yet delightful alternatives. If you’re looking to embrace the joys of pet companionship without draining your wallet, you’ve come to the right place.

Our carefully curated list introduces you to 13 cost-effective pets that offer affection, entertainment, and an abundance of camaraderie. Let’s explore these charming and low-maintenance pets that won’t break the bank.

Goldfish: An Aquatic Marvel

Goldfish (Carassius auratus)
Photo credit: Canva.com

Cost Range: $1 to $40

Goldfish, often regarded as the classic beginner’s pet, bring a touch of aquatic beauty to your home. These serene creatures are incredibly low-maintenance, requiring minimal attention and care. With a lifespan of over 20 years, goldfish become cherished members of your household. Their surprising memory span, lasting at least three months, allows them to recognize their owners and even perform tricks.

To ensure your goldfish thrives, invest in a proper tank and filtration system (approximately $100). Unlike traditional fishbowls, these tanks provide adequate oxygen levels, promoting a healthy environment. Daily feeding costs are minimal, making goldfish an affordable and delightful choice.

Leopard Geckos: Captivating Reptilian Companions

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – LeitnerR via Canva.com

Cost Range: $20 to $70

Leopard geckos enchant reptile enthusiasts with their captivating spots and endearing personalities. These nocturnal creatures are known for their low activity levels during the day, making them an ideal choice for those with busy schedules. Unlike some reptiles, they do not require UV light bulbs, only an incandescent bulb and possibly a heat pad.

The initial cost includes acquiring a leopard gecko ($20 to $70) and setting up a terrarium (approximately $100 to $200). Their diet primarily consists of live crickets and worms, with weekly food expenses ranging from $5 to $10, depending on their appetite.

Hermit Crabs: Small, Social, and Economical

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – David Clarke via Canva.com

Cost Range: Less Than $10

Despite their solitary name, hermit crabs thrive in the company of fellow crabs. These tiny creatures are not only inexpensive but also a joy to watch as they grow and change shells. It’s essential to provide them with a variety of shell options as they switch homes regularly.

You’ll need a hermit crab tank and decorations, totaling around $50 to $175. Monthly expenses for food and water maintenance are minimal, as these small creatures are content with a straightforward diet. Avoid painted shells to ensure the safety of your pet.

Betta Fish: Graceful Aquatic Elegance

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – MR.SUTIN YUUKRUNG via Canva.com

Cost Range: $5 to $25

Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, offer aquatic elegance and are perfect for those who prefer low-maintenance pets. Keep in mind that these fish are solitary and should be kept in isolation. They showcase their vibrant colors when startled or feeling frisky.

Setting up a Betta tank (5-10 gallons) costs approximately $20 to $35 and can be adorned with simple decorations. Betta fish themselves range from $5 to $25, with the more colorful varieties typically being pricier. Annual food expenses are budget-friendly, making them a hassle-free pet choice.

Guinea Pig: Furry Companions for Preteens

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – Chris Stevenson Photography via Canva.com

Cost Range: $25 to $50

Guinea pigs are small, furry, and adventurous companions that are perfect for preteens and older children. While they provide cuddly affection, they can be injured easily during rough play, so caution is essential in households with younger children.

Initial costs include acquiring a guinea pig ($25 to $50) and setting up their habitat (around $75). Monthly expenses for food, bedding, and hay can total up to $35, although this cost can be minimized by supplementing their diet with leftover veggies from your meals.

Canary: A Symphony of Song

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – Thomas Demarczyk via Canva.com

Cost Range: $100 to $150

Canaries have been cherished as pets for over 500 years, known for their melodious singing. These charming birds are relatively inexpensive compared to larger pet birds like parrots. A single canary typically costs between $100 to $150, with some breeders offering lower prices.

To maintain a healthy and happy canary, you’ll need to budget for their cage, toys, and ongoing food and supply costs. Expect to pay around $120 per year for food and miscellaneous supplies. The joy of waking up to their beautiful melodies is well worth the investment.

Degu: Social and Low-Maintenance

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – nedomacki via Canva.com

Cost Range: $25 to $100

Degus, native to Chile, are social rodents similar to guinea pigs. When socialized from a young age, they make wonderful, low-maintenance pets. These critters thrive in pairs due to their highly social nature.

Acquiring a degu from a shelter can cost around $25 to $40 each, while breeders may charge between $80 to $100 each. A multilevel cage, essential for their well-being, ranges from $50 to $150. Yearly food expenses per degu can amount to $65 to $125, depending on their appetite.

Butterflies: Delightful and Inexpensive

Butterflies Taste with Their Feet
Borchee via canva.com

Cost Range: Less Than $30

Raising butterflies is a unique and enchanting experience that requires minimal space and time. You can even order caterpillars online, making it an incredibly convenient and low-maintenance pet choice. Most butterfly species feed on a simple mixture of sugar and water.

The cost to raise and keep butterflies is less than $30. It’s a wonderful way to introduce children to the world of pets while teaching them about metamorphosis and the beauty of nature.

Sea Monkeys: The Fascination of Instant Pets

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – S.Rohrlach via Canva.com

Cost Range: $8 to $150

Sea-Monkeys, brine shrimp sold in novelty kits, offer an opportunity for fun and fascination. Raising these little creatures requires minimal effort. Simply add water and wait for them to hatch. Maintenance involves changing the water occasionally and feeding them the included “growth food.”

Kits typically range from $8 to $20, with some sellers offering larger or more elaborate setups. Sea Monkeys are a delightful and budget-friendly way to introduce children to the concept of pet ownership.

Venus Fly Trap: Nature’s Carnivorous Marvel

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – S.NataliaCatalina via Canva.com

Cost Range: $5 to $45

A Venus fly trap is a captivating pet that qualifies as a “pet” if it hunts and consumes insects. These fascinating plants are relatively easy to care for and require minimal space and sunlight.

Acquiring a Venus fly trap as a pet can cost as little as $5 to $45, depending on the size and age of the plant. It’s a unique addition to your home that adds a touch of the unusual to your pet collection.

Praying Mantis: The Alien-Like Observer

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – bobyci via Canva.com

Cost Range: $6 to $25

Praying mantises are intriguing insects that make for an unusual and low-maintenance pet. While they may not offer emotional connections, they are captivating to observe. Praying mantises feed on live insects, which can cost approximately $100 per year.

These creatures typically cost around $25 each, and you can purchase eggs and nymphs for even less. They require minimal attention and offer a unique perspective on the world of insects.

Scorpion: A Look-But-Don’t-Touch Companion

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – piyathep via Canva.com

Cost Range: $25 to $100

Scorpions may not be the cuddliest of pets, but they are undeniably intriguing. Their pincers and venomous stinger make them a captivating pet for those who prefer minimal physical interaction. They thrive in a terrarium and need a heating pad for comfort.

The initial cost includes a terrarium and heating pad, totaling about $75. Scorpions feed on live insects, with an annual cost of approximately $100. Their low-maintenance nature and unique appearance make them a distinctive pet choice.

Rat: Intelligent and Affectionate

13 Cheap Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Of
Image Credit – Africa images via Canva.com

Cost Range: $10 to $20

Rats may not be the most conventional choice, but they surprise many with their intelligence and affection when handled from a young age. Keep in mind that rats are social animals and require a same-sex companion to prevent loneliness and depression.

To ensure the well-being of your pet rat, invest in a spacious wire cage, toys, bedding, food, and essential supplies. While initial setup costs can add up to $100 or more, the rewarding companionship and intelligence of rats make them a unique and economical choice.

In conclusion, pet ownership need not be expensive, and these 13 budget-friendly options offer delightful companionship without straining your finances. Consider your preferences and lifestyle, and choose a pet that aligns with your needs and interests. Regardless of your choice, the joy of pet companionship awaits you without breaking the bank.

Note: Prices mentioned are approximate and may vary based on location and specific pet requirements.

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