12 Comic Book Superheroes Who Are Secretly Narcissists

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Yes, you’ve admired them for their superhuman strength, lightning-fast speed, and heart-stopping heroics. But have you ever paused to wonder if some of these superheroes might also be secretly… narcissists?

Now, don’t get us wrong, we still adore them, but let’s face it, saving the world does tend to inflate one’s ego. So, strap on your utility belts, set your phasers to ‘fun,’ and let’s unmask 12 self-obsessed superheroes!


Butik811 via Depositphotos

Say hello to Gotham’s most eligible narcissist, none other than the Dark Knight himself, Batman! Always brooding, he tends to toss aside relationships and friendships alike, driven by a single-minded obsession with his vigilante justice.

And let’s not forget his alter ego, Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who flaunts his wealth with as much subtlety as a batmobile in a traffic jam. Even his philanthropy seems a way to keep his name in the headlines. But hey, we still love him, right?

Captain Marvel

faizzaki via Depositphotos

Sure, she’s saving galaxies and punching asteroids out of orbit, but let’s not ignore the narcissistic tendencies lurking beneath her star-spangled suit. There’s an undeniable aura of smugness whenever she catches a missile mid-air or tosses an alien warlord like a rag doll.

Think about it – is she really saving us out of pure, selfless heroism or just for the thrill of seeing her face plastered across every news channel in the universe?


claudiocaridi.libero.it2 via Depositphotos

Let’s sling right into the world of Spiderman, AKA Peter Parker. Ever noticed how he’s constantly snapping selfies mid-battle? His need to document his every super-powered move points towards a need for validation. Plus, he almost always works alone, refusing help from other superheroes. It’s as if he wants all the glory for himself.


Matthew Goode in Watchmen (2009)

Ah, the unrivaled Ozymandias from “Watchmen” by Alan Moore. This man, also known as Adrian Veidt, embodies narcissism disguised as altruism. He’s not your traditional caped crusader but rather the “smartest man in the world” who prides himself on his intellect and physical perfection.

He’s so caught up in his grandeur that he rationalizes sacrificing millions to save billions. His giant, alien squid plan? Quite theatrical, wouldn’t you say? Ozymandias, the hero who loved humanity so much, he decided only he could save it.

Booster Gold

Marnie Joyce via Wikimedia Commons

Now, let’s not forget about our time-traveling, self-promoting friend from the future, Booster Gold. Michael Jon Carter, hails from the 25th century, where he was a low-level security guard at a museum. But Mr. Gold couldn’t resist the allure of the spotlight.

So, he stole some tech, time-traveled back to our era, and set up shop as a hero-for-hire. His primary goal? Not to save the day but to bask in his self-created fame and glory. Booster Gold is one superhero who never met a camera he didn’t like or a product he wouldn’t endorse.


Bastetamon via Depositphotos

Beneath that charming exterior and uncanny ability to chat up ants, Scott Lang is just another classic narcissist. Granted, man’s got style, shrinking and expanding at will and saving the world now and then.

But let’s not ignore his relentless need for validation and how he thrives on being the center of attention. From grand theft to becoming a superhero, it seems there’s no length our Ant-Man won’t go to have the spotlight firmly on him.

Green Arrow

Stephen Amell in Arrow

Ever the flamboyant billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, a.k.a the Green Arrow, has a knack for firing arrows that are as sharp as his tongue. Let’s not mistake his flashy grin and expert archery skills as a wholesome superhero demeanor.

His egocentric streak often steers the spotlight away from the actual crisis at hand and onto his theatrical heroics and dramatic monologues about social justice. It’s like he’s shooting arrows just to pin up his own gigantic poster of self-importance!


Photo by David James

Superman, the Man of Steel, a paragon of truth, justice, and the American way, might seem like the epitome of superhero selflessness at first glance. But let’s perform a little super-sleuthing ourselves.

A mild-mannered reporter by day, headline hog by night. Every time he saves the day, it’s “Look at me, the hero!” as he swoops down to rescue Lois Lane for the umpteenth time. And let’s not even start on the ‘S’ emblem. Subtle, Supes, very subtle!

Mister Fantastic

William Tung via Wikimedia Commons

Mister Fantastic, the stretchy scientist of the Fantastic Four, might seem like a humble, elastic savior of the world, but don’t let that fool you. He’s named himself “Mister Fantastic” after all, not exactly a modest title, is it? His constant need to be the smartest person in the room and his inability to step down from the pedestal he’s placed himself on often overshadow his heroic deeds.

Iron Man

danielshot via Depositphotos

While this genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist has saved the world more times than we can count, it’s hard to ignore his ego, which can easily rival the size of his impressive skyscraper in New York. Iron Man’s shiny, hi-tech suit may be awe-inspiring, but it’s often outshone by his personality that screams, “Look at me!”.

His penchant for the dramatic entrance and constant need for validation doesn’t just end with press conferences and public appearances. Even in the heat of battle, Tony can’t resist a witty one-liner, prioritizing a good punchline over a well-executed punch.


Photo by Jay Maidment

Ah, Star-Lord, Peter Quill, the self-proclaimed “legendary outlaw.” It’s not totally his fault, though – being raised by space pirates can skew your sense of self-importance.

Star-Lord has a penchant for boasting about his exploits to anyone within earshot and is often seen as the hero of his own story—even if the others don’t necessarily agree. Whether he’s showing off his ‘pelvic sorcery’ or blasting his favorite tunes without a care for anyone else’s eardrums, Star-Lord’s ego is as vast as the cosmos he travels.


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Ever met someone who thinks they’re the best thing since sliced bread? Enter Elektra Natchios, the Daredevil series’s dangerous, deadly, and slightly self-absorbed assassin. She’s got the martial arts skills of Bruce Lee, the stealth of a ninja, and the ego of a Kardashian on a red carpet.

With her twin Sai at her side, she’s convinced she can take on the world – and win. After all, who needs humility when you can single-handedly decimate an entire league of ninjas?

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