12 of The Craziest Purchases People Have Made On a Work Credit Card

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Employees often veer off the ethics rail, swiping work cards on eyebrow-raising personal indulgences that usher in the shocking “You bought what?!” moment. We’ve all been there, or at least most of us have. Despite how common awkward work credit card buys are, some card swipes are by far more outlandish than others, and a community of nine-to-fivers thinks these insane buys top the list.

Adult Entertainment

young people having a fun night at a club
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In the heat of their desiring moments, some employees claim they’ve once punched the numbers to buy adult entertainment with work credit cards, ignoring all consequences, real and imagined. Weird as it sounds, many people say buying adult content with a work credit card could be as common as any other purchase.


a tattoo artist applying new tattoo on a customer
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Trading work plastic for ink for one former employee was the most extreme thing she’d ever bought with her work credit card. A second person says there should be no regrets since the tattoo sticks forever, like the credit card debt.

A Sport Car

a sports car in a parking lot
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Entering credit card digits at a car dealership is a bizarre financial move, but one employee who decided to live out their dream says they purchased a top-of-the-line car with their corporate card. Many forum contributors dub it the height of workplace exuberance. One person says they are sure the organization wouldn’t be thrilled with the ride.

Jet Fuel

airport worker putting the fuel pipe on the passenger jet
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In an ostentatious display of financial might, one man narrates how his father, stuck at the airport without fuel while flying a DC-8 into Africa, “whipped out his American Express card and charged the fuel they needed to fly back into Europe.” Such enormous purchases on a work credit card astound other contributors.

Skydiving Lessons

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According to a former employee, one supervisor brings bizarre work credit card expenses to the next level in a week dedicated to team building by charging skydiving lessons for the entire office. The exhilarating experience boosted morale but left the company’s finances in a free fall.

Clothes and Shoes

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Buying personal belongings on a work credit card is strange, but a dismissed staff purchased shoes and clothes on their American Express card. The furious employer had to transfer the billing to a separate credit card as they would not be responsible for the purchase of an employee off the company’s payroll.

A Wedding

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Weddings are memorable scenes. Although one person claims he has no regret paying for his wedding to his heartthrob with his work credit card, several forum members are displeased with the move. One individual argues that adding fresh debt is never the best way to start a new life with one’s partner.

A Vacation

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Vacations are often financed through revenues and savings, but one employee says they had a colleague who made a flurry of vacation packages, including first-class flights, luxury accommodations, and spa treatments. Several contributors say it is funny and could not understand why a sane person would frivolously spend their income using a work credit card.


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A funeral must be paid for, and despite how awkward using a work credit card may seem, one contributor insists we cannot blame anyone for paying with whatever card they have if they have to commit a loved one to earth. A second contributor agrees, explaining that the cost of a funeral is something everyone should make provision for as they age.


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One former defendant explains that at one time, they needed to pay a bail bond to get out of jail and had to use their work credit card because their plastic credit wasn’t enough. Several people say they would do the same, as nothing trumps their freedom in worth — not even the sanctity of a work credit card.


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One user said, “Not sure if it was on a corporate card or ordinary purchase order…but the Chief Engineer of the chemical plant where I worked in my late twenties once ordered 1200 condoms. The issue was that a tube and shell heat exchanger was leaking, and we needed to know which tube(s) were causing the problem. He wanted something that he could use to seal both ends of the 600 tubes whilst putting the shell under pressure. The condoms were perfect for the job; guaranteed not to leak, and it was easy to discover which tubes were leaking.

$50,000 Bar Tab

bartender tending the bar
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“I was at a conference once, and a new employee at a company was buying drinks for anyone who asked. Ended up with like a $50,000 bar tab, and almost got fired.” Said this user on Quora.

Source: Quora

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