14 Cute Dog Breeds That Make Terrible Pets

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We all love a cute, cuddly canine, don’t we? But let’s face it: while some breeds are born to be the perfect family companions, others, despite their overwhelming cuteness, might be a wee bit… chaotic. These 14 endearing furballs may look like excellent pets for your Instagram feeds, but they might just give you a run for your money (and your sanity)!


Photo: © aralezi via canva.com

Dalmatians are notorious for their high energy levels and need for constant mental and physical stimulation. A Dalmatian might not be your perfect pet if you’re not an ultra-active individual. Furthermore, about 30% of Dalmatians are affected by deafness due to their genetics, adding an additional layer of commitment to their care.


10 Of The Timeless Most Popular Dog Breeds
Photo: © Kurt Pas via Canva.com

Beagles are notorious for their stubborn streak and boundless energy, making them a handful for even the most patient pet parents. Despite being ranked as the 6th most popular dog breed, they require dedicated training, plenty of exercise, and a secured backyard to follow their nose without getting lost.


Photo: © s5iztok via canva.com

They are prone to skin infections nestled within those adorable folds, demanding a level of upkeep that would put a high-end spa to shame. Moreover, while they may look cuddly, Shar-Peis are known for their strong-willed and independent nature, which may be overwhelming for first-time dog owners.

Australian Shepherd

15 Best-Behaved Dog Breeds You Can Own
Photo: © Kurt Pas via Canva.com

These are highly energetic, intelligent dogs bred for herding. Meaning? They require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Lacking this, they might channel their energy into chewing your designer shoes or transforming your backyard into a moonscape with their expert digging. Not so cute now, right?


Photo: Afbeeldingen van Gerlien Huiskes © via canva.com

These high-energy dogs were initially bred for hunting and are not content to lie around all day. They require daily mental stimulation and vigorous exercise—yes, even when it’s raining! Moreover, their separation anxiety can lead to destructive behavior if left alone for long periods.

Great Pyrenees

Photo: © JZHunt via canva.com

Bred for centuries as a livestock guardian, they are hardwired to think for themselves and make their own decisions. Not to mention, they clock in at a hefty 100+ pounds. Add in their penchant for barking—loudly—at all hours, and you’ve got yourself quite the challenging pet.


Photo: © fotojagodka via canva.com

These high-energy dogs are bred to chase game across the rugged Russian terrain. In fact, they’re known to reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. That’s right, they’re faster than Usain Bolt! And they need plenty of space to sprint. Add their strong chase instinct to the equation, and you have a pet that’s a constant flight risk.


Photo: © Pavlo Kolotenko Images via canva.com

The Basenji is notorious for its high energy level and intelligent, independent nature. They’re master escape artists who can easily scale fences, requiring consistent training and a securely fenced yard. And while they may not bark, they compensate by producing unique vocalizations, including yodels and howls, also known as “baroos.”

Shiba Inu

Photo: © Pavel Gerasimenko via canva.com

They are known for their ‘Shiba scream’ – a loud, high-pitched noise they make when unhappy or stressed. Couple that with their independent and strong-willed personality; you have a breed that requires a steady hand and patience to train. They are intelligent, yes, but also fiercely stubborn.

Afghan Hound

Photo: © Photospirit via canva.com

Afghan Hounds rank among the most independent, stubborn, and difficult-to-train breeds. Their extreme athleticism means they need more exercise than your average walk in the park, and they’re notorious chasers—so be prepared to say goodbye to your neighborhood squirrels. And while their stunning fur may be magazine-worthy, it requires intensive grooming.

Jack Russell Terrier

Photo: © svsokolov via canva.com

Jack Russell Terriers require significant exercise and mental stimulation, and are notorious for their defiant streak. They have a natural instinct to chase and dig, which can lead to plenty of backyard shenanigans.


13 of The Smallest Dog Breeds In The World That Will Melt Your Heart
Emre Pullukcu via Canva.com

These regal pups were bred to be companions to Chinese emperors – and they carry that imperial attitude today. The Pekingese are known to be stubborn and independent, often requiring a firm hand during training. They tend to be aloof with strangers, and their long, luxurious coat demands regular grooming, setting you up for a royal grooming bill!


The Top 20 Dog Breeds That Will Strike Fear into Your Bones
Canva by baiajaku

They are also fiercely independent, which can make training quite a chore. Let’s not forget that Akitas are big dogs, with males weighing up to 130 pounds! They require ample space to move around, so they’re not the best fit for apartment living. And that’s without mentioning their potential for severe health conditions such as autoimmune disorders and hip dysplasia.


Photo: © Kyle Reynolds via canva.com

Bloodhounds are known for their extraordinary sense of smell—second only to the Basset Hound. They are great detectives with a stubborn streak when they get a whiff of something interesting.

Training them requires more patience and consistency than most people realize. Moreover, they are prone to certain health issues, such as ear infections and gastric torsion, which can rack up vet bills.

13 of The Most Trainable Dog Breeds

13 of The Most Trainable Dog Breeds
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While asking if a dog is intelligent, what we’re really inquiring about is their trainability. This attribute isn’t solely dependent on a canine’s intelligence. Several other factors such as breed-specific personality, instinctive drive, and genetic heritage, significantly affect a dog’s ability to learn.

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