15 Explanations You Don’t Owe Anyone—Really

Ephraim Obare
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In the grand circus of life, we often find ourselves juggling the expectations of others, tightly gripping the trapeze bar of social norms. But hey, it’s high time to let go, my friend! Remember, you’re the ringmaster of your show, and certainly, you don’t owe anyone an explanation for every act you perform.

So, brace yourselves as we unveil the curtain to “15 Explanations You Don’t Owe Anyone—Really.” Prepare for a thrilling ride as we traverse this riveting list, challenging the status quo and affirming your autonomy. Ready to defy gravity? Let’s jump right in!

Why You’re Not Married (or Divorced)

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Elnur via Canva.com

Your marital status is entirely your business, and you don’t need to justify it to anyone. Whether you’ve chosen to prioritize your career, travel the world, or enjoy being single is up to you.

Your Dietary Choices

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Photo: © targovcom via canva.com

Whether vegan, vegetarian, or a passionate carnivore, your food choices are yours. You’re not obligated to explain why you’re passing on the steak or why tofu isn’t your jam.

Your Career Choice

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Canva by Dapa Images

Whether you’re a corporate bigwig or a starving artist, you’ve chosen your path for a reason. The worth of your work is not defined by anyone’s opinion but your own.

Your Parenting Style

Single parenting, let's talk about that for a moment. It's like navigating uncharted waters where you're the captain, the crew, and sometimes even the lifeboat, all at the same time. No doubt, raising a child is a Herculean task even with two parents, but being single? That's running the marathon uphill. Forget about your free weekends, your quiet reading time, and, heaven forbid, even your bathroom privacy. It's all about the little one now. You become a multitasking wizard, juggling job, chores, homework, and tantrums, but hey, you’re also the superhero they look up to!
74images via Canva.com

As long as your kids are safe, loved, and cared for, your parenting style is just that—yours. You don’t need to explain it or justify it to anyone.

Your Appearance

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South_agency via canva.com

Your body, your rules. Whether you’re a fan of tattoos, love your curves, or enjoy a daily jog in your neon tracksuit, your look doesn’t require a justification.

Your Political Beliefs

Haley closes in on DeSantis as biggest challenger to Trump
Image by Kateywhat via Canva.com

You have every right to align with the political ideology that resonates with you most. Your vote, your voice.

Your Sexu@lity

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Who you love, how you identify, or what you do in the bedroom is your territory.

Your Religious Beliefs (Or Lack Thereof)

Questioning Religion is a No
Dean Drobot via canva.com

Faith is a personal journey, and it’s your right to explore or ignore it as you see fit.

Your Decision Not to Drink

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Daria Kulkova via Canva.com

Whether for health reasons, personal beliefs, or just not liking the taste, your sobriety doesn’t need an explanation.

Your Living Situation

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Image credit: Simonapilolla via Depositphotos

Whether you’re embracing the city life in a shoebox-sized flat or enjoying the country life in a sprawling estate, your choice of living space is your own.

Your Spending Habits

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AndreyPopov via canva.com

If you want to splurge on that designer handbag or save every penny for a rainy day, that’s your call.

Your Love for Reality TV

Reality TV Stars
Urilux via canva.com

So what if you know every contestant on “The Bachelor” or have a soft spot for “Keeping Up with The Kardashians?” Your TV, your remote.

Your Life Priorities

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Annatodica via canva.com

Whether you prioritize travel, your career, your family, or all three, your life’s direction is up to you.

Your Choice to Have (or Not Have) Kids

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evgenyatamanenko via Canva.com

Whether to have children or not is a deeply personal decision that doesn’t require a public vote.

Your Choice to Be Yourself

Quality time is essential for a strong relationship. It involves actively engaging with each other and connecting on a deeper level. These moments foster mutual growth, understanding, and strengthen the bond, setting a strong foundation for tackling adversities.
canva by Jacob Lund

You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being authentically you. Your quirks, passions, and idiosyncrasies make you who you are. Celebrate it, own it, live it.

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