18 Famous People Who Converted Religions

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Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, there comes a twist—a leap of faith, so to speak. Welcome to the fascinating dossier of 18 renowned individuals who’ve swapped religious lanes, trading old beliefs for new ones. This isn’t your average gossip magazine reveal; instead, we’re peeling back layers of profound, personal decisions that led these famous figures to redefine their spiritual identity.

Karlie Kloss

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Erik Drost via Wikimedia Commons

Once a devout Christian, supermodel Karlie Kloss surprised many when she converted to Judaism in 2018, shortly before her marriage to Joshua Kushner. The runway star and coding enthusiast didn’t switch faiths on a whim; she spent several years studying Judaism before making her decision, demonstrating a deep commitment and respect for her new religion.

Katie Holmes

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
MC1 Chad J. McNeeley via Wikimedia Commons

Known for her roles in hits like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Batman Begins,” Holmes was originally raised Catholic. However, upon her high-profile marriage to superstar Tom Cruise, a prominent Scientologist, Holmes converted to Scientology.

The couple’s union brought Scientology into the spotlight and sparked curiosity about the religion worldwide. Their subsequent divorce in 2012 saw Holmes returning to her Catholic roots, a move that garnered as much attention as her initial conversion.

Tina Turner

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Philip Spittle via Wikimedia Commons

Pop queen Tina Turner spun the wheel of spiritual exploration and found solace in Buddhism, a religion she embraced during the challenging times in her life. Initially a Baptist, Turner adopted Nichiren Buddhism’s teachings in the 1970s. This Buddhist sect practices chanting as a fundamental activity for attaining enlightenment.

In her autobiography, “I, Tina,” she spoke of how the chant ‘Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’ helped her endure and eventually overcome a tumultuous period of her life. Today, Turner attributes her extraordinary comeback and enduring success to the positivity and inner peace she found in Buddhism.

Orlando Bloom

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Hengist Decius via Wikimedia Commons

Originally raised in the Church of England, Bloom converted to the Soka Gakkai school of Buddhism in his early twenties. This shift resulted from his quest for inner peace and tranquility, a cornerstone of the Zen philosophy.

Today, Bloom is an avid practitioner of meditation and chanting, elements central to his adopted faith. His spiritual transition is a testament to the personal growth and enlightenment that can stem from embracing diverse religious ideologies.

Ice Cube

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Eva Rinaldi via Wikimedia Commons

Ice Cube was originally associated with the Christian faith, but he later converted to Islam in the 1990s, a change that was subtly reflected in his music and public persona. His conversion not only signified a personal transformation but also an exploration of religious principles that resonated deeper with him.

To this day, his faith remains an essential part of his identity, despite his stating that he is not a regular mosque attendant.

Zooey Deschanel

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Julio Enriquez via Wikimedia Commons

Raised in a Quaker household, Deschanel converted to Judaism in 2015 before marrying producer Jacob Pechenik. This decision was not made lightly; Deschanel undertook a thorough study of the religion’s teachings, finding a connection with its ethical pillars and sense of community.

This Hollywood sweetheart’s religious transition demonstrates the profound personal transformations that can go hand in hand with faith.

John Travolta

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
lauraleedooley via Wikimedia Commons

Known for his iconic roles in classics like “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction,” Travolta made a more personal change off-screen when he adopted Scientology in 1975. The actor was introduced to this new-age religion by his acting peers, and he quickly became one of its most fervent advocates.

Travolta credits Scientology with giving him the emotional strength to cope with the highs and lows of his life and career, proving that faith can sometimes find us in the most unexpected places.

Dave Chapelle

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
John Bauld via Wikimedia Commons

Stand-up comedian Dave Chapelle is renowned for his unique brand of sharp, socially conscious humor. However, fans might be surprised to learn about a profound personal change he underwent in 1998: converting to Islam.

Chapelle, born and raised in Washington D.C., in a Unitarian Universalist household, adopted Islam in his late twenties. The comedian has been relatively private about his faith but has mentioned how it helps him connect better with his moral compass.


18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Joey McCoy via Wikimedia Commons

Pop music’s ultimate chameleon, Madonna, famously converted to Kabbalah, a mystical offshoot of Judaism, in the late 1990s. Born into a Catholic family, Madonna’s shift towards Kabbalah was an unexpected divergence from her religious roots. The Material Girl’s conversion supposedly transpired following her introduction to the teachings by her friend and actress Sandra Bernhard.

Madonna’s commitment to Kabbalah is evident in her life and music, with the red string bracelet she wears as a symbol of protection against the ‘evil eye’ and her album ‘Ray of Light’ resonating with spiritual undertones.

Shia LaBeouf

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
John Bauld via Wikicommons

LaBeouf, who was raised in a Jewish background, underwent a spiritual transformation while filming the 2014 war drama ‘Fury.’ During the making of this film, LaBeouf found himself sharing and exploring faith with his co-stars, leading him to embrace Christianity.

This shift highlights the personal journey and introspection that can be ignited even amidst the hustle and bustle of a film set.

Julia Roberts

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
U.S. Department of State via Wikimedia Commons

Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts, known for her captivating smile and roles in films like “Pretty Woman” and “Erin Brockovich,” embarked on a spiritual sojourn that ended in Hinduism.

During the shooting of her movie, “Eat Pray Love,” in India, Roberts was deeply moved by this ancient culture’s tranquility and spiritual richness. This transformative encounter led her to adopt Hinduism, further enriching her fascinating narrative and adding a new dimension to her globally recognized persona.

Tom Cruise

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Dick Thomas Johnson via WikiCommons

The “Top Gun” star was initially raised as a devout Catholic but later switched lanes to Scientology, a religion that has long been a subject of controversy and intrigue. Cruise’s conversion to Scientology in the 1980s was reportedly influenced by his first wife, Mimi Rogers.

Ever since, Cruise has been one of the most high-profile advocates of this faith, often making headlines for his outspoken support and dedication to the Church of Scientology.

Nargis Dutt

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Filmfare via Wikimedia Commons

Raised in a Muslim family, the acclaimed actress converted to Hinduism after marrying actor Sunil Dutt, whom she met on the set of their movie, ‘Mother India. The transition was not just a display of interfaith solidarity but also signified her strong belief in love transcending religious boundaries.

Even after her transition, Nargis Dutt continued to amalgamate the best of both faiths, becoming a symbol of religious harmony and mutual respect in her personal life and career.

Snoop Dogg

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
TechCrunch via canva.com

The musical landscape of America was forever changed when Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., better known as Snoop Dogg, stepped onto the scene. However, it’s not just his music that’s made headlines.

The legendary rapper made a significant spiritual transition when he converted to Rastafarianism in 2012 following a trip to Jamaica. Snoop Dogg’s spiritual journey didn’t stop there. In 2018, he released a gospel album, “Bible of Love,” expressing his renewed faith and connection to the church.

Drew Barrymore

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Angela George via Wikimedia Commons

Raised in the eclectic mixture of her family’s Christian and Jewish heritage, she eventually found solace and connection in Buddhism. Her close friend, actor, and fellow Buddhist, Cameron Diaz, reportedly inspired this spiritual journey.

This charismatic actress and producer renowned for her roles in classics like “E.T.,” “Charlie’s Angels,” and “50 First Dates,” not only converted but also embraced the teachings of Buddhism in her everyday life.

Mike Tyson

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Toglenn via Wikimedia Commons

Once known for his uncontrollable temper and infamous antics, Tyson found solace in the teachings of Islam while serving his prison sentence in the 1990s. His conversion marked a significant turning point in his tumultuous life, offering him a spiritual path that tamed his ferocity and brought about a profound transformation.

Today, the former heavyweight champion is widely recognized not only for his legendary boxing career but also for his devout Islamic faith.

Leah Remini

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
greg2600 via Wikimedia Commons

Raised as a member of the Church of Scientology since childhood, Remini made the courageous decision to leave the church in 2013. Her departure was not silent or unnoticed. Instead, she became an outspoken critic, exposing what she described as the church’s rigid control and manipulation.

Isla Fisher

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Richard Goldschmidt, www.piqtured.com via Wikimedia Commons

Born to Scottish parents and raised in Australia, Fisher was introduced to Judaism through her relationship with comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.

She completed her conversion in 2007 after three years of study, expressing admiration and love for the Jewish faith. Today, Fisher and Cohen are raising their children in the Jewish tradition, passing on the faith that became an integral part of their lives.

Ivanka Trump

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Ivanka Trump, the first daughter of the United States, made headlines when she converted to Judaism in 2009 before her marriage to Jared Kushner. Raised as a Presbyterian, her spiritual journey to Judaism was not merely marital convenience but a deeply personal process.

Ivanka underwent a rigorous conversion process under the auspices of the Orthodox Jewish community, including studying religious texts and observing the Sabbath.

Steven Seagal

18 Famous People Who Converted Religions
K Zhestovskaya via Wikimedia Commons

Steven Seagal, Aikido master, actor, and environmentalist, took a spiritual leap of faith and converted to Buddhism. Raised in a Christian household, Seagal later converted to Buddhism. His conversion was not a fleeting fancy but a deep-seated commitment that shaped his life.

He spent much of his time in Japan, immersing himself in the culture and philosophy. So profound was his dedication to his new faith that he was recognized as a Tulku – a reincarnated Lama or spiritual leader, in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

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