20 Fears Boomers Had in Their Childhood That Still Persist to Date

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome to the past—a time before smartphones, where the fear of Y2K loomed large and “be kind, rewind” was a golden rule to live by. Yes, we’re talking about the good old days of the Baby Boomers, an era marked by significant change and, let’s admit it, some pretty unforgettable fears.

From the anxiety-inducing “duck and cover” drills to the horror of finding a Beatles record in your child’s possession, Boomers had their share of spine-tinglers. And guess what? Much like those rock-n-roll records, some of these fears have managed to stick around. So buckle up as we journey through the looking glass and explore 20 fears that originated in Boomer childhood and persist to date. It’s going to be one heck of a nostalgic ride!

Nuclear War

Nuclear War
Nomadsoulphotos via canva.com

The Cold War era left a profound impact on the boomers. The fear of nuclear annihilation, with school drills and fallout shelters, was a real and present danger.


MD Saiful Islam Khan via canva.com

This disease paralyzed many in the pre-vaccine era, leaving an indelible fear of debilitating illness, a fear rekindled by the current pandemic.


Using Mobile Devices on Flights
GaudiLab via canva.com

Plane crashes were sensational news events that instilled a fear of flying, which is still felt by many boomers.

The Dark

Scared of The Dark
Tiero via canva.com

Perhaps from watching too many old monster movies by flashlight under the bed covers.


15 Things Foreigners Hate About America
innovated captures via Canva.com.

The milk carton stories of missing children imprinted a fear of strangers that endures.

Climate Change

13 Social Issues That Gen Zs Care The Most About
venkavolrab via Canva.com

A modern-day fear, but the boomers were the first generation to grow up with warnings about it.

Robots Taking Over Jobs

The Singularity
PhonlamaiPhoto’s Images via canva.com

This fear has been compounded by recent advances in artificial intelligence, making the future of work even more uncertain. The automation scare of the 20th century still resonates in the workplace.

Public Speaking

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jeffbergen via Canva.com

Who doesn’t have this fear? But boomers might have been one of the first to have it diagnosed as a phobia.


30 Ways American Teens Are Changing the World
Milindri via canva.com

This fear has become more pressing with the rise of cyber criminals and their ability to break through even the most secure networks. The internet brought a new set of fears, including identity theft and online stalking.


Experts Explain Hyperinflation and 8 Ways to Prepare and Protect Your Money
Provided by Frenz via canva.com

Boomers have lived through significant economic downturns, instilling a persistent worry about money.


15 Researched Facts on How Lemon Peel Benefits Can Prolong Your Life
GizemBDR via canva.com

As the generation faces the prospect of ‘aging out’ of a youth-oriented culture, boomers have always feared growing old.


15 Societal Issues That Are Rapidly Destroying Humanity
DariolaVera via canva.com

The boomers were the first to grow up with warnings about the Earth’s carrying capacity.

Lack of Social Security

10 Stupid Actions of Baby Boomers That Have Made Life Pretty Difficult For Gen Zs and Younger Millennials
numbeos via Canva.com

Social Security is a source of worry for many boomers, who fear their retirement money won’t be there when they need it. Will there be enough in the pot for everyone?

Home Invasions

A burglar breaking into a house
Provided by Frenz via Canva.com

The idea of strangers entering your home uninvited is a troubling fear, especially for boomers. Home invasions are a real risk that many boomers take seriously—a fear fueled by rising crime rates during their formative years.

Losing a Child

Losing a Child
Stefanut Sava’s Images via canva.com

This is a fear that all parents share, but it’s particularly acute for boomers who’ve lived through the tragedy of losing children to illnesses or accidents. The thought of outliving one’s child is almost too much to bear.

Loss of Independence

10 Little Things You’ll Start to Dislike as You Grow Older
Provided by Frenz via canva.com

The gradual decline of physical and mental health can be a terrifying prospect for boomers. Common concerns include increasing dependence on family members or medical professionals, declining mobility, and the fear of losing one’s independence—a fear of losing the ability to care for oneself.

Being a Burden

13 Hard Life Truths Millennials Already Understand (but Gen Z Doesn't...Yet)
Koldunova_Anna via canva.com

This fear of becoming a burden can be particularly acute for boomers, who may worry about how their children or family members will manage if they cannot care for themselves.

It’s not uncommon for seniors to avoid seeking medical help out of concern that they will become a financial and emotional burden on their loved ones. Related to the fear of loss of independence, this is a concern about being a burden to one’s children.

Outliving Savings

10 Reasons Why Millennials Think That Baby Boomers Destroyed the U.S Economy
Robert Kneschke via Canva.com

A financial fear that has increased with increasing life spans. However, with long-term care insurance and other flexible retirement options, there are many strategies for ensuring seniors can pay for the care they need without burdening their families.


20 "Unbelievably" Hard Parts About Getting Older That No One Ever Talks About
Canva by fmajor

An existential fear shared by all generations, but made more acute as boomers age. It’s natural to worry about leaving loved ones behind, and many seniors struggle with the thought of being gone from their families.

But death can also be seen as a cause for celebration — it marks the end of a person’s life journey and brings comfort through reuniting with beloved friends.

Being Forgotten

Baby Boomer
Provided by Frenz via canva.com

The idea of being forgotten can be a difficult one to grapple with. No matter how well-known or respected someone is, they are ultimately mortal, and people will eventually forget them.

However, this doesn’t mean that their legacy has to be erased; many seniors have found ways to ensure their memories live on through photos, stories, and keepsakes.

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