15 Foods From the ’70s Most Millennials Will Never Taste

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From oddball combinations to unhinged creativity in the kitchen, the ’70s gave birth to an inimitable assortment of foods.

Sadly, many of these gastronomic wonders have faded into obscurity, their flavors as distant as the echoes of a Saturday Night Fever dance-off. Let’s embark on a nostalgic nosh through the 15 most memorable yet elusive treats of the ’70s!

Deviled Eggs

Missvain via Wikimedia Commons

These bite-sized morsels of egg-straordinary goodness were the life of every party. A halved hard-boiled egg filled with a jazzy blend of its own yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, and a sprinkle of paprika, these little devils embody retro-chic cuisine.

Jell-O Salad

17 Outdated Things Most Millennials Have Never Heard or Seen
Photo: © mofles via canva.com

This delightful concoction was a psychedelic symphony of flavors, combining sweet Jell-O gelatin with various ingredients like marshmallows, fruits, and sometimes vegetables or tuna!

It was an era where culinary creativity knew no bounds. Millennials might cringe, but these colorful, jiggly spectacles were the showstoppers of many a dinner party in their heyday.

TAB Soda

17 Outdated Things Most Millennials Have Never Heard or Seen
Jerry “Woody” via Wikimedia Commons

Unlike today’s sweet zero-calorie beverages, TAB was noted for its unique, slightly bitter taste due to its sugar substitute, saccharin. It was a must-have in nearly every home, touted as the guilt-free alternative to conventional soda.

However, by the late ’80s, it had begun to fade into obscurity as saccharin fell from grace due to health concerns, and newer diet sodas took center stage.


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Photo: © yasuhiroamano via canva.com

Riding on the post-war wave, Spam offered a solution to meat shortages and represented a triumph of food science. By the ’70s, this canned curiosity had taken many forms – from Spam sandwiches to Spam casseroles!

Spam’s popularity has declined in the US, with only about 8.4 million Americans consuming 5 or more cans in 2020.


Photo: © margouillatphotos via canva.com

This Swiss import became the life of countless parties, where friends gathered around the pot, skewers in hand, dipping pieces of bread into a molten mixture of Gruyère and Emmental.

Many millennials might know fondue as a retro delicacy, but few have experienced the authentic, communal 1970s fondue tradition. Despite the decline in popularity, data indicates a resurgence of fondue raves in niche circles.

Watergate Salad

Mark Pellegrini via Wikimedia Commons

Its ingredients were as funky as its name – a wild mix of pistachio pudding, pineapple, marshmallows, and whipped topping.

Named after the infamous Watergate scandal, this delightfully green and fluffy salad was ironically not a product of a failed break-in but a marketing stunt by Kraft Foods. They suggested adding canned fruits to their pistachio pudding mix, and voilà! A legend was born.

Hamburger Helper

Di (they-them) via Wikimedia Commons

Each box contained a blend of pasta and powdered sauce, only requiring the addition of a pound of ground beef to create a quick, tasty meal. It became a household staple in no time, celebrated for its convenience and palatability.

Today’s versions have been updated and expanded to keep up with modern palates and dietary trends, which means the original flavors are disappearing from supermarket shelves.

Cheese Balls

Sushant savla via Wikimedia Commons

Crafted meticulously from blended cheddar, cream cheese, and a hint of spice, these delectable bites were rolled in crunchy, crushed pecans for a perfect contrast.

At every festive gathering, these tangy, creamy delights, often doused with a dash of vintage port, were a flavor sensation that had guests grooving for more.

Hostess Cupcakes

Willis Lam via Wikimedia Commons

This confectionery legend of the ’70s, with its devilish chocolate sponge, creamy filling, and that iconic loop-de-loop of icing, was an instant hit among the young and young-at-heart. Hostess sold a whopping 600 million cupcakes a year at the height of its popularity!

Boeuf Bourguignon

Photo: © JamieRogers1 via canva.com

Imagine layers of succulent beef simmered for hours in a robust red wine, studded with onions and mushrooms, and laced with the smoky whisper of bacon.

It was a cornerstone of the ’70s dinner party scene, a dish that was as much about the flamboyance of the preparation as the tasteful payoff.

Pop Rocks

Evan-Amos via Wikimedia Commons

This popping candy was a combination of sweet, sour, and a lot of fun. A party in your mouth, if you will. Pop Rocks were not just candy; they were an experience!

With a unique formula that allowed the candy to crackle and pop when in contact with saliva, it was the epitome of food innovation back in the day.


Boereck via Wikimedia Commons

This flavorful combination of rice and spaghetti, seasoned with various herbs and spices, took the culinary world by storm.

“The San Francisco Treat” was a staple in many American pantries, marking a distinct era of quick, convenient, and delish home-cooked meals. A 1973 survey revealed that Rice-A-Roni was a dinner staple in one of every five homes!

Tangy Taffy

Photo: © bhofack2 via canva.com

Millennials might not recognize this lip-puckering treat, but back in the day, these chewy delights were a hit at every schoolyard and playground.

Each piece was packed with an explosion of tart, fruity flavor that made your taste buds dance. And who could forget the hilarious jokes printed on every wrapper?

Astro Pops

Valfontis via Wikimedia Commons

Their tri-color design and long-lasting flavor made these confections a staple of every kid’s confectionery dreams. Each color had a unique flavor that would reveal itself as you descended the candy rocket, making the journey to the center of an Astro Pop a taste adventure.

Produced by Spangler Candy Company, Astro Pops were discontinued in 2004, making them a sweet memory frozen in the space-time of the 1970s.


Photo: © margouillatphotos via canva.com

These puff pastry shells, filled with chicken, mushroom, or seafood mixtures, epitomized sophistication on a toothpick. With their light, golden exterior and rich, savory filling, they were a treat for the taste buds and a visual delight.

However, these delicate delights have fallen out of favor in our fast-paced world, replaced by quicker, easier appetizer options.

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