Her Ex Won’t Obey New Court Order to Increase Child Support Payments; Claims He Would Lose His House and Cars, and Messages Her His Displeasure

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Her Ex won't obey new court order to increase his child support payments to her because he would lose his house and cars. He's messaged her his displeasure
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As the gavel fell on a Tuesday court session, the conclusion of a child support modification hearing was reached. This marked a significant alteration in the lives of the involved parties. Initially, child support was set at $210 per month for two children, but the recent ruling escalated this amount to $665 a month, with an additional $201 for medical expenses. This change stirred up a storm of resentment and frustration that was soon to follow.

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Her Ex is Upset

In the aftermath of the decision, the father, frustrated by the court’s new order, vented his displeasure toward the mother. He expressed fears that the increased payment would lead to financial ruin, potentially causing him and his wife to lose their house and cars. Further, he threatened non-compliance, proclaiming that he wouldn’t pay the increased child support.

However, the mother chose to maintain her silence in the face of his vehement rant. She held firm in her belief that any financial downfall would be a consequence of his decisions, not hers. With the new order set to kick in from September 1st, and the threat of garnishment looming over his paycheck, the mother stayed resolute.

The situation sparked an important question: should the father’s text messages be presented to the court? This question became a hot topic of debate on Reddit, where users weighed in with their perspectives and advice.

The Masses Weigh in

The general consensus among Redditors was that the mother should protect herself by documenting all communication. “Ignore him and whatever you do, don’t respond back. But screenshot/save all texts,” one user advised, highlighting the importance of maintaining composure and collecting evidence.

Another user suggested a strategic approach to verifying the credibility of the evidence, proposing that she should “take his name off his phone number in your phone, so it just shows up as his number.” This would provide an impartial record of their communication.

Adding to this, a third user recommended the use of a court-approved messaging app for their communication. Such apps ensure that exchanges can’t be altered and can retrieve communication records effortlessly, promoting transparency and fairness.

The role of a lawyer was deemed essential in this situation by the Reddit community. “If OP has a lawyer, she should probably send the screenshot to them as a matter of record. They would know best if it should go to court,” one user stated.

Another user agreed, advising, “Send them to your lawyer, just say you weren’t sure if they were important, but that you haven’t been replying, and just wanted to have them saved somewhere in case it becomes an issue in the future.” This would allow the mother to take any necessary action if the situation escalates.

Beyond the legalities, some Redditors highlighted the true purpose of child support. One user explained, “I’m assuming they based the support number off his income. In my state, it’s 20% of NET income for one child, 28% for two children, 32% for 3 children, etc.”

What Redditors Advised

Above all, they stressed the importance of child support, stating, “I’ll never understand why a parent complains about helping to provide food, shelter, and clothing for their child. Parents who act like they’re ‘giving money to their ex’ can suck it big time. It’s for your CHILDREN.”

This ongoing saga, laden with legal complexities, financial concerns, and parental responsibilities, underscores the intricacies involved in child support issues. As the mother navigates this predicament, she draws on the collective wisdom of the Reddit community. This story serves as a stark reminder of the tumultuous landscape that child support disputes can create.

This unfolding narrative, spurring both legal and moral debates, presents a microcosm of the complexities involved in child support matters. The online commentary not only provides the mother with advice but also offers insights into the broader societal views on these issues.

Several Redditors recommended involving legal representation to ensure the mother’s interests were protected. “Make sure you have an attorney,” one user advised, “A good family law attorney can guide you through these tricky waters.”

Yet another user suggested being proactive about potential non-compliance from the father, “You should also get a court order for automatic withholding of child support from his wages. That way, he can’t just decide not to pay.”

While the discussion was dominated by advice for the mother, some users turned their attention toward the father. They empathized with his financial worries but urged him to consider the welfare of his children. One user commented, “I understand his concerns about financial ruin, but his kids need to be his priority. He needs to find a way to adjust his finances to accommodate the new support order.”

The essence of child support, as explained by Redditors, was reiterated in these discussions. They emphasized that child support is not about ‘giving money to the ex’ but rather about ensuring the welfare of the children.

A user passionately stated, “Child support isn’t a tool of revenge or a method of enrichment for the custodial parent. It’s a means to ensure the children enjoy the standard of living they would have had if their parents were together.”

The prevailing sentiment across these discussions is that child support, though often tangled in financial and legal disputes, ultimately serves a crucial purpose – to provide for the children involved. In this digital era, the mother finds herself buoyed by the collective wisdom of an online community, navigating the complexities of the child support ruling. This serves as a reminder of the importance of community, digital or otherwise, in providing support during challenging times.

The continuing saga, with its twists and turns, holds the attention of the Reddit community, showcasing the power of digital platforms in facilitating dialogue, sharing experiences, and offering advice. The story continues to evolve, each development providing further insights into the complexities of child support and the wide-ranging impact it can have on families.

You can read the original Reddit post here


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