His Parents Told Him To Leave the Country To Avoid Paying Child Support for a Kid He Didn’t Want; He Wants To Know if He’s the Jerk!

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When life takes unexpected turns, it often leaves us in a moral quandary. One such instance surfaced recently when a man embroiled in a contentious situation decided to leave the country to avoid paying child support for a child he didn’t want. His story raises a multitude of ethical and legal questions, illustrating the complexities and consequences of such choices.

The story begins with a young couple, fresh out of university and at the threshold of their careers. However, their plans were disrupted when they discovered that they were expecting a child. The man was taken aback as he had always used protection, and the woman had claimed to be on birth control. They had previously agreed to postpone parenthood until they were more financially stable, and so he anticipated they would choose to abort the pregnancy.

Contrary to his assumptions, the woman decided to keep the baby. Despite his attempts to persuade her otherwise, insisting on their financial instability and his unreadiness, she held firm to her decision. This marked the end of their relationship and the beginning of a legal battle.

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He Leaves the Country

In an attempt to escape financial responsibility, the man, under the advice of his parents, decided to leave the country. Owing to dual citizenship inherited from his father, he relocated to a country where he was immune to the jurisdiction of US courts and child support enforcement. Legal consultations assured him that no enforceable child support treaties existed between the two nations, a fact that he leveraged to dodge the impending financial obligation.

The Masses Weigh in

Upon hearing of the successful pregnancy, a cloud of mixed emotions filled him. He wondered about the life he could have had raising the child, yet the thought of being forced into a decision he was unprepared for haunted him. He kept his new life a secret, confiding only in a few close friends.

The reaction to this tale on social media has been a mix of disbelief, criticism, and sympathy. Some commenters highlighted that while he may have temporarily escaped, the US has reciprocal child support enforcement agreements with many countries, and child support debt never expires. A haunting tale was shared of a man who returned to the US in his 30s, only to be arrested for an unpaid fine from his early 20s, illustrating that legal debts are not easily forgotten.

Others commented on the prevalent problem of parents evading child support payments. One individual shared a personal experience of their father avoiding legal employment for 18 years to escape child support, a disheartening tale that exemplifies the lengths some individuals will go to shirk responsibility.

Several users pointed to the flaws within the family court system, where good parents can be unfairly penalized. One recounted a story of a father who paid the mother informally, only to be sued for unpaid child support when the children turned 18, effectively making him pay twice.

However, not all were sympathetic. Some commenters admonished him, stating that the decision to have unprotected sex comes with consequences, including potential parenthood. They warned him of a life in exile, with potential legal repercussions waiting should he ever return.

His decision to leave the country was also likened to forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies, essentially escaping the consequences of his actions while leaving the woman to bear the physical, emotional, and financial burden alone.

In conclusion, this story brings to the fore a multitude of ethical and legal issues surrounding child support and personal responsibility. It serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of our choices and the lengths some will go to evade them. The debate surrounding this story continues, reflecting the complexity of the issues at hand and the dire need for reforms in the system.

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