12 Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Known for Being Big Jerks

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Come on in and discover the fascinating realm of Hollywood! Where glitz and glamour sometimes meet a touch of attitude. We’re excited to take you behind the scenes, uncovering the hidden truths about 12 notorious celebrities. Join us as members of an online forum share intriguing stories of their less-than-pleasant behavior. Let’s dive in!

John Lennon: Not-So-Imagine-able Truth

John Lennon
Image credit: Depositphotos

From a terrible father figure to being physically and verbally abusive towards his wife to being blatantly sexist, many say this international sensation is overly romanticized. His son, Julian, admitted nothing was left for him in the will and was even caught saying Paul McCartney was more of a father to him than Lennon ever was.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton
Image credit: Depositphotos

What does Paris Hilton and Osama Bin Laden have in common? Both have been controversial figures in American History. Hilton’s high-profile lifestyle, lack of notable talent, quirky pet dog, and reliance on her family’s fame and wealth remind some of a spoiled princess. She is often referred to as “The Trash Princess.”

Kanye West

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Provided by Frenz

The rapper-producer’s eccentric persona and audacious fashion choices have always been an integral part of his charm. Kanye West consistently pushes the boundaries of creativity and expression, captivating both the music industry and popular culture.

His unpredictable behavior, controversial statements, and heated Twitter feuds have become synonymous with his name, generating debates and discussions. Regardless of personal opinion, it is undeniable that Kanye West has made an unforgettable impact on the world of music and beyond.

Bill Cosby: Beloved TV Dad to Disgrace

Bill Cosby
Provided by Senator Chris Coons via WikiCommons

This famous TV personality has faced extensive criticism and allegations of sexual misconduct that have significantly damaged his reputation and legacy. A member also comments on his rude, narcissistic, and pompous demeanor.

When the celebrity was invited to his college, he ignored everyone from the university president to the crew members; “His approach was to angrily shout out semi-coherent commands, and then ridicule the entire staff.”

Ariana Grande: Don’t Call Me Angel

Arianna Grande
Provided by Joella Marano via WikiCommons

Many across the globe adore her for her amazing vocal range and relatable, down-to-earth personality. However, there’s one video in particular that has caused some division on the internet.

Back in 2015, TMZ released a video showing the actor-turned-singer playfully licking the top of doughnuts when the employees weren’t looking. That’s right! She didn’t mean to buy them; just left them there for others to enjoy. It’s a bit gross, but let’s hope it was all in good fun!

Amber Heard

Amber Heard
Image credit: Depositphotos

Perhaps this woman possesses talent, or maybe not. It’s not for us to determine. The courts have decided who was right – Depp or Heard. The reason we feel that Hollywood promotes Amber Heard is because, while Depp is facing backlash, she continues to secure high-value projects. The contrast in treatment is disheartening.

Jennifer Lopez: Heartless

Jennifer Lopez
Provided by Firdaus Latif via WikiCommons

A friend of a Make-a-Wish Foundation employee shares a disappointing visit experience. Upon arrival for a young child’s wish, the celebrity appeared distant. They took a quick photo, signed an autograph, and left abruptly after just five minutes.

Russell Crowe: A Not So Beautiful Mind

Russell Crowe
Provided by Eva Rinaldi via WikiCommons

Not surprisingly, someone who playfully tapped a hotel clerk on the head with a telephone because he couldn’t dial out would make it to this list. Also, there have been many amusing stories of him playfully engaging with actors and occasionally expressing his passionate emotions on set!

Justin Bieber: Belieber To Bad Behavior

Justin Bieber
Provided by Joe Bielawa via WikiCommons

Some question his occasional unconventional behavior, like spitting on fans from a balcony or running over paparazzi. There was even that incident when he left his pet monkey in Germany. “You give a teenage boy millions of dollars and the freedom to do whatever he wants without consequences, and you get Justin Bieber,” says one comment.

Gerard Depardieu: The Filter-Free Frenchman

Gerard Depardieu
Provided by César via WikiCommons

This French actor has gained notoriety for his controversial behavior and outspoken opinions over the years. His tendency to speak without a filter has landed him in hot waters. A notorious alcoholic, he is known to overdrink on flights and behave aggressively towards flight personnel, says a forum member.

Mariah Carey: High Notes and Low Blows

Mariah Carey
Provided by Public License USA via WikiCommons

Recogn for her enigmatic persona, this A-list celebrity occasionally makes disparaging remarks about other women in the music industry. Furthermore, due to her high standards and assertive demeanor, some find it challenging to collaborate with her.

Kevin James: Not So Kingly

Kevin James
Provided by Angela George of Sharon Graphics via WikiCommons

He may play the lovable everyman on King of Queens and Kevin Can Wait, but according to one user, he is the biggest jerk! The user shares his friend’s account of meeting Kevin. Being the waiter serving, he asked if he would fancy a drink, to which he met with the words, “You were told not to speak to me.” Ouch!

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