Is She the Worst Girlfriend Ever for “Sleeping in” on Her Boyfriend’s Work Wake-up Call?

Ephraim Obare
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Is She the Worst Girlfriend Ever for "Sleeping in" on Her Boyfriend's Work Wake-up Call?
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A 29-year-old lady and her 35-year-old boyfriend embark on a morning routine battle as they navigate the uncharted territory of living together. She, a flexible freelancer, enjoys a leisurely start to her day, while he, the dedicated engineer, must rise with the sun. Will their comedic struggle to synchronize their mornings end in success or chaos? Stay tuned!

When her boyfriend finally scored that engineering gig, he moved in with his 29-year-old girlfriend, the talented freelancer who called home her office. With her flexible schedule, she graciously assumed the role of an official alarm clock, rousing him from slumber each morning. He employed an elaborate series of alarms, commencing promptly at 7:00 AM and culminating at 7:45 AM – the absolute latest he could vacate their abode and venture to work before the clock struck 8:00 AM.

Sometimes the girlfriend would catch him oversleeping and play the role of his personal alarm clock. But he didn’t always show his appreciation. Whenever she woke him up a little later than expected, he would get all huffy and question why she didn’t do it earlier. Can’t please everyone, right?

They were cozy in bed one morning when his alarm blared at 7:00 AM. He promptly silenced it, intending to snooze until the 7:10 AM alarm. Little did he know, time had a sneaky plan. Lost in work messages, his girlfriend caught him beaming, only to realize it was a whopping 7:37 AM. Time had played its tricks!⏰😉

With her composure intact, she slyly inquired about the time, and he boldly estimated 7:25 AM. But alas, agitation took hold when he glanced at his phone and noticed his tardiness, and he frantically scrambled to prepare. The blame game ensued, as he amusingly accused her of withholding crucial information, fearfully contemplating the impact on his work schedule, and even abandoning his cherished morning ritual.

The girlfriend emphasized they should support each other, but she clarified that his punctuality was solely his responsibility. This sparked a heated argument, with him playfully suggesting that her refusal to help made her unsupportive. Oh, the tangled web of relationships! 😄🕷️

Despite the tension, the girlfriend still cared about his job and didn’t want him to face any consequences for being late. She started pondering if she should keep waking him up since she was already wide awake and capable. To snooze or not to snooze? That is the sleepy dilemma. 😴💤

In this couple’s morning routine predicament, we witness the hilarity of trying to sync two different schedules. It’s a delicate dance of girlfriend’s support vs. boyfriend’s punctuality expectations. To keep their relationship harmonious, they must navigate this comedic chaos as the story unfolds. 😄

Redditors Weigh In

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Redditors shared their responses to the matter. This is what they had to say:

“He is an adult and can get out of bed on time. I would tell him if he ever retaliates in such a disgusting manner again that, he will be packing his bags and leaving. That is not acceptable behavior under any circumstances. He is punishing you for his inability to get himself up on time. This type of abusive behavior will escalate.

“I have terrible sleeping issues and rely on my husband to wake me up. He prefers it to me setting 17 alarms. But on days when he has to go in super early, I set my 17 alarms and make sure I’m up like a good worker bee. It’s kind for OP to wake him up, but certainly not a requirement.”

“Sounds like she’s raising a 14-year-old not a grown partner”

“You need to sit him down tonight and call out just how 100% unacceptable his behavior was today. Don’t name-call. Don’t debate. Stay calm. Just state: You will not treat me like this again. This is not the type of behavior I’ll tolerate in a partner, and if it happens again, I will leave”. It’s then his responsibility to do the hard work, learn, and grow up. Or not. But it is not your fault.”

“People who set off multiple alarms and annoy their partner, roommate, etc, are real turds. Get out of bed. Stop waking up other people.”

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