Is This Aunt in the Wrong? She Refused to Share Her Only Juice with Her Autistic Niece

Ephraim Obare
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Is This Aunt in the Wrong? She Refused to Share Her Only Juice with Her Autistic Niece
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Amidst a family hiking trip, a remarkable tale unfolds. Picture this: an 18-year-old girl battling diabetes, leading the way alongside her adventurous 7-year-old autistic niece. The lush mountains envelop them as they traverse the rugged terrain. But as fate would have it, an unexpected incident sparks a captivating twist.

Out of nowhere, the spirited niece yearns for something. And what does her heart desire? Apple juice! Luckily, the prepared young girl had packed a precious stash of apple juice for diabetic emergencies. But, as is the nature of life’s surprises, a curveball is thrown her way.

In an attempt to help, the sister-in-law offers an alternative: sugar-free orange juice. Alas, the niece, with her sensory sensitivities, turns away, unable to embrace the substitute’s textures. An engaging journey, full of unexpected twists and turns, unfolds in the mountains as this extraordinary family weaves the tapestry of their bond.

The situation quickly spiraled out of control when the brother eagerly asked the OP to trade juices with her niece, only to be met with a firm decline. With a genuine fear of plummeting blood sugar and a desire to be ready for any situation, the OP held her ground.

Even though the sister-in-law assured them they were just a short walk away from home, the niece’s relentless cries persisted, demanding the OP’s precious apple juice. This unexpected incident unexpectedly cast a dark cloud over an otherwise delightful hiking adventure, leaving everyone irked and disheartened.

Looking back, the 18-year-old girl found herself torn between her own health concerns and her deep compassion for her autistic niece’s sensory issues. While she fully recognized the importance of understanding her niece’s unique condition, she couldn’t help but ponder if her brother and sister-in-law could have better prepared for such situations.

Though the hiking adventure concluded without any adverse effects on her blood sugar levels, the emotional toll on the entire family was palpable. Now, in retrospect, the girl’s heart is filled with uncertainty as she grapples with the delicate balance between her own well-being and ensuring her niece’s comfort.

Redditors Weigh In

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Redditors shared their responses to the matter. This is what they had to say:

“So, their daughter has sensory issues, and they pack a sugar-free orange juice with chunks in it, and give YOU the hard time? You have a medical condition that you were prepared for.”

“Autistic here and agree. Diabetes is lethal. Why did the parents bring juice their kid has trouble drinking?”

“Not to mention something acidic while on a hike is never a good move. They are just mad at op for their poor planning.”

“As a parent of an autistic child, it is my responsibility to be the appropriate things that can help with their sensory. I don’t expect others to know.”

“Your apple juice was the equivalent of a rescue inhaler to an asthmatic. Would they have taken that away from you because – “such a fun toy, you should be reasonable and give us your inhaler because our daughter wants it.”

Source: Reddit.


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