Is This Guy Totally Out of Line? See How He Asked His Female Co-Worker to Back Off!

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Is This Guy Totally Out of Line? See How He Asked His Female Co-Worker to Back Off!

The Original Poster (OP) faces challenges in feeling at ease around women. He’s in the “Cautious Around Females Club.” But now, a new colleague at work is trying to crack his shell… Challenge accepted!

Are you wondering what happens when the OP seeks a colleague’s guidance but takes a stand amidst doubts and internal conflicts? Let’s dive into this intriguing tale to unravel the OP’s perspective. The OP, trying to find peace around women, is a pro at dodging female interactions. It’s not incompetence or personal dislike but discomfort that seems to have a mind of its own.

The workplace dynamics take an interesting turn with the arrival of a new colleague, all eager to connect. But alas, the OP gracefully excuses themselves whenever this social butterfly approaches, preferring the blissful solitude of working in the field.

Though their encounters are rare, the persistent newbie is determined to befriend or engage the OP during office hours. Despite feeling the discomfort, the OP maintains their cool, exchanging light chit-chat when absolutely necessary. Dealing with a persistent avoider, the new colleague spills the beans to a mutual friend, who spills the tea on the OP’s side.

Inspired, the new hire takes it upon themselves to crack the code and help the OP break out of his shell. After being hit with a Friday frenzy, the OP summons the courage to kindly lay it out: “I’m all for politeness, but let’s remember I’m not after BFFs or oversharing. Boundaries, dear colleague. Boundaries.” 😉

Instead of getting the OP’s point, the new colleague goes all “misogyny!” and dramatically storms off. This drama lingers in the OP’s mind all weekend, triggering deep contemplation and an existential crisis. 🤔

As the OP ponders the events, he grapples with self-awareness questions and takes a spin on responsibility. Is he justified in dodging awkward situations and minimizing run-ins with others? Despite the battle within and acknowledging the problem’s roots in past traumas, seeking validation for his actions becomes the day’s quest. 💭✨

In this intriguing and delicate ordeal, the OP ponders if he’s at fault for prioritizing his comfort. It’s evident that he doesn’t aim to penalize the new colleague or hold any grudges against women. Instead, he strives to navigate his personal battles while dutifully tending to his work-related responsibilities. Talk about a tightrope walk!

When it comes to determining if he’s at fault here, it’s all about grasping the intricate web of mental health challenges and personal boundaries. OP must skillfully walk the tightrope of self-care while gracefully engaging with colleagues. Finding that sweet spot is key! 😉

Redditors Weigh In

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Redditors shared their responses to the matter. This is what they had to say:

“You need therapy. You will have many female coworkers. You will have female bosses. You will never have female employees because you won’t get promoted until you fix these issues you have. You are limiting yourself and alienating your coworkers. This will be noticed. Good luck.”

“He does work with them even if he’s uncomfortable. He doesn’t have to be friends.”

“He doesn’t want to be friends with them, nothing wrong with that. This is the problem with having this type of worker; they want everyone to be their friend.”

“She KNOWS he’s not interested in being friends with her, and she keeps pushing it. If this were a man pushing friendship on a woman, everyone here would be lighting torches and preparing to march on his home.”

“If the genders were reversed and some creepy guy hounded a girl, you would sing a different tune. The hypocrisy and misandry in this post are unreal.”

Source: Reddit. 


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