Keep the Faith: 15 Valid Reasons Why God Exists

Ephraim Obare
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Here’s an interesting question: Have you ever tried to play a game of hide and seek with the divine? It can be a tricky one, believe me. Sometimes, amid our human hubbub, we question the existence of God, a being who seems to have an awfully good hiding spot.

In this light-hearted yet compelling read, we will have a divine game of hide and seek, unearthing clues, unpacking evidence, and exploring those big, cosmic questions that put our human brains to work. Ready to play? Let’s start seeking!

The Concept of Morality

20 ‘Legitimate’ Reasons Why Some People Just Can’t Get on Board With the Existence of God
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Ever wondered where our sense of right and wrong originate? Many argue that our moral codes arise from a divine source – God. Without a higher power, there would be no universal moral standards.

The Complex Nature of Our Universe

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The precision and complexity with which our universe functions is astounding. From the gravitational force that keeps us grounded to the perfect positioning of Earth in the solar system – these are not mere coincidences but evidence of a perfect design by a grand Designer.

Existence of Good and Evil

13 Things Even Atheists Could Take Away From Reading The Bible
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The stark contrasting presence of good and evil in our world points to a moral battle. This cosmic wrestling match suggests a moral Lawgiver who draws the line between the two.

Our Sense of Awe and Wonder

Woman saying awesome
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Ever had that jaw-dropping moment when you witnessed a gorgeous sunset or gazed at the night sky? This innate sense of awe and wonder hints at a grand Creator who has crafted these wonders.

The Existence of Miracles

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Miracles, the often inexplicable phenomena contradicting the laws of nature, have been recounted across cultures and religions, pointing towards the existence of a supernatural power – God.

The Persistent Idea of God

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Across history, in various cultures and civilizations, the concept of a divine entity has persisted. This universality underscores the presence of God.

Unanswered Questions in Science

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Some passionately argue that the gaps in scientific understanding create an intriguing space for the existence of God to serve as an explanation for these captivating mysteries.

Fulfilled Prophecies

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Imagine this: certain events predicted in religious texts have come true, pointing towards an incredible divine foreknowledge.

Personal Transformation

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Testimonies of personal transformation and spiritual growth that individuals attribute to their relationship with a higher power.

Anthropic Principle

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The Anthropic Principle proposes that the universe is designed so that life can exist. Various physical constants would render life impossible if changed even slightly.

Cosmological Argument

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The Cosmological Argument is built on the premise that everything has a cause and effect, so something must have caused the Big Bang. This points to the power of an all-knowing creator.

In natural theology, Wikipedia states that a cosmological argument claims that the existence of God can be inferred from facts concerning causation, explanation, change, motion, contingency, dependency, or finitude with respect to the universe or some totality of objects.

Existence of the Bible

The Bible
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The Bible, surviving centuries of scrutiny and challenges, is a significant testament to God’s existence.

Ontological Argument

15 Harrowing Indicators of a Childhood Overpowered by Extreme Religion
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The Ontological Argument claims the existence of God from the fact that it is a logical consequence.

This argument states that since God is defined as a perfect being, he must necessarily exist, as not to do so would be a contradiction in terms. Imagine an argument that revolves around God as the most incredible being imaginable. Here’s the kicker: the existence of God is inherent in this very definition. Intriguing, right?

The Human Consciousness

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The existence of human consciousness – thoughts, emotions, self-awareness – is not just a result of evolution but suggests a divine spark.

Prayers and their Answers

15 Fundamental Errors That Atheists Often Misjudge About Religious Beliefs and Practices
Karolina Grabowska via pexels

Last, but not least, the countless stories of answered prayers stand as strong evidence for God’s existence.

Scripture vs. Modernity: 15 Bible Verses Challenging Today’s Views

Scripture vs. Moderanity: 15 Bible Verses Challenging Today’s Views
Photo Credit:aradapotograph via Canva

This piece explores the dichotomy between Scripture and Modernity by analyzing 15 verses challenging contemporary perspectives. The ancient and revered Bible offers timeless wisdom and morals that remain relevant today. However, as society evolves and embraces progressive ideologies, some Biblical teachings may clash with today’s views.

Scripture vs. Modernity: 15 Bible Verses Challenging Today’s Views

Society vs. Scripture: 14 Acts Society Condemns but Not Labeled as Sin in the Bible

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Image Credit –

Society and religion have always had a complex relationship. While religious beliefs often shape societal norms and values, there are also instances where the two clash. This is particularly true regarding labeling certain acts as “sin” in the Bible.

Society vs. Scripture: 14 Acts Society Condemns but Not Labeled as Sin in the Bible

13 Things Even Atheists Could Take Away From Reading The Bible

13 Things Even Atheists Could Take Away From Reading The Bible
Arrangements-Photography via

Whether a devout believer or a card-carrying atheist, the Bible offers something for everyone with its compelling narratives and profound wisdom. Now, you may be thinking, “Wait, I’m an atheist. What could I possibly glean from a book steeped in religious doctrine?” Well, stick around, dear skeptic.

13 Things Even Atheists Could Take Away From Reading The Bible

The Bible Says Jesus Was Real; What Other Proof Exists?

The Bible Says Jesus Was Real; What Other Proof Exists?
Ian Scott via Wikimdia Commons

While the Bible accounts for his life and teachings, what other evidence supports his historical existence? Join us on a journey, tracing footprints in the sands of time, seeking historical relics, and exploring accounts from contemporary scholars.

The Bible Says Jesus Was Real; What Other Proof Exists?

17 Beautiful Love Quotes From the Bible

17 Beautiful Love Quotes From the Bible
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You might be thinking, “The Bible? Really?” That’s right. It’s not all fire and brimstone, folks. Whether you’re head-over-heels in love, looking for that special someone, or simply a fan of poetic prose, the Good Book has got you covered. Here are 17 heart-tugging love quotes that’ll make you utter a heartfelt “awww.”

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