Forbidden Love on Set: 6 Married Hollywood A-List Celebrities That Slept with Their Co-Stars

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Love is a complicated matter; it knows no boundaries, not even the sacred bond of marriage. While some might say that working together in a romantic setting can create a spark between two people, the same could be said about co-stars in a movie or a TV show. Many married actors and actresses have fallen in love on the set with a co-star who was not their spouse. This phenomenon has caught the attention of many and has sparked a lot of discussion among the general public.

Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland

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During the filming of “The Great Escape,” Charles Bronson developed feelings for Jill Ireland, who was married to his co-star David McCallum. The two got married after Ireland’s divorce and remained deeply in love until Ireland’s death from cancer.

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Kenneth Branagh and Helena Bonham Carter

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Kenneth Branagh’s marriage to Emma Thompson ended due to an affair he had with Helena Bonham Carter while filming “Frankenstein.” This affair caused additional discomfort as Bonham Carter had played Thompson’s sister in “Howards End,” and the two were considered friends. Branagh’s relationship with Bonham Carter ended when she and Tim Burton fell in love on set.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher



The love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher was one of the first widely publicized on-set romances. Fisher and Taylor starred in a movie together and fell in love, leading to their divorce from their respective spouses and their subsequent marriage to each other. In addition, and as mentioned, Taylor’s role in “Cleopatra” led to her falling in love with Richard Burton and another round of divorce and remarriage. The events surrounding Taylor and Fisher’s on-set romances made headlines and captivated the public’s attention.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Photo credit: 1963 20th Century Fox


Elizabeth Taylor, who was married to Eddie Fisher, met Richard Burton on the set of “Cleopatra.” Burton was married to Sybil Williams at the time. This encounter became one of the most famous examples of on-set romances, considered a romance of the century or an example of dysfunction.

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard

Photo credit: Flickr


Clark Gable fell deeply in love with Carole Lombard while still married to Ria Langham. They first met while filming “No Man of Her Own.” Gable settles with Langham after the success of “Gone With the Wind” and marries Lombard. They were blissfully happy until Lombard’s untimely death in a plane crash during a War Bonds tour.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson got married in 2008, but their marriage ended in 2010 after a long consideration. During the filming of “Green Lantern” in 2010, Reynolds met Blake Lively, and the two reportedly “kept in touch but sort of casually.” Reynolds mentions that they went on a double date with other people in 2011 but eventually started dating each other. In 2012, Reynolds and Lively married in a secret ceremony and have been married for ten years. Lively has stated that she can’t believe they’re still married after all these years.


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