The Top 15 Most Hated Foods in America

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Welcome, brave culinary adventurers and food enthusiasts! Prepare to embark on a journey through America’s most detested dishes. From the mysteriously enduring fruitcake to the notorious Brussels sprouts, we’ll tackle fork-first the top 15 foods that often find themselves on the receiving end of a turned-up nose.

So, grab your napkins and descend into the fascinating world of America’s most hated foods! But remember, one man’s “Yuck!” is another man’s “Yum!”


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This herb’s soapy taste tends to polarize consumers, with some declaring a lifelong vendetta against it.

Candy Corn

Candy Corn
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This Halloween staple has been a polarizing treat since its creation in the 1880s. Some people love it, and some people loathe it! This is either a beloved tradition or a slur to all things sweet.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts
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These little green balls of cabbage have been a source of contention for years. Some find them surprisingly delectable, but others are not fans. Buttery or bitter? The jury’s still out.


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It is a salty hitter for some and a slimy no-no for others. Oysters are an acquired taste; some people find them a delicacy, while others find them too fishy to be enjoyable. What side will you choose? Slimy love-it-or-hate-it sea treats?


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It’s either the perfect sandwich companion or a creamy menace. A condiment that has been a part of many cuisines for centuries. While some enjoy the creamy, tangy flavor it provides to sandwiches and salads, others detest its texture or taste. What do you think? Creamy delight or slimy nightmare?

A Quora user named Katie says, “I prefer the least possible mayo to hold together “salads,” not all of which I can stomach in the first place. Mayo is everything that is wrong with white suburban USA’s food.”


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The meat substitute is often accused of tasting like a bland sponge.  The spongy, white blob that is so popular among vegans and vegetarians.

Some people love the taste and texture of it as a meat substitute, while others find it dull or tasteless. What’s your take? Is tofu a delicious treat or a slimy turn-off?


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The silky, dark meat has been a part of traditional diets for centuries. While some people enjoy it as a delicacy and the iron-rich health benefits that come with it, others find its texture off-putting or believe it’s too strong to eat.

Even with some onions on the side, this organ meat is a no-go for many. Lilian Taylor says on Quora, “I like all American foods without exception except for liver.

Black Licorice

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This candy has a unique flavor that many people either love or hate. This is a divisive treat, from its chewy texture to the intense anise flavor. What’s your take? Is black licorice delicious or disgusting?

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese
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Thisspicyt cheese has a unique flavor that some people love, and others find too strong. The moldy look and strong smell can send shivers down the spine of the uninitiated.

It’s most popularly used as a topping on salads, burgers, or crumbled into omelets for an extra kick of flavor. But what do you think? Is blue cheese something worth trying or best avoided?

Durian Fruitthegnn via

This Southeast Asian delicacy has one of the most unique and divisive flavors. It’s often described as sweet and creamy, with an intense odor that many find too strong. Known as the ‘king of fruits,’ its pungent odor is anything but royal for some.

What do you think? Is Durian a must-try or something to be avoided? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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The salty, umami flavor of anchovies is a staple in cuisines worldwide. From pizza toppings to pasta sauce, they cay bring out the flavor of a dish.

But their taste isn’t for everyone—some might find that briny fishiness just too strong! Are you an anchovy fan? Or do you prefer to stay away?


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Beets are a versatile vegetable with a unique earthy sweetness that can be enjoyed cooked or raw. They might contain nutrients, but their earthy flavor isn’t for everyone.

Their deep purple color and intense flavor can turn some off—some liken them to dirt! Do you love beets, or do you stay away? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Eggnog is a popular holiday beverage with eggs, cream, and spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. The creamy texture and flavor can be enjoyed cold or hot—but some find the taste too rich and even rubbery! This holiday beverage is often described as drinking a spicy custard.


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Tripe is an edible offal, an organ from the stomach of animals like cows, pigs, and sheep. It has a unique flavor that can be described as gamey and earthy. The thought of eating stomach lining is enough to turn many stomachs.

The texture tends to be chewy but tender—but its pungent odor may turn some away! Are you brave enough to try it?


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Grapefruit is a citrus fruit known for its sweet and sour flavor. It can be enjoyed in many forms, from juicing to salads and even desserts! Its bitter, acidic flavor profile isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

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