5 Movie Mistakes You Never Noticed, You’ll Wonder How You Missed Them!

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A plot hole or plot flaw refers to missing information, unexpected occurrence, or inconsistency in a narrative. A significant plot flaw can significantly impact even the most captivating films. While some stories are so beloved that fans may overlook minor plot flaws, they can significantly detract from the overall experience for others. Plot flaws are often seen as weak writing as they compromise the story’s logic, remove the viewer from the story and undermine the film’s credibility.

A typical plot flaw is a forced coincidence, which is when a plot twist or event is shoehorned in to move the story forward, but it relies heavily on good luck or coincidence that would be unlikely to happen in reality. Another typical plot hole is an unexplained character change, which disrupts the viewer’s understanding of the character and makes them question whether the actions or words of the character would be realistic.

Here are five movies with the most significant plot holes:

1. Cinderella’s Slipper Stays Glass

The story of Cinderella is about a young woman treated as a servant by her stepmother and stepsisters. When her fairy godmother grants her a magical luxury evening, she is warned that at midnight, everything transformed through magic will return to its original form. This includes her carriage, dress, and glass slippers.

But if that’s the case, how did the glass slipper left behind for the prince to find remain a glass slipper? Shouldn’t it have turned back into whatever it originally was when the fairy godmother’s magic wore off? How did this one item, out of all of them, remain unchanged?

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2. Beard of Steel

Many Superman comic fans have been wondering about how the hero shaves his beard for a long time. Some say he uses a chainsaw, others say lasers, and some even say a shotgun. The question was brought back to the forefront with the movie “Man of Steel.” Some argue that he uses a blade treated with tiny amounts of kryptonite, while others disagree. The fact that Clark Kent has a clean-shaven face and a bit of stubble at different times raises even more questions.

3. What Does Bruce Willis Do During the Rest of His Day in the Sixth Sense?

Warning: spoilers ahead. In the movie “The Sixth Sense,” Bruce Willis plays a deceased character. Even though the film has been out for over 20 years, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should make a point to do so. The movie’s point is to encourage people to live their lives fully.

When Willis’ ghostly presence is revealed at the end, the audience is taken back through various scenes in the movie, which show how he was not present in certain situations.

For example, his dinner with his wife is not happy because he is not there, and the same can be said for his silent interaction with the mother of the leading child character, Haley Joel Osment. The question remains about how Willis arranged these meetings and why his wife and the other characters were sitting alone and waiting for him. The main takeaway from the movie is when the child says, “I see dead people” Willis should have said, “I know.”

4. Kate and Leopold Hot for Grandma

Did you watch the 2001 romantic film where Meg Ryan’s character falls in love with a man who is related to her by blood? Although it was in theaters, it wasn’t explicitly advertised as such.

The movie “Kate and Leopold” is a time travel story that ends up causing an unexpected shock. The plot revolves around Ryan’s character leaving her current boyfriend, played by Hugh Jackman, to pursue a romantic relationship with a man from the past. However, it’s later revealed that this man is Jackman’s ancestor, and before the film concludes, Meg’s character becomes pregnant, which means that Jackman’s character is her grandson.

5. Ant-Man Heavy, Ant-Man Light

There has been some confusion among fans about the abilities of Ant-Man, explicitly concerning his density. Some believe that due to the Prym Particles, he is incredibly dense and can crack bathroom tiles, while others think he is light enough to land on the back of an ant without causing any damage. This inconsistent portrayal of his powers has been a source of frustration for dedicated fans.

A Reddit user attempted to clear up this confusion in 2020, suggesting that the Pym Particles’ impact on Ant-Man’s density is based on the user’s intentions. “Whether Pym Particles keep or displace the mass depends on the user’s thoughts,” the user explains,“ and that’s why their impact varies depending on the user’s purpose for them.

In conclusion, movies are a form of entertainment that can transport us to different worlds, introduce us to fascinating characters, and make us feel various emotions. However, even well-crafted films can have plot holes that can be distracting and take away from the overall experience. The five movies mentioned in this article have some of the most significant plot holes noticed by fans and critics alike. These plot holes may have been overlooked or explained away by the filmmakers, but they remain a source of confusion and frustration for viewers. While these plot holes may not ruin the entire film-watching experience, they are worth noting for movie enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the story entirely.


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