12 Musicians Who Were Totally Unfairly Slammed by Tabloids

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Ah, the tabloid press. A world where truth is often twisted into tantalizing tales designed to sell. And who are their favorite targets? Celebrities, of course! Here are 12 musicians who have been unfairly slammed. Let’s roll the drum!

Britney Spears

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Provided by Frenz via Wikimedia Commons

In 2002, the pop princess and her NSYNC beau, Justin Timberlake, called it quits, and the tabloids quickly took sides. While Timberlake was painted as a heartbroken victim, Spears faced relentless criticism and rumors of infidelity.

“We’re not perfect. I don’t judge anybody. It’s just young love.” Justin said in an interview with Barbara Walters. Despite this, she continued releasing chart-topping hits and proving herself an incredibly skilled performer.

Janet Jackson

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Provided by Frenz via Wikimedia Commons

In one of the most infamous moments in Super Bowl history, Janet Jackson’s n!pple was briefly exposed during her performance with Justin Timberlake. While Timberlake quickly bounced back and continued to thrive in his career, Jackson faced intense backlash and declining album sales. Janet said, “It’s truly embarrassing for me to know that 90 million [140 million] people saw my bre@st.”

David Bowie

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Distributed by EMI America via Wikimedia Commons

In the 1970s, David Bowie’s flamboyant androgynous image sparked controversy and backlash from conservative media outlets. He was labeled “perverted” and “immoral,” yet he never backed down from his identity.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson
Provided by Frenz via Wikimedia Commons

The country-pop singer has faced criticism for her weight throughout her career. When she gained a few pounds, tabloids labeled her “fat” and accused her of letting herself go. But they slammed her for being too thin when she lost the weight.

“I think that, more than weight that people have focused on, we need to focus on our mentality about even talking about weight.” She said. Through it all, Simpson has maintained a successful music career and now focuses on empowering women through fashion and entrepreneurship.

Mariah Carey

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82nd_Academy_Awards,_Mariah_Carey via Wikimedia Commons

Mariah Carey has faced criticism and ridicule from tabloids throughout her career, especially regarding her reputation as a diva. But many don’t know that much of this narrative was created by the media, who were determined to pit Carey against fellow pop star Jennifer Lopez. In reality, Carey is an incredibly talented and hardworking artist who has sold over 200 million records worldwide.

Dolly Parton

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Curtis Hilbun/wikimedia commons

From her big hair to her flamboyant outfits, country legend Dolly Parton has always been unapologetically herself. But that didn’t stop the tabloids from ridiculing and scrutinizing her appearance for decades.

After being asked by Barbara Walters about her figure and outfit choices, she responded, “I am sure of myself as a person. I am sure of my talent. I’m sure of my love for life and that sort of thing. I’m very content. I like the kind of person I am. So, I can afford to piddle around and do-diddle around with makeup, clothes, and stuff because I am secure with myself. Thankfully, Parton has never let the negativity get to her, and she continues to shine as an iconic musician.”

Taylor Swift

12 Most Shocking Celebrity Scandals That Rocked Hollywood in Recent Years
Toglenn//Wikimedia Commons

The media loves scrutinizing Taylor Swift’s every move, especially regarding her dating life. From being labeled a “serial dater” to having her relationships constantly dissected and criticized, Swift has faced relentless tabloid onslaught.

She wrote, “The voices that had begun to shame me in new ways for dating like a normal young woman? I wanted to silence them,”  But she continues to rise above the negativity and write chart-topping songs about her experiences.

Miley Cyrus

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Raphael Pour-Hashemi//Wikimedia Commons

When Miley Cyrus shed her Disney Channel image and embraced a more edgy and provocative persona, the media pounced on her. She was criticized for being too sexu@l, too wild, and too rebellious. But in reality, Cyrus was growing up and exploring her creativity. Despite the negativity, she has remained true to herself and continues to make music that resonates with her fans.

Harry Styles

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Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons

Harry Styles had the whole world’s attention as a member of the boyband phenomenon One Direction. But that also meant facing intense scrutiny from tabloids, especially regarding his love life. He was labeled as a womanizer and criticized for dating older women. However, Styles has always stayed true to himself and his music, proving that he is more than a tabloid label.

Sinead O’Connor

12 People The World Mocked But Turns Out They Were Right
Man Alive! Via Wikimedia commons

In 1992, Irish singer Sinead O’Connor stirred up controversy when she tore up a photo of the Pope on live television in protest against the Catholic Church’s handling of child abuse scandals. She was vilified and blacklisted by the media for years. Still, her actions proved incredibly powerful and prophetic as more and more evidence of church lies emerged.


15 Greatest Female Vocalists of the Past 10 Years
Asterio Tecson via Wikimedia Commons

When Beyoncé embarked on her solo career, rumors swirled that she was the reason for her group Destiny’s Child breaking up. Tabloids accused her of being a diva and causing tension between band members. But in reality, each member wanted to pursue their paths. Today, Beyoncé is one of the most successful artists in history, proving that she doesn’t need a group to shine.

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger
Raph_PH via Wikimedia Commons

The Rolling Stones frontman has been a constant target for tabloids since the band’s early days in the 1960s. From drug use to his multiple marriages and relationships, Jagger’s personal life has always been under intense scrutiny. But through it all, he has remained one of history’s most iconic and influential musicians.

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