20 Obvious Red Flags in Early Marriage That Signal a Looming Divorce

Ephraim Obare
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Let’s face it: marriage isn’t a walk in the park. It’s more like a thrilling rollercoaster ride with ups, downs, and a few unexpected twists and turns. However, if your ride feels more like a haunted house tour right off the bat, you might have a problem.

In the spirit of perfecting our premonition game, we’ve compiled a list of 20 glaring red flags in early marriage that could signal a divorce down the lane. This is not your ordinary happily-ever-after fairy tale but a much-needed reality check, served with a hefty dollop of wit and a side of compelling conversation.

Communication Breakdowns

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If your chats are primarily about the weather or what’s for dinner, it’s a major red flag. Communication is a crucial pillar in any relationship, especially marriage.

Constant Criticism

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If you or your partner constantly find flaws with each other, this could be a sign of deep-seated resentment or discontent.

Lack of Intimacy

Lack of Intimacy
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Marriage without intimacy can feel like a hollow shell. If the sparks aren’t flying, there might be trouble brewing.

Ignoring Boundaries

20 Habits That Will Make Your Marriage Wave Goodbye
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If “personal space” seems like a foreign concept to your partner, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

Habitual Dishonesty

20 Habits That Will Make Your Marriage Wave Goodbye
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Trust is an essential part of any relationship. If your partner lies, even about minor things, it can be a sign that something deeper is wrong. A lie here, an untruth there – before you know it, trust is out the window.

Financial Infidelity

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It’s not just about physical cheating anymore. If your partner is hiding purchases or making decisions without your knowledge, it’s a sign of trust erosion and could indicate much more significant issues in the marriage. Secrets about money aren’t just dishonest – they can lead to serious financial problems.

Constant Arguing

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Disagreements are normal. But if every little issue turns into World War III, you might be in trouble.

Feelings of Resentment

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Are you keeping score? Do you feel like your partner never pulls their weight around the house? If so, it’s a sign that resentment has taken root and could cause severe damage to your marriage. If one partner starts to harbor resentment, it’s a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

Neglecting Emotional Needs

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It’s essential to maintain an emotional connection with your partner. Ignoring their needs can lead to a draining of love and trust, leaving the marriage vulnerable to outside threats.

If you don’t take the time to nurture your relationship, it may deteriorate over time. Emotional neglect might not leave physical scars, but the wounds can run deep.

Addiction Problems

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Addiction can be a significant problem in any marriage. It’s not just about alcohol or drugs either; gambling or even video games can have an impact on the relationship.

If your partner is struggling with addiction, it’s vital to provide support and help them find the resources they need to overcome their issues. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, or gambling, addiction can put a massive strain on a marriage.

Incompatible Life Goals

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When two people enter a marriage, they don’t always have the same life goals. That can lead to tension and disagreements in the relationship.

Couples need to discuss their objectives at the start of their relationship so that everyone is on the same page. If you dream of a cottage in the country while your partner yearns for city lights, this mismatch can lead to grave friction.

Controlling Behavior

Different Personal and Career Goals
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If one partner has an overly controlling attitude, it can create unhealthy dynamics and negatively impact the union.

Controlling behavior can come in various forms, such as demanding that their spouse dress in a certain way or insisting on dictating where they go and who they associate with. A controlling partner can suffocate the other, leading to resentment and discontent.

Lack of Respect

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image cedit: domoskanonos via Canva.Com

Respect is essential for a healthy relationship. Without it, the partnership can quickly become toxic. A partner who doesn’t show respect may be aggressive in their communication, belittle their spouse, or constantly challenge them.

This can make the other person feel insecure and unvalued, undermining their connection. Disrespecting a partner’s feelings, thoughts, or aspirations can slowly poison a marriage.


15 Ways a Relationship Can Hurt Your Mental Health
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Cheating can be a significant blow to a marriage. It destroys trust and makes it difficult for the couple to have meaningful conversations. Even if they manage to reconcile, the hurt can linger for years.

However, infidelity isn’t always physical. Emotional cheating can also damage a relationship. This involves having an intimate conversation or connection with someone. Affairs, whether physical or emotional, can be a death knell for a marriage.


10 Signs Your Partner Is Secretly 'Quiet Dumping' You
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When couples stop communicating, it can bring about the end of a marriage. By avoiding conversations, partners slowly drift apart until they have little in common.

Sometimes, avoidance can be intentional. One or both parties are unwilling to face the truth or accept responsibility for their actions. This type of behavior often leads to resentment and bitterness. If spending time apart seems more appealing than being together, it’s a big red flag.

No Shared Interests

20 Habits That Will Make Your Marriage Wave Goodbye
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When couples no longer share interests or values, it can be a sign that the marriage is in trouble. If partners have different views on important matters such as religion, finances, parenting, or politics, it can cause serious conflicts and disagreements.

It’s essential to find common ground and develop shared goals for the relationship’s future. If you have nothing in common, you might live separate lives under the same roof.

Disinterest in Resolution

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If discussions about the relationship’s problems and conflicts become arguments, it’s a sign that one or both parties are not interested in finding solutions.

They might be more focused on being suitable than agreeing. This type of dynamics can lead to long-term resentments and might even end in a breakup. If one or both partners show no interest in resolving conflicts, it can be a sign of emotional disengagement.

Neglecting Family and Friends

15 Ways a Relationship Can Hurt Your Mental Health
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When people neglect their family and friends, it’s a red flag that something is wrong in the relationship. If one of the partners stops participating in activities outside the couple, it could indicate that they have begun substituting relationships with family members or friends for those within the partnership.

If one partner becomes excessively possessive, causing the other to distance from loved ones, it’s a slippery slope.

Abusive Behavior

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No relationship is perfect, but a key warning sign for abuse is when one partner consistently makes decisions for the other without their input or consent. This can range from controlling finances to telling them what they can and cannot do.

If any physical violence or threats are present, it’s time to seek help immediately. Any form of abuse – physical, emotional, or psychological – is a glaring red flag.

No Future Planning

10 Signs Your Partner Is Secretly 'Quiet Dumping' You
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If you or your partner are reluctant to discuss or plan for the future, it’s a sign that one or both of you may have doubts about the longevity of the marriage.

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