20 Outdated Laws in the USA

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Welcome, legal eagles and curious minds! Prepare yourself for a tour of the 20 most amusing, bewildering, and downright strange laws still in existence in the good ol’ US of A. These are the kind of rules that make you wonder, “Really? That’s a law?”

Massachusetts: No Swearing at a Sporting Event

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Photo: © DAPA Images via Canva.com

Let’s say you’re at Fenway Park, the Red Sox just missed a crucial play, and you’re about to unleash a colorful torrent of language.

Hold that thought! The law, enacted in the prim and proper 19th century and never taken off the books, prohibits using “profane or obscene” language at sporting events.

Chesapeake, Virginia: Children Over the Age of 12 Can’t Trick-Or-Treat

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aabejon via canva.com

According to a city ordinance, any “over-the-hill” trick-or-treaters (those aged 13 and older) can be slapped with a fine—up to $100!

New Mexico: It’s Illegal to Wakeboard Drunk

Photo: © microgen via canva.com

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, alcohol use is the leading known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents.

So, New Mexico is simply leading the charge in preventing aquatic mishaps. Remember, folks, always wakeboard responsibly!

Minnesota: You Can’t Chase a Greased Pig

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Photo: © boatguy from Pixabay via canva.com

That’s right. Minnesota Statute 343.36, for those who want their legal jargon, strictly forbids any greased pig contests.

You might be wondering why this law exists in the first place. The law was enacted in the 1970s to protect animals from potential distress or injury in these events.

Florida: The Penalty for Horse Theft Is Hanging

Photo: © Byrdyak via canva.com

In the Sunshine State, an old law still on the books declares horse theft as a hanging offense. Before you get images of wild-west style justice in modern-day Florida, though, you should know that while this law still technically exists, it’s no longer enforced.

Connecticut: A Pickle Isn’t a Pickle Until It Bounces

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Photo: © Jfanchin via Canva.com

Here, a pickle can’t just be some cucumber soaked in vinegar brine. Oh no, that would be far too simple. In the land of the Constitution State, their law dictates that a pickle is not a pickle unless it can bounce.

Alabama: No Wearing Fake Mustaches in Church

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Photo: © Xebeche via canva.com

This law was likely implemented in the 19th century when fake mustaches were all the rage, and church officials were probably tired of the distractions they caused. Imagine a meticulously delivered sermon being upstaged by a handlebar mustache on Mrs. Smith.

Georgia: It Is Illegal to Tie a Giraffe to a Telephone Pole

Photo: © Janetisa1987 via canva.com

The law may seem outrageously specific (and, let’s face it, a little amusing), but it’s as legitimate as they come.

While we couldn’t find the actual case that instigated this rule, it’s safe to assume that somewhere in Georgia’s past, there was at least one free-spirited giraffe causing telephone pole-related havoc.

Hawaii: No Billboards Allowed

Photo: © sangfoto via canva.com

That’s right – in the Aloha State, billboards have been banned since 1927. This unusual law was enacted to preserve Hawaii’s natural beauty, and you won’t hear any complaints from us.

According to the Scenic America advocacy group, Hawaii is one of four states in the U.S that has declared an outright ban on billboards.

Idaho: Gift Boxes of Chocolates Weighing More Than 50 Lbs Are Prohibited

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Photo: © Oleksandr Prokopenko via canva.com

According to the Legal Eagles, someone in Idaho once decided that receiving more than 50 lbs of sugary goodness was too much of a good thing.

One can only speculate the law’s origins, but if you’re planning a grand romantic gesture in Idaho, you might want to reconsider that giant box of chocolates. Stick to roses, maybe?

Kansas: It Is Illegal to Catch a Fish With Bare Hands

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Photo: © Mihtiander via canva.com

This strangely specific law, still on the books, makes you wonder about the enthusiasm of Kansas’ pioneer anglers. Imagine this: a burly fisherman waist-deep in the water, wrestling a massive catfish into submission. But alas, such an adventurous angler would be on the wrong side of the law in Kansas.

Louisiana: No False Promises Allowed

Photo: © atlasstudio via canva.com

Oh, Louisiana, the land of jazz, gumbo, and…honesty? That’s right. In this Southern state, trickling a sports contestant into losing a game is illegal.

This obscure law, initially enacted in 1910, makes it unlawful to influence or promise any athlete in a contest of skill to strive for a loss or to limit their efforts to win.

Nebraska (Lehigh): Doughnut Holes Are Not to Be Sold

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Photo: © DAPA Images via Canva.com

Yes, you read that correctly – selling a confection that’s essentially the poster child of resourceful baking is a no-go. So, if you’re a doughnut fan, you might want to stick to the full circle.

New York: No Slippers Before 10 PM

Photo: © IONs via canva.com

It’s well-known that New Yorkers are all about style and fashion, but who knew this extended to their bedtime attire, too?

Data on how often this law is enforced is scant, but it’s amusing to think that in the annals of New York’s legal code, fuzzy footwear after 10 PM is a no-go.

Ohio: No One Shall Duel

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Photo: © Marcogarrincha via canva.com

Believe it or not, it’s illegal to partake in a classic pistol-at-dawn duel, as per Section 2923.12 of the Ohio Revised Code.

“Concealed carry” is all good, but attempting to settle your disputes in true Hamilton-Burr style could land you in prison.

Oregon: Drivers Shouldn’t Pump Their Gas

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Photo: © jpgfactory via Canva.com

The statute, which came into operation in 1951, was designed to protect the public from potential hazards associated with fueling vehicles.

Despite a partial revision in 2018 allowing rural stations to operate self-service pumps at night, most Oregonians still enjoy the luxury—or the peculiar inconvenience—of having their gas pumped for them.

Washington: Bigfoot Is Untouchable

Photo: © pabradyphoto via canva.com

Believe it or not, it’s actually against the law to harass Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or any other undiscovered subspecies. In 1969, Skamania County, Washington, passed an ordinance declaring their territory a “Sasquatch Refuge.” The penalty for a Bigfoot-related offense? A whopping $1,000 fine or a jail sentence.

Rhode Island: No Professional Sports On Sundays

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Photo: © Studio Philippines via canva.com

This law, established in the 19th century, sought to honor the Sabbath by keeping it a day of rest. This might not seem like a big deal until you consider that Sunday showdowns are some of the most thrilling NFL games. Thankfully, this law is not enforced today.

North Carolina: Bingo Games Limit Is 5 Hours

Photo: © Searsie via canva.com

Ah, the Tar Heel State! Would you believe that in North Carolina, a law specifically states no bingo game shall last more than five hours (NC Gen Stat § 14-309.8 (2013))? Yes, you heard it right! It seems lawmakers were genuinely concerned about bingo marathons.

Colorado: Illegal to Collect Rainwater

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Photo: © Mac99 via canva.com

Shockingly, up until 2016, homeowners could face fines or even jail time for this seemingly innocent act. The reasoning? Well, technically, that rainwater was already spoken for by people downstream.

As remarkable as it sounds, only recently, in 2016, residents were legally allowed to use two 55-gallon barrels to collect rainwater on their property.

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