20 Reasons Why Baby Boomers Are the Main Reason the Job Market Is Out of Whack

Ephraim Obare
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So you’re scanning the job market and thinking, “Something’s just not right here.” Hold onto your hat because we’re about to check out the rabbit hole. Here’s a wild idea: What if the baby boomers are turning the job market on its head?

Yes, those lovable, gray-haired folks who insist on telling you how they had to walk uphill to school. Here are 20 compelling reasons why the baby boomers are the main culprits messing with your job prospects.

Extended Retirement Age

Extended Retirement Age
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Baby Boomers work longer, delaying retirement past the traditional age of 65. This trend is pushing back the career advancement of younger generations and causing stagnation in job positions.

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs
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Due to their age, Baby Boomers require more healthcare services, increasing the overall healthcare costs for companies, which could limit potential salary hikes and benefits for other employees.

Technological Gap

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Baby Boomers are often less adept at using advanced technologies than their younger counterparts.

Companies spend significant resources on training and upskilling, which could have been redirected to hiring and developing new talent.

Resistance to Change

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Baby Boomers are typically more resistant to organizational changes. Their fixed mindset can hinder corporate innovation and adaptability in today’s rapidly changing business environment.


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Robert K. via canva.com

The Baby Boomer generation’s heavy reliance on pension funds puts a significant financial strain on companies, impacting their budget for new hires and job creation.

Job Hoarding

Job Hoarding
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Baby Boomers tend to hold onto their jobs for more extended periods, often occupying senior roles for years, limiting the opportunities for career advancement for younger workers.

Experience Over Skills

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Baby Boomers often value experience over skills. This mindset in hiring can leave out many capable, younger candidates who may be more skilled but have less experience.

According to Jobmajestic, consider a balance of academic qualifications, skills, experience, attitude, and mindset when hiring talents. Emphasize more on candidates’ attitudes because hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Lack of Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Tassii via canva.com

Unlike Millennials and Gen Zs, Baby Boomers are less likely to be entrepreneurs. This lack of startup culture can reduce the number of new jobs in the market.


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Baby Boomers represent a significant portion of the population, leading to overcrowding in the job market, especially in specific industries.

Delayed Skill Transfer

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Baby boomers holding onto their jobs may delay the transfer of skills and knowledge to the younger generation.

Preference for Full-Time Work

Preference for Full-Time Work
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Unlike millennials, who often prefer flexibility, boomers generally favor full-time work, reducing the number of available full-time jobs.

Immunity to Economic Downturns

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Kate_sept2004 via canva.com

Boomers are generally more secure in their jobs during economic downturns, leaving younger workers to bear the brunt of layoffs.

Reduced Labor Mobility

Reduced Labor Mobility
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Boomers are less likely to switch careers or relocate for work, leading to a lack of movement in the job market.

Slowing Down the Digital Revolution

Slowing Down the Digital Revolution
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The slow adoption of digital technologies amongst some boomers can hinder the pace of the digital revolution in the workplace.

Diverse Work Expectations

Diverse Work Expectations
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The gap in work expectations between boomers and younger generations can lead to conflicts and inefficiencies in the workplace.

Impact on Wage Growth

Wage Stagnation
Andrii Y. via canva.com

Boomers’ tendency to stay in their jobs longer can dampen wage growth for all workers.

Institutional Knowledge Hoarding

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kate_sept2004 via canva.com

Some boomers hoard institutional knowledge, which can slow down the flow of information and progress within the workplace.

Impacting Productivity

Impacting Productivity
Andrea P. from Pexels via canva.com

While experienced, the productivity of some older workers may not match the energy and innovation younger employees bring.

Influence on Work Culture

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Cecilie_Arcurs via Canva.com

The presence of baby boomers significantly influences work culture, which may not always align with the values of younger generations.

Increased Life Expectancy

Increased Life Expectancy
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Modern healthcare makes baby boomers live longer, extending their working years and crowding the job market.

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