10 Reasons Why Spirit-Led Giving is Better Than Tithing

Olu Ojo
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In the vast panorama of Christian giving, Spirit-led giving emerges as a superior and more fulfilling practice compared to traditional tithing. Diving deeper into the essence of both, we uncover ten compelling reasons why Spirit-led giving not only enriches our spiritual journey but also fosters a closer connection with God and fellow beings.

Fostering Divine Communication: A Conversation with God

Spirit-led giving necessitates a profound interaction with God, transcending the mere arithmetic of tithing. It encourages dialogue, allowing us to attune our hearts to His words and desires, thereby cultivating a more intimate relationship with the Creator.

Building Bridges: Connecting with Others

Unlike tithing, which confines us to monetary contributions, Spirit-led giving propels us into the community, fostering relationships and understanding the needs of others. It’s a journey of fellowship, enabling us to touch lives and witness the transformative power of giving.

Embracing Financial Wisdom: Beyond the 10%

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Spirit-led giving liberates us from the constraints of percentages, inviting us to reflect on what God desires us to contribute. It provides the flexibility to manage debts, enhance financial stability, and contribute more meaningfully in the future.

Discerning the Destinations: Diverse Avenues of Giving

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Being a Spirit-led giver opens up a myriad of opportunities to make impactful contributions. Whether it’s aiding someone with groceries or supporting different causes, the essence of giving becomes more personal and touching, ensuring that the giver is as blessed as the receiver.

Upholding Accountability: Responsible Stewardship

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The practice of Spirit-led giving enforces accountability, encouraging responsible stewardship of resources. It cultivates a sense of responsibility towards the organizations and individuals we support, ensuring the proper use of funds and fostering a closer connection with the community.

Discovering Joy in Giving: The Blessing of Freewill

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The voluntary nature of Spirit-led giving instills joy and fulfillment, contrasting with the obligatory nature of tithing. It brings to light the blessings intended for the giver, allowing the act of giving to be a celebration of grace and divine love.

Experiencing the Supernatural: A Higher Form of Giving

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Spirit-led giving is a testament to the divine capability to give without compulsion. It reflects the grace bestowed upon us, enabling us to contribute not out of necessity but out of gratitude for God’s unending favor.

Liberating Ourselves: Freedom from the Curse

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According to Galatians 3:10, those who place their reliance on the law find themselves under a curse. It is important to free ourselves from the burden of tithing as prescribed by the law. Although tithing predates the Mosaic Law, it still falls within the realm of the Old Covenant which has been fulfilled through Jesus. Just as animal sacrifices were practiced before the Mosaic Law, there is no justification to continue tithing on the grounds of its pre-Mosaic origins.

Spirit-led giving frees us from the potential curse associated with reliance on the law of tithing. Embracing this form of giving places us under the umbrella of grace, offering a liberty that aligns with the teachings of the New Testament.

Abundant Contributions: Giving More than Just Money

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Spirit-led giving transcends monetary contributions, offering our hearts and minds to God’s service. Historical instances depict the abundance resulting from freewill giving, illustrating the boundless possibilities when we give under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Walking with the Divine Helper: Guided Decisions

Unlike the isolated nature of tithing, Spirit-led giving comes with divine guidance. The Holy Spirit, residing within us, illuminates our path, aiding us in making informed decisions and contributing to the spiritual growth of both the giver and the receiver.

Conclusion: The Path Forward

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Spirit-led giving stands as a beacon of light in Christian stewardship, unveiling the boundless opportunities to deepen our relationship with God and fellow beings. It’s a call to embrace the divine wisdom in giving, to uncover the joy embedded in freewill contributions, and to step into a more enriched and fulfilling spiritual journey.

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