14 Signs You’re Dealing With A Narcissist, From A Therapist

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Narcissism, a term often thrown around in casual conversation, is a psychological condition that goes beyond mere self-centeredness. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with expertise in dealing with individuals affected by narcissism, I’ve encountered numerous cases and witnessed firsthand the destructive impact it can have on relationships and well-being.

In this article, I will shed light on 14 telltale signs that may indicate you are dealing with a narcissist.

Constant Need for Attention

14 Signs You're Dealing With A Narcissist, From A Therapist
Image Credit – studioroman via Canva.com

Narcissists are like emotional black holes, craving attention in various ways, from seeking validation to incessantly engaging you in conversation.


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They demand perfection, not just from themselves but from everyone around them. Any deviation from their idealized version of reality is met with dissatisfaction.

Control Freaks

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Aneese via Canva.com

Narcissists have an insatiable desire for control. They believe they should be the puppet masters of every aspect of life.

Blame Shifting

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Photo: © studioroman via canva.com

Responsibility is a concept they avoid at all costs. Instead, they readily assign blame to others to protect their image of infallibility.

Boundary Issues

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Narcissists have a distorted sense of ownership. They often believe that everything and everyone is an extension of themselves.

Lack of Empathy

20 Things You Must NOT Do if You Want People to Respect You
Photo: © Liza Summer from Pexels via canva.com

Empathy is a foreign concept to them. They struggle to understand or connect with the emotions of others.

Perceived Threats

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Narcissists perceive threats even in innocuous situations. They tend to misinterpret facial expressions, often seeing negativity where none exists.

Emotional Dependency

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image credit :Frenz via canva.com

Their emotional well-being hinges on external factors, and they frequently seek external sources to alleviate their emotional discomfort.

Split Personalities

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Narcissists have a tendency to compartmentalize their personality into good and bad aspects. They take credit for positive outcomes but deflect blame for anything negative.

Fear of Ridicule

Fear of Abandonment
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Despite their grandiose exterior, narcissists are deeply afraid of being ridiculed, rejected, or proven wrong. This fear often shapes their behavior.


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They grapple with anxiety, which they project onto those closest to them, accusing them of being unsupportive or negative.

Guilt and Shame

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SHOTPRIME via Canva.com

Narcissists rarely feel guilt due to their belief in their own infallibility. Instead, they carry a heavy burden of shame and bury their insecurities.

Inability to Love

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Image Source via canva.com

Their emotional limitations prevent them from forming genuine connections or experiencing true love with others.

Lack of Teamwork

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Jennifer_Sharp via Canva.com

Collaboration is not in their repertoire. Narcissists are not motivated to communicate or work as part of a team.

Spotting Narcissistic Behavior

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Art-Of-Photo via Canva.com

These signs, while not exhaustive, provide valuable insight into recognizing narcissistic behavior. It’s important to remember that not all narcissists exhibit all of these traits, and the severity may vary. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, used by therapists as a guide, indicates that a person need only display 55% of these characteristics to be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

The Narcissism Dilemma

10 Things That Scream 'I'm a Narcissist' (According to Psychologists)
Prostock-Studio via Canva.com

Understanding and identifying narcissism can be crucial for maintaining healthy relationships and seeking appropriate professional help when needed. Whether you are dealing with a narcissist in your personal or professional life, recognizing these signs is the first step toward managing and mitigating the challenges they present.

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