15 Small Ways You Can Fight Racism Every Day

Ephraim Obare
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Hello folks, let’s discuss something more serious today – racism. We mustn’t be superheroes or global influencers to make a difference. It’s the small actions and daily decisions that count.

So buckle up because we’re about to check out 15 seemingly small but powerful ways you can join the fight against racism daily. It’s time to roll our sleeves, spark conversations, and listen. Ready? Let’s go!

Educate Yourself

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Start with yourself. Read, watch, and listen to resources that help you understand racism and its deep roots. Knowledge is power!

Call out Racism

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Whenever you witness a racist act, don’t stay silent. Use your voice to make a difference, whether in person or online.

Support Minority-Owned Businesses

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Make a conscious effort to diversify your spending. It’s an effective way to contribute to economic equality.

Use Your Vote

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Exercise your right to vote and support candidates who prioritize equality and anti-racism.

Promote Inclusivity at Work

Lack of Inclusivity
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Advocate for diversity and inclusion in your workplace. It could be as simple as suggesting diversity training or supporting a colleague.

Teach Kids about Equality

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If you’re a parent or work with children, educate them about equality and justice. Start young, and build a better future!

Challenge Your Own Biases

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Recognize and question your prejudices. Self-awareness is key.

Share Diverse Stories

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Share and amplify the stories, voices, and content of people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds.


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If you can, donate to anti-racist organizations. Even small donations can make a big difference.

Attend Protests and Rallies

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Stand up and be counted. Join peaceful protests and rallies against racism.

Be an Ally, Not a Savior

“I’m Not Racist, But...”
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Listen to the experiences of people of color, empathize, and offer support. Remember, it’s not about you.

Learn from Mistakes

Photo: © marekuliasz via canva.com

We’re all human; we make mistakes. When called out, please take it as a chance to learn and grow instead of becoming defensive.

Engage in Conversations about Race

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It may be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary. Open up spaces for dialogue about race and racism.

Check on Your Friends of Color

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Show them that you care and are there to support them.

Diversify Your Media and Social Network

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Consume media and foster relationships that reflect diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences.

Every small action counts. Remember, change starts with you. Let’s put in the effort every day to make our society more inclusive and just.

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