17 Things Millennials Are Killing Without Remorse

17 Things Millennials Are Killing Without Remorse

Millennials have become the talk of the town in recent years, often portrayed as entitled, lazy, and self-absorbed individuals. However, one thing that is not often talked about is how this generation is shaking up traditional industries and putting an end to outdated practices. From fashion to food, here are the 17 things millennials are … Read more

15 Curious Little Tricks To Create an Insanely Unfair Advantage in Your Life

17 Things That Are Quickly Disappearing Because Millennials Refuse to Buy Them

They’re tech-savvy, adore avocado toast, and are shaking up traditional consumer habits right, left, and center. Say goodbye to the old ways of spending because millennials are redefining what to buy and what to let gather dust. From napkins to golf clubs, we’re counting down 17 surprising victims of millennial habits. Diamonds According to a … Read more

Reasons Why the Boomers Are the Most Disliked Generation

12 Boomer Advice That Millennials Find Useless in 2024

In an ever-evolving world, some time-honored advice seems more out of place than ever. Through the lens of modernity, we explore common pieces of advice given by baby boomers and offer a nuanced take on their relevance today. The Tattoo Taboo While tattoos were once stigmatized, today they’re viewed as a form of self-expression. No … Read more

15 Annoying Trends That Gen Zs Wish Millennials Would Stop

14 Annoying Trends That Gen Zs Wish Millennials Would Stop

In an ever-evolving world of pop culture, technology, and social media, generational trends are a hot topic of discussion. Each generation has an identity defined by unique habits, styles, and ideologies. As the torch passes from Millennials to Generation Z, preferences and trends inevitably clash. This piece delves into 14 trends that Gen Zs find … Read more

RIP: Here are 20 things millennials have killed

RIP: Here are 20 things millennials have killed

Millennials are often blamed for ruining everything from the housing market to traditional print media. But while some of these accusations may be exaggerated, there’s no denying that this generation has profoundly impacted the world. From food trends and fashion choices to technology usage and consumer habits, millennials have revolutionized many aspects of our lives. … Read more

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