The Decay of Society: 20 Things That Were Once Great but Have Now Vanished

Ephraim Obare
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Once upon a time, life was a symphony of simple pleasures. Your breakfast cereal crunched just right, gas station attendants served you with a smile, and television shows actually ended when they were supposed to. But dear readers, our world has spun countless times since those golden days.

We now find ourselves in a landscape stripped of these once-cherished hallmarks of society. Like the wild dodo or the prized cassette tape, they’ve up and vanished, leaving us to meander through a strangely unfamiliar existence. Join me, won’t you, as we embark on a whimsical journey of nostalgia and lament — exploring twenty things that were once the bee’s knees but have now vanished into the ether. Buckle up, folks — it will be a bumpy ride down memory lane!

Respect for Elders

Respect for Elders
Harbucks via

Back in the day, our grandparents had a seat of honor at the dinner table. But today, our elderly often get sidelined, their wisdom no longer sought after in an age of Google.

Handwritten Letters

Handwritten Letters
baseimage via

The joy of receiving handwritten letters has been replaced by instant, emotionless texts and emails.


JackF via

Remember borrowing a cup of sugar from your next-door neighbor? With our current locked doors and privacy fences, neighborliness is almost extinct.


Your Punctuality
Elnur via

In the era of digital calendars and reminders, ironically, punctuality seems to have taken a backseat.


12 Signs You’re Dealing With a Fake Nice Person
Karolina Grabowska via

In our interruptive culture, the art of listening, a sign of respect and consideration, is sadly neglected. According to Human Resources experts at Bangor University, listening makes it easier for others to speak to you and also helps you to understand better.


20 Epic Things Baby Boomers Totally Get, Making Younger Generations Look Hopelessly Clueless
Photo: © dolphfyn via

The concept of privacy has dramatically shifted with the rise of social media, where every aspect of life is shared online.


You're Not Practicing Patience
Marekuliasz via

In an instant gratification world, patience is a virtue that’s fast disappearing.


Honesty Is the Best Policy
Yuriz via

The good old principle of ‘honesty is the best policy’ seems to fade in a world where lying often gets you ahead.

Hard Work

20 Daily Rituals of Women That’ll Leave Men Speechless
Kaspars G via

Get-rich-quick schemes and shortcuts are replacing the value of putting in an honest day’s work.


25 Celebrities Who Live in Surprisingly Modest Homes
89Stocker via Wikimedia

With the rise of ‘look-at-me’ culture, modesty has taken a back step.


12 Undeniable Reasons Why Boomers Are Bad/Terrible Business Partners
Photo: © Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels via

In our consumer culture, the prudent practice of ‘waste not, want not’ has been lost.

Respect for Nature

10 Clever Hacks To Relax Your Mind When It’s Throwing a Temper Tantrum
Robert Kneschke via

As we build skyscrapers and clear forests, the respect we once held for nature seems to have vanished.


Rinelle via

As we chase materialistic desires, the joy of a simple, uncluttered life is often overlooked.


Dean Mitchell via

The gallant act of a man holding a door open for a woman is now often viewed as antiquated. Chivalry is not just for fairy tales.

Personal Responsibility

Chronic Self-Blame
Georgijevic via

Personal responsibility appears to have gone out of style in a blame-game society.


15 Old-School Etiquette Rules That Have Disappeared
Solidcolours via

In a world of entitlement, expressing genuine gratitude is a rarity.


I Never Expected These 13 “Silly” Lessons My Late Grandmother Taught Me To Be So True Now That I Am an Adult
GCShutter via

With self-promotion at an all-time high, humility, the hallmark of a truly secure individual, is scarce.


Selimcan via

In our risk-infused culture, prudence, the ability to govern and discipline oneself using reason, is woefully lacking.


10 Real Things Men Confess They Hate About Other Men 
missavana via

In an increasingly aggressive world, acts of selfless kindness seem to be dwindling.


Yuriz via

Instant gratification and lack of restraint have eclipsed the once-valued trait of self-discipline.

Source: Quora. 

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