The 5 SCARIEST Personality Types of Men Who Use Emotional Abuse!

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Abusive Partner

Emotional abuse is a form of psychological manipulation that can impact the victim’s mental and emotional health. Individuals with certain personality traits often use it to control and dominate their partners. This article will explore five disturbing personality types of men who use emotional abuse in relationships. Understanding these types can help individuals identify and protect themselves from emotional abuse.

Asking Without Giving

Individuals who engage in emotional abuse see their significant other as solely serving their needs and desires. They do not allow their partner to have any wants or needs of their own and expect them to be grateful for anything given. This person may have a sense of entitlement, viewing themselves as loveable and giving, but in reality, most of their communication centers around what they expect from their partner without considering their responsibilities. They shift blame onto their partner if they are not content and can become hostile. Although they may seem less aggressive than other types of emotionally abusive individuals, it is only when their needs are met.

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Mr. Perfect

This individual sees themselves as a model of excellence, boasting about their skills, intelligence, and accomplishments. They consider themselves experts in everything, including what’s best for their partner. Mr. Perfect doesn’t see the need to heed their partner’s thoughts or opinions, significantly if they differ from his own.

When disagreements arise, Mr. Perfect perceives them as a sign of his partner’s incompetence, using it as an opportunity to mistreat them, albeit seemingly respectfully. He believes that if his partner acknowledged that he is always right, the relationship would be smoother. This person genuinely thinks that their judgment is superior to their partner’s.

When speaking about their partner, Mr. Perfect does so condescendingly, belittling their thoughts and discrediting them in front of others if they don’t believe they are superior. This behavior makes the partner more vulnerable to control, as this person focuses on their weaknesses and isn’t afraid to bring them up in public.

Always Driving Her Crazy

This kind of attacker believes that their significant other is responsible for all the issues in their relationship and acts accordingly. These emotionally abusive individuals are capable of being abusive without altering their demeanor. They frequently use sarcasm and insults, like calling their partner “crazy” and belittling them while claiming to be composed. These actions are often hard to recognize and can be easily denied. The attacker may even manipulate their children into thinking the mother is overreacting. But these actions are calculated with precision.

Overly Sensitive

This kind of man considers himself an advocate against sexism and thinks he is incapable of committing sexist acts. He views himself as a “sensitive” guy and assumes that women should be thankful for his progressive views. He likes to talk about emotions and portrays himself as supportive of women. As a result, he quickly dismisses any claims of abuse from his partner as her fault.

He has control over her due to his knowledge of her past struggles and thinks he can read her mind and emotions. Therefore, he prioritizes his feelings above all else and expects his partner to cater to his needs, disregarding her emotions.

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The Playboy

The man believes that the sole purpose of women is to gratify men, including himself, sexually. Therefore, he views women who are sexually open as “easy” and those who aren’t as “prudes.”

He considers himself handsome, attractive, and irresistible and sees no harm in resisting temptation, even if it means being unfaithful. He does not take relationships seriously and values his freedom above all else. As a result, he is often unfaithful and cruel and disregards his partner’s feelings. If caught in infidelity, the abuse may escalate to physical violence.

Women do not confront him and instead turn on each other, as he knows how to make them feel special. As a result, they become jealous and can’t accept the end of the relationship, sometimes even blaming other women for their abuse.

Finally, emotional abuse is a serious issue that can have long-lasting effects on its victims. These men use manipulation, belittling, and control to maintain power and dominance in their relationships. Therefore, it is essential to recognize the warning signs of emotional abuse and seek help if you or someone you know is a victim. Emotional abuse is never acceptable and should not be tolerated.


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