20 Things Men Hate About Being a Man but Keep to Themselves

Olu Ojo
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Men, while often revered for their strength and resilience, grapple with a host of challenges that largely remain unspoken. Let’s shed light on these hurdles, illustrating the complexity of the male experience. Here are 20 introspective revelations about the realities men navigate daily:

The Discomfort of Invisibility

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Despite the perceived advantage of blending into the background, many men feel unnoticed and unappreciated. The pressure to quietly overcome problems can be mentally taxing.

The Struggle with Baldness

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Hair loss affects more than just one’s appearance; it impacts self-esteem and comfort levels. The longing for the sensory experiences that hair affords can be a challenging reality to come to terms with.

Assumptions of Skill in Mechanics and DIY

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The societal stereotype that all men are proficient in mechanics and DIY can lead to unfair expectations. While acquiring these skills can foster self-reliance, not all men naturally gravitate towards these fields.

The Misunderstanding of Mental Health

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Men are often expected to suppress their feelings of anxiety and depression, exacerbating their emotional struggles. It is essential to underscore that mental health issues do not indicate weakness.

Parental Exclusion

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Being a father doesn’t necessarily mean acceptance within parental social circles. Men can feel ostracized from predominantly female parenting groups, particularly if they are single fathers.

The Deficiency of Emotional Support

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Men, too, require emotional support. Yet expressing frustration or upset can be misinterpreted as anger, while their problems can be dismissed or belittled.

The Obligation to Initiate Romance

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The expectation that men should always make the first romantic move can be daunting and pressure-filled. Miscommunications can arise from subtle hints and signs that aren’t universally understood.

The Unsettling Fear of Not Being Desired

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The longing for validation and desire is a universal human need. Men, too, wrestle with feelings of loneliness and isolation, often feeling the need to consistently provide support while receiving little in return.

The Dread of Prostate Cancer

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Men have unique health risks, such as an increased possibility of prostate cancer. Smoking is a significant risk factor that requires more awareness.

The Limitations of Men’s Fashion

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The constraints and expectations of men’s fashion can lead to frustration. The societal acceptance of plain, monotonous male wardrobes lacks the creative and expressive freedoms often found in women’s fashion.

The Guilt of Unintentionally Intimidating Others

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Men often feel guilty and misunderstood when their presence unintentionally scares women and children. This misunderstanding can create a sense of isolation and distance.

The Weight of Financial Expectations

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The pressure on men to be the primary earners and providers can be crippling, especially in challenging economic times. This burden can be mentally exhausting and damaging to self-worth.

The Duty of Spider Disposal

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While it may seem trivial, the duty of dealing with spiders and insects is a common fear among men. However, it often falls on them in the name of being the ‘brave’ one in the household.

The Stigma Around Men and Children

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A man’s innocent affection for children is often misinterpreted, leading to a sad societal stigma. This misunderstanding deprives men of the joy of interacting with children freely.

The Inequality of Financial Struggles

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Society’s perception of a financially struggling man differs from that of a woman. A mother in a similar situation is seen as ‘doing her best,’ whereas a father is often labeled a ‘deadbeat.’

The Peril of Compliment Misinterpretation

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Men face the risk of their compliments being misconstrued as flirting, thus discouraging positive and friendly interactions. Navigating this thin line is a continuous struggle for many.

The Reality of Body Shaming

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Just like women, men too are subjected to body shaming. However, their experiences are often overlooked, leading to feelings of inadequacy and lowered self-esteem.

The Pressure to Hide Vulnerabilities

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Men are often conditioned to suppress their vulnerabilities and put up a facade of invincibility. This societal norm can hinder them from seeking help or expressing their emotions.

The Absence of Casual Physical Affection

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Unlike women, men are not often recipients of casual physical affection, such as hugs or friendly touches. This deprivation can lead to feelings of isolation.

The Difficulty of Balancing Masculinity

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Balancing societal expectations of masculinity with personal values can be challenging. Men often struggle with being sensitive while also portraying a tough exterior.

By understanding these struggles, we can foster more compassionate, accepting societies that appreciate everyone’s unique experiences. We all have a part to play in breaking these stereotypes and creating a more inclusive world.

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