12 Things Trump 2.0 Means for America and the World

Ephraim Obare
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Welcome aboard the rollercoaster ride that is Trump 2.0! If you thought the first run was uniquely exhilarating or terrifying (depending on which side of the aisle you’re on), buckle up because we’re diving into what a second round of Trump-ness could mean for America and the world.

From policy shifts to Twitter rants, grab your popcorn and adjust your safety harness because this analysis is all the thrill rides you didn’t know you needed.

Economic Policy

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HYWARDS via Canva.com

The return of Trump could mean a continuation of his pro-business stance, with more tax cuts and deregulation.

During his first term, Trump presided over a booming economy with unemployment reaching record lows of 3.5% in February 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Trade Wars

Shift in the Tide: 16 Factors That Are Driving Trump Supporters Away
utah778 via canva.com

Given his penchant for tariff-based diplomacy, we might see a resurgence of trade wars. According to a fascinating study published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, the impact of Trump’s tariffs by December 2018 was staggering.

It led to a whopping $1.4 billion per month reduction in aggregate U.S. real income, causing significant deadweight losses. As if that wasn’t enough, U.S. consumers had to bear an extra burden of $3.2 billion per month in added tax.

Climate Change

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venkavolrab via Canva.com

Trump’s previous dismissal of the Paris Agreement could slow global efforts to combat climate change. According to the World Resources Institute, greenhouse gas emissions rose by 1.6% in 2017.

Immigration Policies

18 Ways Racism Was Kept Alive In America After The Civil War
kameleon007 via canva.com

Hard-line immigration policies could return, affecting millions. Trump’s administration oversaw a 49% drop in legal immigration between 2016 and 2021, says the National Foundation for American Policy.

Healthcare Reform

11 Things Americans Love to Argue Stupidly About
tadamichi via Canva.com

The Affordable Care Act could once again be in jeopardy. Over President Donald Trump’s first three years in office, a staggering 2.3 million people found themselves without insurance—an alarming revelation from a Capital & Main analysis.

Foreign Relations

Trump NATO
President Donald Trump and President Emmanuel Macron of France meeting at NATO Summit 2018 in Brussels, Belgium via Wikimedia Commons.

Trump’s unconventional approach to foreign policy could see a shake-up in global alliances. Under Trump, America’s approval rating stood at 41%, reports Gallup.

Judicial Appointments

Trump Judicial Appointments
DOD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr via Wikimedia Commons

Trump’s potential second term could further shift the judicial landscape to the right. According to Wikipedia, a whopping 234 Trump Article III judgeship nominees were confirmed by the United States Senate!

This includes three associate justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, 54 judges for the United States courts of appeals, 174 judges for the United States district courts, and three judges for the United States Court of International Trade. Talk about a significant impact on the judicial system!

Education Policy

15 Things That Are No Longer Worth It Due to Skyrocketing Costs
SDI Productions via Canva.com

School choice and deregulation could be key themes. Trump’s bold 2020 budget proposal sent shockwaves through the education sector, calling for a 10% cut in public school funding and the elimination of 29 vital K-12 programs.

Gun Control Legislation

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Urbazon via canva.com

Trump’s stance could further block efforts for stricter gun control. According to Democracy Forward, President Trump hasn’t just failed to strengthen America’s gun laws in the wake of repeated mass shootings—he’s systematically gutted existing laws, putting the safety of kids and communities at risk.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights Movement
Kelly from Pexels via canva.com

There could be rollbacks on LGBTQ+ and minority rights. Hate crimes rose by 20% during Trump’s presidency, according to the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism.

Infrastructure Investment

Trump Infrastructure
Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Trump proposed a $1 trillion infrastructure investment during his term in office. However, this remained largely unrealized.

National Debt

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zimmytws’s Images via Canva.com

The national debt could surge under Trump 2.0. According to The Balance, during President Trump’s tenure, the national debt skyrocketed by an astounding 36%, reaching a staggering $27 trillion in January 2020.

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