This Man Refuses Giving His Married Friend a Plus One to the Wedding! Is He Justified?

Ephraim Obare
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This Man Refuses Giving His Married Friend a Plus One to the Wedding! Is He Justified?
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A 33-year-old man is gearing up for his impending nuptials. Amidst the wedding buzz, he finds himself entangled in a ticklish predicament involving his university buddy and the buddy’s better half. The Original Poster (OP) navigates the twisty maze of past disputes and strained ties, toeing the line between amusing anecdotes and sharp judgments while curating the coveted guest list for his grand affair. Stay tuned for a thrilling matrimonial saga!

A 33-year-old man is all set for his wedding, eagerly awaiting the joyous occasion of next summer. Amidst the guests is a university friend, but here’s the juicy twist – his friend’s wife decided to ditch the invite. Hashtag awkward! 😄

The OP and his friend’s wife were like oil and water at university. Their clashes and the infamous incident five years ago turned heads! Now, they reside on opposite coasts, strategically dodging each other, with occasional awkward encounters at mutual friends’ weddings. Cordiality has been begrudgingly achieved, but avoiding or pretending the other doesn’t exist remains the game’s name. #AwkwardEncounters

The friend tied the knot four years ago, but shockingly, the OP missed the invite. It turns out the friend desperately wanted him there, but his wife vetoed it, and to honor her wishes, the friend didn’t send the invite. Though bummed, OP took it in stride, proving that true friendship can weather even the stormy seas of wedding politics.

As the OP gears up for his wedding, he has a real conundrum. Everyone with a significant other gets a plus one, except for his friend’s wife. It’s not about the headcount. It’s just a strategic move to keep things interesting. The plot thickens! 😄

The OP is prepared for his friend to decline the invitation sans a plus one but tactfully omits the information that others are receiving plus ones. After all, what they don’t know won’t hurt them! 😉

Lucky for him, the OP’s fiancé is totally on board after a heart-to-heart. But, oh boy, some of the buddies he spilled the beans to think he’s being ruthless! They’re all like, “Dude, if you weren’t ready to roll out the red carpet for his wife, why even extend the invite?”

As the wedding day approaches, the 33-year-old OP battles to reconcile past grievances and strained relationships. Balancing the desire for a joyous celebration with a side of drama – can’t have a wedding without it! Will this tough choice solidify or shatter the bonds of friendship? Only the unfolding events will tell… #WeddingDrama #FriendshipTested

Redditors Weigh In

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Redditors shared their responses to the matter. This is what they had to say:

“No one has anything to say, given you were not invited to their wedding. You are simply reciprocating. And it’s your wedding anyhow, end of story.”

“OP’s free to invite whoever he wants to share his special day with. His friend is free to accept the invite or decline (esp if he’s gonna sulk that his wife was not invited).”

“The only thing OP maybe could have done better is to be even more transparent with his friend”

“I would say just to let him bring the wife until the part about not being invited to their wedding. Definitely he’s rightful. Petty, maybe, but understandable.”

“They (the couple) can invite whoever they want. If he has a problem with his friend’s wife, then his friend can just decline when he gets the invite for him only.”

Source: Reddit. 


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