Turns Out Boomers Weren’t Completely Lost After All! Here’s a Cheeky List of 20 Things They Surprisingly Got Right

Ephraim Obare
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Let’s give it up for our favorite generation to poke fun at—the Baby Boomers! Sure, they may still struggle to differentiate between a tweet and TikTok, and yes, they might consider avocado toast a culinary abomination. Still, they weren’t as off-track as we love to suggest.

Get ready to chow down on some humble pie because here comes a list of 20 surprising gems of wisdom that the Boomers got spot-on. Buckle up; it’s going to be a groovy ride!

Appreciating the Outdoors

Appreciating the Outdoors
RgStudio via canva.com

They were always out and about, soaking up the sun, breathing in the fresh air, and appreciating nature long before the wellness industry made it a ‘thing.’

Writing Proper Letters

16 Useless Baby Boomer Life Skills
provided by Stevarnonavic via canva.com

There’s something about receiving a hand-written note or letter that can’t be replaced by an email or text message. The Boomers had this down to an art.

Saving and Investing

Saving and Investing
Pada Smith via canva.com

They know something about putting money aside for rainy days and investing wisely. They certainly got the delayed gratification thing right.

Respecting Authority

Respecting Authority
Michael_Price via canva.com

These folks understood the value of respect not just for elders but for those in authority as well. Let’s raise a glass to those old souls who knew that respecting those in charge doesn’t mean you’re a pushover.

It’s all about appreciating the folks who make the tough decisions, keeping the wheels of society greased and spinning. Just don’t forget respecting authority doesn’t mean you can’t question it. Now that’s a boomer wisdom for the books!

Using the Library

The 20 Most Hard-to-Pronounce Words in the English Language
geralt via Canva.com

Well, would you believe it? The Boomers had this one down pat – the sound of an old public library. The library was the go-to spot for knowledge in an era before Google could solve every trivia question.

Sorting through card catalogs and scouring bookshelves, they found joy in the hunt and satisfaction in the silence. Who knew thumbing through dusty old books could be such a hoot?

Home Cooking

Husband Stops Cooking for Wife After She Devours Three of His Precious Meal Preps! Is He Justified?
Carlofranco via canva.com

It seems our Boomer folks were onto something. Remember how they persisted with the “homemade is best” mantra while we rolled our eyes and reached for the take-out menu? Well, they weren’t just trying to save a buck.

Home cooking means healthier ingredients, portion control, and, let’s admit it, nothing beats Grandma’s secret apple pie recipe. So, hats off to the Boomers for keeping it real in the kitchen!

Proper Phone Etiquette

25 Things From the 90s That Are Now Considered Vintage
Photo: © dopamine via canva.com

We can’t deny that Boomers nailed the whole phone etiquette thing. Yes, the art of answering a call with a simple “Hello?” instead of an “Uh-huh” or, heaven help us, a “Yo!”. They championed the notion of respect on the line – no interrupting, no multitasking, and certainly no illegal use of speakerphone in public.

They knew how to have a proper phone conversation. No ‘ttyl’ or ‘brb’ but actual words. Let’s face it: when it comes to phone civility, the Boomers have us beat.

Classic Rock

Classic Rock
Martin B. via canva.com

Classic Rock – the genre that makes even the most stoic of us tap our feet! Our dear Boomers might have missed the memo on climate change, but they sure hit the nail on the head when it came to good music. The music they listened to was phenomenal. Classic rock – need we say more?

The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles were real tunes, not the auto-tuned shenanigans we often stumble upon today. So here’s to you, Boomers, for gifting us the timeless treasure of Classic Rock.

Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity
Icons8 Photos via canva.com

Regarding the concept of ‘Quality over Quantity,” our Boomer buddies hit the nail on the head. They understood that a few solid, well-made items trump many shoddy, mass-produced ones.

So next time you’re tempted by fast fashion, remember Grandma’s trusty sewing machine and her mantra – “Buy well, mend well, and wear it till it’s threadbare!”

Board Games

27 Forgotten Household Items from the Past
cottonbro studio via Canva.com

Long before virtual reality, they had facts with board games that brought everyone together. They didn’t need Wi-Fi to have a good time, just a good old-fashioned board and some game pieces.

The camaraderie around Monopoly or Scrabble, the genuine laughs, the subtle art of strategizing – now tell me, has any app come close? We think not!

Work Ethic

11 Reasons Why Millennials and Baby Boomers Seem to Dislike Each Other
PeopleImages via canva.com

Well, surprise, surprise! Our beloved Boomers nailed a crucial aspect of life – work ethic. They didn’t believe in the “get rich quick” schemes or the “4-hour workweek” dreams. Nope.

They put on their proverbial hard hats, embraced the grind, and taught us that success is an uphill climb worth every detailed step. Now, isn’t that a refreshing splash of reality in our era of instant gratification?

Fashion Sense

11 Things That Made the 80s the Greatest Decade
Alkir via Canva.com

When it comes to fashion sense, the Boomers hit the bullseye. Let’s face it: they were the masters of cool. They knew how to make a statement from bell bottoms and mini-skirts to paisley patterns and turtleneck sweaters.

They dared to be different and created timeless trends we still recycle today. Please give it up, folks; those vintage vibes aren’t going anywhere!

Record Keeping

Record Keeping
dlerick via canva.com

Those bulky, dusty filing cabinets were more than just office fixtures. They held the power of organization, the thrill of a paper trail, and the joy of finding that document you desperately needed.

Sure, digital databases are neat, but there’s something irreplaceably satisfying about a well-kept, tangible record. don’tats off to the Boomers for getting that one surprisingly right!


I Never Expected These 13 “Silly” Lessons My Late Grandmother Taught Me To Be So True Now That I Am an Adult
GCShutter via canva.com

Humility, folks! That’s right, ourThat’sr pals arguably got a PhD in this one. These guys understood that bragging about your new Porsche at the barbecue wasn’t as cool as helping Mrs. Patterson with her groceries and showing off. No, they left that to the peacocks.

Real Conversations

12 Reasons Why the Generation Gap is Destroying Family Bonds
Photo: © RgStudio via canva.com

In an era where emoji-laden texts and 280-character tweets are the norm, Boomers remind us of the importance of honest, meaningful conversations. Remember those? When people talk to each other without the intrusion of blue-lit screens?

Indeed, there’s something authenticity and depth in such exchanges that can’t be distilled into a meme or a gif. It’s high time we fought back those hearty, face-to-face chats.

DIY Skills

25 DIY Projects That Will Make Your Life Much Easier
Hirurg via Canva.com

Who knew those DIY skills would come in handy, huh? Boomers were the original life-hackers before it became a buzzword. They could fix a leaky faucet, build a bookshelf, and whip up a homemade pie faster than you can say “YouTube tutorial.


Yuriz via canva.com

Oh, Discipline! A word that modern generations may scoff at, yet our boomer parents seemed to get this one right. Remember those early bedtimes, homework before play, and the dreaded “no dessert until you finish your “broccoli”?

It turns out it wasn’t all a ploy “to ruin our children but rather to instill a sense of responsibility and self-control. Go figure!

Social Skills

Social Skills
CasarsaGuru via canva.com

Now, here’s something the Boomers didn’here’s an app for. They mastered the art of the chinwag, the chitchat, and the natter long before ‘DM’ was an acronym, not a typo.

They proved that nothing beats a good old face-to-face conversation. So, let’s give credit where it’s due, let’s we?

Life Without The Internet

10 Things the Internet Voted Will Die Out With Boomers. Do You Agree?
Provided by Frenz via canva.com

And then there’s life without the internet—like a horror movie. But, believe it or not, Boomers navigated through the dinosaur age of dial-up and survived the dark abyss of the pre-Google era.

They didn’t rely on GPS or Google map (gasp!) to find their way and mind you, they didn’t do shabby a job of it.

Appreciation for the Arts

11 Things That Made the 80s the Greatest Decade
Billion Photos via Canva.com

Theatre, classical music, and literature – Boomers appreciated the arts and often indulged in these cultural experiences. In the age of selfies and TikTok dances, Boomers’ deep-seated appreciation of arts often feels like an alien concept.

But let’s face it; nothing beats the lethal thrill of an original Van Gogh, the goosebumps from a live symphony, or the timeless elegance of a Shakespearean play. So, hats off to the Boomers for keeping the classic arts alive – let’s call it their masterpiece!

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