12 Types Of Family Members At Every Christmas Gathering

Ephraim Obare
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As we all know, when the tinsel comes out, the tree goes up, and the melodies start playing on every radio station, it can only mean one thing: it’s Christmas! But before we can begin basking in the holiday cheer, we must prepare for a unique species of individuals — our family members.

Yes, we’re talking about the merry band of characters that make every Christmas gathering a comedy, drama, and mystery all rolled into one. Let’s embark on a fun-filled journey to identify the 12 types of family members that grace every Christmas gathering, making it an event you wouldn’t trade for all the presents under the tree. It will be a wild sleigh ride!

The Overzealous Decorator

The Overzealous Decorator
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This family member turns their home into a winter wonderland, complete with enough lights to be seen from space. They find joy in every bauble and tinsel strand.

The Culinary Maestro

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Canva by Lesia Sementsova

Every family has a gourmand who spends weeks planning the Christmas feast. Their stuffing and roast potatoes are the stuff of holiday legend.

The Gift Wrapper Extraordinaire

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This family member’s gift-wrapping skills are second to none. Each present is a work of art, often making you feel guilty for tearing into it.

The Christmas Carol Connoisseur

The Christmas Carol Connoisseur
SolStock via canva.com

From “Jingle Bells” to “Silent Night,” this relative knows all the lyrics and isn’t afraid to belt them out – regardless of vocal talent (or lack thereof).

The Couch Potato

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Always found in the most comfortable seat in the house, this family member enjoys the festivities from the comfort of the living room, only moving for food or presents.

The Santa Double

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SeventyFour via Canva.com

This jolly family member, usually an uncle, gets a twinkle in his eye and a round belly from all the holiday food, making him the perfect stand-in for Saint Nick.

The Christmas Movie Marathoner

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This member has a lineup of every holiday film ever made and won’t rest until they’ve been watched.

The Mistletoe Menace

The Mistletoe Menace
Ulrik Tofte via canva.com

This cheeky character waits under the mistletoe, ready to catch unsuspecting family members for a festive peck.

The Nostalgic Storyteller

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Image by LuckyBusiness via Canva.com

This family member, often a grandparent, loves to tell tales from Christmases past, warming hearts with their heartfelt memories.

The Games Master

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From charades to board games, this family member’s passion for competition brings everyone together in the spirit of friendly rivalry.

The Last-Minute Shopper

The Mystery Shopper Scam
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Despite the rush, this relative always manages to pull together thoughtful gifts, even if they were bought on Christmas Eve.

The Grinch

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Every family has one. They might grumble about the noise, the mess, and the fuss, but deep down, they love the family togetherness just as much as everyone else.

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