17 Types of People Who Deserve a Lot More Sympathy From Society Than They Ever Get

Ephraim Obare
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Have you ever played the game of ‘sympathy cards’? It’s a bit like poker; only the stakes are human compassion, and the chips are those moments when society decides to give you a sympathetic pat on the back. But here’s the catch – not everyone is dealt the same hand. Some folks, like our beloved celebrities going through their fourth divorce this year, get a royal flush of sympathy.

But what about those other folks holding a pair of twos in the grand game of life? Those unsung heroes that keep the world turning but hardly get a second glance, let alone a sympathetic nod? Pull up a chair, dear reader – let’s deal them in. The following are 17 types of people who deserve more sympathy from society than they ever get.

Single Parents

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Photo: © FatCamera via canva.com

The role of a parent is challenging enough with a partner, let alone going at it solo. Yet, the stigma around single parenthood persists, making their uphill task even steeper.

According to Raising Children, a parenting platform, “Children do well with a nurturing, warm, sensitive, responsive, and flexible parenting style. This is regardless of how many parents they have in their lives.”


African Immigrants holding american flag
Provided by Frenz

The courage to leave one’s motherland for a better life often goes unnoticed. The struggle of adapting to a new culture while preserving their own is a balancing act worthy of applause.


StockFour via canva.com

Like unicorns in a world of horses, introverts often fight an invisible battle in a society obsessed with extroversion. Their quiet demeanor is often mistaken for rudeness, aloofness, or arrogance.

Retail Workers

Making Retail Workers’ Lives Harder
RossHelen via canva.com

The unsung heroes of our economy, retail workers often bear the brunt of rude customers, long hours, and low pay; they deserve more than a passing “thank you” at the checkout line.


15 Cool Questions You Should Ask Your Kids After School
Max Fischer via Canva.com

Shaping minds to build the future is no small feat. Yet, teachers’ sacrifices, patience, and dedication to their profession are often overlooked.

Mental Health Professionals

14 Things That Boomers Can Learn From Millennials and Gen Zers
SDI Productions via Canva.com

They carry the burdens of others, yet society often stigmatizes their work. Their role in maintaining society’s mental health deserves more recognition.

Cleaners and Sanitation Workers

AndreyPopov via canva.com

Keeping our surroundings clean is a job of paramount importance. Yet, it’s a career that rarely gets the respect it deserves.

Bus Drivers

Public Transit Drivers
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They ensure we reach our destinations safely and promptly, but their contributions often go unrecognized.


“I’m a Freelance Consultant”
Jelena D. via canva.com

The struggle of inconsistent income and lack of job security is real, yet they bravely tread these waters daily.


Monkey Business Images via canva.com

Often overshadowed by doctors, nurses are the backbone of our healthcare system and deserve more credit for their tireless work.


The 10 Best and Worst States for Military Retirees
AndreyPopov via Canva.com

The physical and emotional toll of protecting one’s country can be immense. Our gratitude should extend beyond Veterans Day.

Artists and Musicians

Artists and Musicians
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In a world obsessed with conventional success, the path of creativity is often fraught with financial insecurity and societal dismissal.

Public Servants

Public Servants
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They work to run the machinery of our society, often dealing with red-tape, low salaries, and a thankless job environment.

Animal Shelter Workers

Animal Shelter Workers
Group4 Studio via canva.com

The emotional toll of caring for abandoned and abused animals is enormous and often underappreciated.


The Rise of 15 Unsettling Ideologies and Movements in the US
Oneinchpunch via Canva.com

Advocating for change against the tide of opposition is courageous and noble, yet activists often face scorn instead of support.

Social Workers

Social Workers
Izusek via canva.com

They work tirelessly to mend the social fabric, often dealing with the darkest aspects of humanity.


20 Hobbies That Can Improve Your Happiness and Brain Power
Photo: © sturti via canva.com

Many charitable and social justice initiatives rely on volunteers to make their cause a reality, yet the importance of their work is often undervalued.

Baby Boomers

Ok Boomer: 22 Things Younger People Are Tired Of Hearing From Older Generations
Ridofranz via Canva.com

In their twilight years, the elderly often battle loneliness and health issues, yet society often disregards their wisdom and contributions. They deserve our utmost respect and care.

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