16 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Full-Blown Psychopath

Ephraim Obare
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Listen up, folks! We’ve all had our fair share of dating nightmares, but what’s scarier than a wrong date? Yeah, you guessed it right – dating a full-blown psychopath. Let’s get one thing straight before you roll your eyes and dismiss this as an over-exaggeration. We’re not talking about someone who forgot your anniversary or accidentally left you on read (although that’s not great either).

We’re getting into something much darker, a realm where charm can mask manipulation, and love might be a control tool. Remember, if your significant other checks off most of these boxes, it might be time to reassess your relationship status.

The Charm Offensive

The Charm Offensive
Keira Burton from Pexels via canva.com

They lay it on thick initially, wooing you with charm and wit. But remember, over-the-top flattery is often a decoy.

The Emotional Vacuum

20 Relationship Red Flags That Scream “Game Over”
Peopleimages.com via Canva.com

They may be a dazzling conversationalist, but when it comes to empathy, they’re as vacant as a desert. You may feel like you’re being held at arm’s length—like their feelings are too precious to share.

The Grandiose Self-Image

10 Signs You’re Dealing With a Fake Nice Person
AaronAmat via canva.com

They think they’re the best since sliced bread and aren’t shy about broadcasting it. This type of person will rarely show respect for other people’s achievements.

The Pathological Liar

The Pathological Liar
Undefined Undefined via canva.com

Their relationship with the truth is more estranged than a Hollywood divorce. They may be telling small lies to make themselves look better or spinning an elaborate web of deceit.

The Perpetual Victim

12 Bad Behaviors That Will Push People Away From You
Dean Mitchel via Canva.com

These folks will never take responsibility for their actions, no matter how egregious. They’ll always find someone else to blame and may even attempt to manipulate you into taking their side. Somehow, they are always the victims, no matter the situation.

The Serial Rule Breaker

couple arguing
Provided by Frenz via Canva.com

Rules are but suggestions to them, meant for other mere mortals but not for the psychopath. They are always looking for a way to bend or break the rules for personal gain or simply because it’s fun.

The Master Manipulator

Woman refuses to babysit her ex-husband's child
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They always have an ulterior motive, twisting words and drip-feeding information to get what they want from you. These people will spin elaborate schemes to get what they want professionally and personally. They have a Ph.D. in puppetry – of your emotions.

Robin Stern, Ph.D., author of The Gaslight Effect, says, “Gaslighting may not be the only factor leading to mental illness, but the same factors that leave a person vulnerable to gaslighting may result in lower self-esteem, uncertainty about their reality, anxiety, and ultimately depression.”

The Gaslighter

20 Relationship Red Flags That Scream “Game Over”
Prostock-studio via Canva.com

They manipulate you into doubting your sanity. You’re not crazy; they’re just really good at gaslighting.

They will make you doubt yourself by denying things that happened or making you think it was all in your head. They use a tactic to gain control and have the upper hand.

The Blame Shifter

20 Relationship Red Flags That Scream “Game Over”
Minerva studio via Canva.com

No matter what happens, it’s never their fault. This person will quickly point the finger and blame you for anything they can.

They use deflection tactics to shift focus away from themselves and onto someone else so they don’t have to take responsibility or accountability for their actions. Everything is always, and I mean always, your fault.

The Quick Commitment

a couple
Provided by Frenz

They push for serious commitment almost instantly. We’re talking about moving in together after a week. This person is trying to manipulate you into losing your independence and relying on them for everything. They want you to relinquish much of yourself and surrender quickly to their control.

The Love Bomber

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Jacob Lund via canva.com

They drown you in affection and gifts only to withdraw them suddenly. It’s a game, and you’re the pawn. They’re testing you to see how far they can push you and what your reactions will be.

Love bombing is a manipulative way of making you feel obligated to them, so when they get mad or deny you something, it’s like taking candy away from a baby. It works because your emotions are then dependent on that person.

The Jekyll and Hyde

The Jekyll and Hyde
Baseimage via canva.com

Their mood switches faster than a chameleon changes colors. One minute, they are kind and gentle; the next, they are cold and distant.

It’s like having two different people in one body, and you can never be sure which version of them you will get at any given moment.

The Charmer

The Charmer
PeopleImages via canva.com

This person has mastered the art of seduction and persuasion. Don’t let their charm fool you; beneath that layer is a shallow individual looking only for number one.

The Intense Eye Contact

The Intense Eye Contact
Lipik Stock Media via canva.com

This person will stare at you so intensely that it will make your skin crawl. It’s almost as if they are trying to see into the depths of your soul.

Be careful with this; they have a way of making others uneasy. It’s like they’re trying to hypnotize you with their gaze.

The Master of Deception

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Africa Images via canva.com

This person has perfected the art of lying. Don’t bother engaging with them if you can’t trust what they say. They will try to make you believe their lies even when evidence is stacked against them. They’re always a step ahead, planning their next move of manipulation.

The Shameless Self-Promoter

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Robert Kneschke via Canva.com

They love to brag about their successes, accomplishments, and things they’ve done. Don’t get caught in their web of self-promotion, and you’ll be okay. They love talking about themselves. I mean, who else could be more interesting?

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