12 Ways Christmas Was Better When Boomers Were Kids

Ephraim Obare
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Ah, the good old days! Remember when tinsel was the tree decor and holiday shopping didn’t involve overnight shipping from Amazon? Indeed, Baby Boomers’ Christmases were filled with charm and simplicity that today’s tech-loaded holidays can hardly compete with.

Join us on this jolly sleigh ride down memory lane, exploring the 12 ways Christmas was unarguably better when boomers were kids. It’s going to be a nostalgic journey!

Homemade Decorations

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Back in the Boomer days, Christmas ornaments were DIY projects. Families spent countless hours creating paper snowflakes, popcorn garlands, and gingerbread houses, making holiday decorations a heartfelt and wholesome family activity.

Handwritten Letters to Santa

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SeventyFour via Canva.com

Before emails or texts, children took the time to painstakingly draft wish lists, expressing their deepest Christmas desires to the jolly man in red. The magic was undeniable!

Outdoor Snow Games

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Snowball fights, sledding, and making snow angels were integral parts of the Christmas experience. Nowadays, the allure of digital screens often outshines the charm of outdoor fun.

Live Caroling

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Instead of Alexa playing Christmas tunes, people went door-to-door, spreading holiday cheer through live, often off-key, music.

Handmade Gifts

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Image by Visual Content via Canva.com

Knitted sweaters from grandma, hand-carved toys from grandpa, or even simple drawings—the gifts were personal and crafted with love.

Real Christmas Trees

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The aromatic scent of fresh pine in the living room was an irreplaceable part of the holiday experience.

TV Christmas Specials

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These were rare, anticipated events. Families would huddle around their single television set to catch Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Unpredictable Gifts

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Photo: © baseimage via canva.com

No online wish lists or sneaky package tracking to spoil the surprise. The suspense of what lay beneath the wrapping paper was priceless.

Family Recipes

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Photo Credit – Fabián Ponce via Canva.com

Christmas meant grandma’s secret recipe cookies, mom’s special stuffing, and dad’s famous eggnog. Every dish was made from scratch and served with a side of tradition.

Community Gatherings

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Neighborhood Christmas parties were the norm, strengthening community bonds and creating lasting memories.

Visiting Santa in Person

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Trips to the local mall to sit on Santa’s lap were thrilling. No virtual Santa meetings can match up!

The Simplicity of the Season

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Above all, Christmas was less about commercial consumerism and more about spending quality time with loved ones, appreciating the season’s simple joys.

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Sourcing and Decorating With Vintage Christmas Decorations

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Vintage Christmas decorations are one of the most popular antiques to hunt for and collect. Whether it’s the nostalgia these decorations hold, their quirky vintage charm, or the elevated craftsmanship from the past, they are highly sought after.

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29 Simple Christmas Crafts To Make at Home

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The festive season can be such an expensive time of year. Costs can spiral with gifts to buy and friends and family to entertain. One of the areas in which you can save money is by creating Christmas crafts for gifts and home decor.

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