15 Ways Joe Biden Has Failed Terribly as President

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Picture this: It’s January 20, 2021. The sun is shining (or was it raining? Ah, details), and Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. steps up to the role of the 46th president. Now, fast forward through a year filled with more plot twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 ways our man Joe hasn’t exactly hit the mark. Now, this isn’t some political roast over a campfire. It’s more like a friendly reminder that even the ones at the top can have their off days—Joe, it seems, has just had a few more than most. So sit back, grab a cup of joe (pun fully intended), and let’s uncover some presidential mishaps, shall we?

Shaky Economy

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The White House via Wikimedia Commons

Once hailed as the champion of the middle class, Biden’s administration has overseen an economy punctuated by soaring inflation rates and dwindling economic growth.

Brookings says that inflation has emerged as a significant challenge for President Biden and Democrats, posing a pressing concern that demands attention.

Border Crisis

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Amyyfory via Wikimedia Commons

In the pursuit of a more compassionate immigration policy, Biden has inadvertently fueled a border crisis marked by record surges in illegal crossings.

According to Politico, America is confronting a monumental crisis at its southern border under the leadership of President Biden. The surge in illegal border crossings under his immigration policies is genuinely staggering.

Afghanistan Withdrawal

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MiroNovak via Canva.com

This debacle will be etched in our memories for years to come. The abrupt and chaotic pullout resulted in a regrettably swift Taliban takeover.

According to Al Jazeera, with the rapid takeover of Kabul by the Taliban, Joe Biden found himself in the hot seat, grappling with mounting criticism over the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Failed Promise on Unity

US President Joe Biden
Provided by Frenz

Despite promises of unity and healing the nation’s divides, the Biden administration has been marked by heightened political polarization.

Chatham House says even with policy wins, Joe Biden’s aspirations of uniting a divided nation still seem like a distant promise, as the electorate remains firmly rooted in their partisan beliefs. Can he overcome this daunting challenge? Only time will tell.

COVID-19 Response

Joe Biden COVID-19 Response
U.S. President Joe Biden’s official portrait, 2021 via Wikimedia Commons

The pandemic continues to rage under Biden’s watch, with the administration’s messaging and policies often inconsistent and confusing.

According to The Washington Post, time and again, the administration’s messaging has been undermined by a shape-shifting virus—wreaking havoc on public trust in its wake.

Gun Control

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Urbazon via canva.com

Despite promising stricter gun control measures, Biden’s administration has made little progress. The New York Times states that President Biden lamented his apparent powerlessness in the face of the harrowing scourge of gun violence in America.

Climate Change

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Wikimedia Commons

Biden’s ambitious climate plans remain largely unfulfilled, with concrete action lagging behind lofty promises.

According to The Washington Post, President Biden has boldly embraced the challenge of reducing greenhouse gases. Still, he faces hurdles from conservative courts, EPA staffing, and other obstacles threatening his progress.

Student Debt

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DNY59 via canva.com

Biden’s campaign promise to tackle the student debt crisis has thus far yielded minimal results.


Affordable Healthcare
Provided by Frenz

Despite campaigning on a pledge to improve healthcare, the administration’s efforts have been ineffective and lackluster.

National Debt

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zimmytws’s Images via Canva.com

Under Biden, the national debt has continued to skyrocket, with little done to address this looming crisis.

According to the CBO, Biden is on track to match Trump’s contribution to the national debt in just three years – a staggering $7.1 trillion over his four years! That’s $1.5 trillion more than Trump added during his term, even with the 2020 one-time COVID emergency spending. He would accumulate as much debt as Trump and Bush (43) combined. The stakes are high, folks!

Foreign Relations

Joe Biden Foreign Relations
Joe Biden with a cup of coffee via Wikimedia Commons

From strained relations with allies to a lack of coherence in dealing with adversaries, Biden’s foreign policy has been fraught with missteps.

The Republican Policy Committee says, “U.S. foreign policy during the Biden administration has abandoned allies, strengthened adversaries, and put U.S. national security at risk.”


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teiki2e via Canva.com

Biden’s administration has struggled to effectively address the challenges in our education system, from learning loss due to the pandemic to ongoing debates over critical race theory.

According to The Washington Post, the pandemic brought to light the stark disparities in race, disability, and income. The issue of learning loss is now receiving renewed and intensified focus.

Housing Crisis

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image credit: meshaphoto via Canva.com

Despite a swelling housing crisis, the administration has failed to enact meaningful reforms or solutions.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice System
Photobyphotoboy via canva.com

Biden’s promises of criminal justice reform remain primarily unmet, with the system continuing to impact marginalized communities disproportionately.

Time Magazine states that Joe Biden’s campaign promises on criminal justice reform were as bold as they come. But turning these promises into reality? Now, that’s a challenge.

Jobs and Unemployment

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provided by Frenz

Despite promising to create more meaningful jobs, Biden’s administration has seen a slow recovery, with many Americans still unemployed.

According to the International Labour Organization, the slowdown in the USA forces workers into a grim reality of accepting lower-quality jobs, often paying meager wages and providing insufficient hours. It’s a harsh truth many face.

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