10 American Things My French Neighbor Finds Absolutely Ridiculous

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Ice Cubes

Americans have a fascinating relationship with ice cubes – we sprinkle them into every nook and cranny, even our salads!


Super-Sized Portions

We absolutely adore super-sizing our meals!  But my French neighbor can’t fathom why anyone would require such gargantuan portions.


Peanut Butter and Jelly

This all-time American treat is a hit with both young munchkins and grown-up snack enthusiasts.


Supermarkets Open 24/7

We’re accustomed to having a shopping spree at any time we please. Yet, my French neighbor finds it amusing that supermarkets here are open 24/7.


Drive-Thru Everything

Getting fast food, coffee, and banking without stepping out of our cars is like an extreme sport France hasn’t even heard of!


Super-Size Sodas

We absolutely adore our jumbo-sized sodas, but this habit of supersizing drinks tends to leave our French neighbor in shock!


Air Conditioning Everywhere

My French neighbor finds this energy-guzzling habit utterly absurd. Guess they’ve mastered the art of staying cool the French way!


Big Cars

We adore our colossal SUVs and pickup trucks, but these behemoths are mere luxuries in France. 


Tabasco Sauce

Hot: a beloved American obsession, yet for my French neighbor, an acquired taste they’re still adapting to. Vive la différence!


The Obsession with Cheese

Americans are totally cheese-obsessed! Cheddar, mozzarella – we can’t get enough. But for my French neighbor, our obsession is “fromage”-dable.