10 Tinder Profiles You Should Avoid at All Cost

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Profiles that have no picture or basic information

It’s best to run away from these profiles and look for someone else who is willing to share at least basic information on their page.


Profiles with blatantly offensive language

This includes any type of language that could be seen as aggressive, racist, sexist, or homophobic.


Profiles that list a different age than what is stated in their bio

This discrepancy can be a red flag and make you want to run away fast.


Profiles with one-word answers to all questions

One-word answers can indicate someone who isn’t interested in getting to know the other person or, worse, someone who is hiding something.


Profiles that contain too much personal information upfront

it’s best to steer clear of these profiles if you want to stay safe on Tinder!


Profiles with overly edited pictures

It’s important to be aware of these profiles as they may not be who they appear to be in the profile.


Profiles listing celebrity crushes as potential partners

While it may seem like an innocent thing to do, this could be a major red flag for someone looking for a genuine connection.


Profiles without any hobbies or interests listed

A profile without any hobbies or interests listed is often a sign that the person is not looking for something serious.


Profiles where the person is not themselves

For example, some people may post pictures of themselves from years ago when they were much younger or post pictures of someone else entirely.


Profiles using outdated lingo

Some use outdated lingo, such as ‘groovy’ or ‘swell.’ Others joke about being ‘the one’ and using cheesy pickup lines.