5 Kid-friendly Chores That Can Help Teach New Skills

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Household chores are more than inconvenient necessities or things to “make” your children do.

Chores allow children to sharpen their time-management skills, deal with stress, and instill a higher capacity for responsibility and independent functioning.

Chores also help connect each child to the greater family unit. Once a child completes a task, the child can feel a sense of pride in contributing to the household.

There's different researches on how specific chores can contribute to developing skills and responsibility among children.

Put Things in Their Place Age 3 to 4

Preschoolers can easily learn the basic tenets of shared responsibility. Simple cues & game-like challenges suit this age group well.


Feed Pets Age 3 to 4

Young children respond well to routines, and helping to feed pets offers multiple benefits and skills. Gentle interactions with animals for a sense of responsibility.


Make the Bed Age 5 to 7

At this age, children ​​may start to rebel against chores—but simple tasks, with decreased supervision, will give young people a sense of pride in their work.


Pull Weeds and Water Plants Age 5 to 7

Helping in the garden provides significant mental & physical developmental strides for children. Whether pulling weeds or navigating a hose or watering can.


Load and Empty the Dishwasher Age 5 to 7

Tasks like loading or emptying a dishwasher can be part of a chore chart to help kids stay on track independently.


Final Thoughts

It is always a good idea to let children partake in the chores with you so that they may learn the ropes & become more independent as they grow.